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Best Sunscreen in India | Different types of sunscreens for various skin type | Dr. Nivedita Dadu

Best Sunscreen for Face

Hi everyone i’ve been getting a lot of questions on my instagram life and queue many sessions about sunscreens so i decided to do a very short video on the sunscreens that i would recommend and the first sunscreen that i have is the silicon based sunscreen silicon based sunscreens are very good for people with very oily skin since most of people with oily skin find

It very difficult to choose the sunscreen most of the sunscreens are very sweaty and very sticky so silicon based sunscreens are good in terms of texture this one has pa rating 3 plus and it has spf 50 and it has a very powdery and matte feel so but there are certain things that you should know about a silicon based sunscreen if you can see it has a very dry and

Matte texture and it makes a thin film on your skin so but then there are certain things that you should know a silicone based sunscreen the problem is that it does not do anything beneficial to your skin so it is not delivering any good product to your skin it is only making a thin film on your skin and since it is inert so definitely there are no problems most

People like the texture and i have never heard of any reactions to the product but it is not delivering anything good to your skin also it is holding it is reducing the dead cell renewal so the cell turnover also goes down so the exfoliation that happens the normal cell turnover that happens to our skin reduces when you are applying a silicon-based sunscreen and

Which is why i recommend a night cream maybe a glycolic acid or a retinol base cream to maintain the cell turnover when you are applying a silicon-based sunscreen also silicon based sunscreens may clog your pores and some of you may feel that it has triggered a comedone production the whitehead production or it has triggered or acne breakout and it some may feel

That it is making the skin a little dry dull and dehydrated and which is by a glycolic acid or a later when you are applying a silicon-based sunscreen will be a good idea now another one that i would recommend is this one which i have been using something like this in winter since i have a very dry skin so this one is a sunscreen for people with dry skin it has

A vitamin c also so if you can differentiate now this one has a very watery texture so this sunscreen is good for people with dry skin it has a vitamin c so like any other vitamin c it will a be good for premature aging so this one is a good sunscreen for people with dry dull dehydrated skin and the third one that i have is a physical sunscreen so like i’ve told

In a lot of videos a physical sunscreen is something which is stronger it has zinc oxide and titanium dioxide so the problem with the physical sunscreen is that people may find it a little sticky they may feel that the sunscreen is leaving a little bit of white cast because of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide but it is the best sunscreen for people who are maybe

Cricketers professional cricketers or for swimmers and since it is a physical sunscreen does not have any chemicals it is also good for children now so they’ve come up with this is la shield physical and they’ve come up with a matte version of this and there so a lot of people are liking this matte thing so this one does not leave a lot of white cast but then because

Of the white casting people avoid this sunscreen and apply it only when they are swimming or when there’s a lot of sun exposure so so there’s certain good things about the sunscreen if you are applying a physical sunscreen the effect is going to last for about eight hours so which is why you don’t have to reapply it even if you are going out in the sun after two or

Three hours and the fourth one that i have is this interesting sunscreen by bioderma it is a tinted sunscreen so tinted sunscreens have a little bit of the foundation color so it comes this one comes in two colors this one is there’s this color and there is another color which is for people with fairer complexion so this is spf 50 again and so it is a dual action

It is the sunscreen as well as the foundation and so you have to apply only one product in the morning and the pa rating however of this sunscreen is only one plus so like i’ve told in my previous videos pa rating will suggest how much it is going to protect you from the uv rays but the uvb protection of this is good because it is spf 50 i hope this is going to

Help you choose the right sunscreen keep blowing

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