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Best & Worst EYE CREAMS 2022 | Dark Circles, Wrinkles, Dryness, Puffiness, Fine Lines|Chetali Chadha

After an year of trial and research here’s a video on my favourite eye creams, I’ve also added to the list the average and disappointing ones.

Hi my beauties welcome back to my channel i hope you guys are doing well in today’s video i’m going to be sharing with you a very very highly requested video honestly this video has taken me a very long time because the research period and the trial period was very long you know already what i’m talking about from the title right in today’s video i’m going to be

Sharing with you the best and the worst eye creams so if you’ve been following me around you would know that since the past one year i have been trying out different eye creams now the ones that i loved i actually bought two to three units off and asked my friends and family to try it out for me because i try so many different products i like to involve a group

Of people who can help me try out these products alongside me so that i know results on myself and also on different skin types and conditions so i had two friends who have slightly different skin concerns than me so i have dark circles and that’s been my major skin concern but in the winter season my eyes my under eye area was really dry a post pregnancy effect

You can say uh for them they have had darkness around their eyes but also a lot of fine lines and wrinkles we also tested these products for heavy dryness like dehydration underneath the eyes so i have uh one eye cream for every skin concern there are 11 products that i’m going to be talking about in this video and i have categorized them in three categories so

There are the best eye creams the average ones and the ones that were very disappointing if you’re new here for your reference my skin type is combination yes it’s the worst of the lot and we have to keep changing our skin care as the weather changes i don’t have a lot of skin concerns however in the recent past i faced massive post pregnancy acne i am going to do

A video as to how did i calm that down currently i would say my skin is doing pretty okay my hormones are settling back down having said that i do talk about all different skin types and conditions so if you fall in the same category or you want to know more about skin care do consider subscribing and now let’s dive right into it okay first let’s talk about the eye

Creams that truly impressed me the first product that i have here is from requil this is their under eye cream now first let’s see what the brand claims about this product it says it’s an under eye cream for dark circles fine lines crow’s feet puffiness and eye bags first let’s dive in and see what are the ingredients we have here we have glycerin for nourishing the

Under eye we have canoa seed extract which is a rich source of vitamin a c e and b three for darkness around the eyes it brightens the under eye area works on fine lines and wrinkles this has sodium hyaluronate which will reduce dryness flakiness by improving skin’s hydration in my opinion a this is a very affordable product and be very lightweight underneath the

Eyes this has a natural source of vitamin a b c and e which is quinoa seed it is going to cater to your eye concerns but it’s going to take its own sweet time firstly i do want to put it out there at the beginning of the video there are no quick fixes to dark circles fine lines and wrinkles you also have to work on your diet your water intake keep yourself well

Hydrated and of course your lifestyle this definitely is a product that i can highly recommend to you be patient with this and all the other products that i’m going to talk about in this video i felt that this is something i was reaching out to quite a lot especially in the daytime it works very well underneath the makeup and especially in hydrating your under eye

Area this does a great job my second under eye cream is something that completely bowled me over honestly i did not expect these kind of results from this cream what i’m talking about is the miura the vita c under eye corrector i had read about this product and how it was formulated and honestly i had my doubts but i thought why not go in and try this firstly the

Formula itself is catering to correcting under eye dark circles and working on de-puffing your under eye areas and fine lines and wrinkles it’s a very very well formulated product i would say the ingredients and the formulation itself is perfectly done i also did see results starting third to fourth week onwards and that’s when i was like bang on i have found a

Great cream this is definitely very expensive if you do have the budget uh then this is something you can look for i am going to talk about other eye creams also for dark circles so hang in there now let’s dive in and see what the formula actually says now this is formulated with vitamin c ascorbic acid for under eye darkness and brightening red and brown algae

Extract to suit the under eye area and deeper fit this has glycerine which is a humectant niacinamide skin brightening sodium hyaluronate moisturizing cucumber extracts soothing we have great moisturizers emollients and humectants here now out of all the products that i tried i felt this gave me the best results for under eye dark circles i felt that this really

Rejuvenated my under eye areas well this has all the right ingredients and that’s why i wanted to test out that do these ingredients come together does the formulation itself does what it says definitely something that gets a thumbs up from me a big one at that and something that i highly recommend now both the products that i shared with you were fragrance free i

Wanted to target eye creams that were fragrance free because specifically around the eyes i would avoid using a fragrant product having said that i’ve tried fragrance eye creams and it has not given me any sensitivity so far however i do know a few people who get sensitivity with fragrance around their eyes usually also if they would use fragrance in their skin care

They may or may not have any reaction but around the eyes the area is so sensitive and the skin is so thin that it is very likely that you can get sensitivity so i have tried to pick up products that are fragrance free not all of the products that i’m going to show you today are fragrance free but most of these are my third product is also fragrance free and this is

Something that is amazing for someone who has dehydrated under eye area or if you have aged skin underneath your eyes what i’m talking about is the claire’s fundamental eye butter this is so soothing underneath the eyes it’s going to nourish your dehydrated under eyes so well i finished this tube off completely like i just have one use worth of product left just

To show you in this video great formula just the great ingredients put together and beautifully formulated i use this the entire winters especially so i would top up two eye creams many times just to keep my under eye area hydrated let’s dive in and see the ingredients the hero ingredients what i call that you have in here we have glycerin here for moisturization

Sunflower seed oil which is an emollient rich in vitamin a e caffeine which is an antioxidant green tea which is a great antioxidant and also soothing bunch of great humectants and emollients my next product is an affordable eye cream this is from momsko it is their natural vita rich under eye cream this claims to target under eye dark circles wrinkles fine lines

And also work on puffiness what i like the most about this product is this metal tip my product has completely finished out of this tube i have nothing left in here but i still use this tip i would put in the refrigerator and then take it out after about 30 40 minutes and then massage my under eye area it very instantly lifts and makes your eyes feel absolutely

Awake and the metal tip is actually something that works very well on puffiness so when i wake up in the morning i like to use something like this if i don’t want to use a jade roller or a gouache underneath my eyes i would just pick this out massage it around my eyes for about 30 seconds and you’re good to go definitely a product which is very hydrating underneath

The eyes it works on puffiness i did not do anything for my dark circles or fine lines to be honest i had two of my friends use it as well they totally loved the product for it instantly hydrates the under eye area it works beautifully underneath the makeup it’s very lightweight and the metal tip in here i think for the price you pay here this is definitely a very

Good product the formula overall is great as well uh so i think i would buy another tube and try a second tube as well if i do see any results but definitely something which is worth your money let’s dive in and see the formulation you have aloe leaf gel here which is soothing and moisturizing shea butter which is an emollient glycerin green tea oil coffee seed

Oil niacinamide for brightening sweet almond oil which is an emollient jojoba oil avocado oil chia seed oil vitamin e which is an antioxidant one thing i would say about this product is that although this is a fragrance free formula as in it does not have any added fragrance technically that’s not completely true because this has mandarin and orange oil which are

Essential oils and even though when you smell the product there’s no fragrance as such but those can be slightly sensitizing to some skin conditions it did not give me any sensitivity neither did it to the two people who tried it with me having said that if you have sensitivity around your eyes this is probably something you can skip and avoid something which has

Essential oils in it my next product is something that completely took me by surprise what i have here is from indulgio essentials eyes on duty now this is a product that came to me in pr about a month ago and i have only been using this for about three weeks but i fell in love with this the first time around i put it around my eyes this is so cooling and it is so

Soothing around the eyes and if you’re looking for something that’s extremely lightweight very non-oily non-greasy formula you can go in for this one this just has all the right ingredients this does have a short shelf life because in this kind of a product there are not very heavy preservatives actually i would say other than vitamin e there’s no other preservatives

So make sure you finish it in the due amount of time if you do use it morning and evening you’re likely to finish it in about two to three months in my opinion and that is the shelf life i think this has a shelf life of about three months um so do check when you buy this and when you open this make sure that you don’t use it beyond the expiration date overall i

Would say what a beautiful formula let’s quickly see the ingredients that we have here this is aloe vera which is soothing liquorice which is going to brighten the under eye area bare berry extract that helps reduce darkness green coffee green tea turmeric extract cocodo plum rose hydrosol turmeric rice bran and vitamin e my next product is for those who don’t want

To invest in a separate eye cream but someone who wants a multitasking product this is for those who have dehydrated dry under eye or if you have fine lines and wrinkles and if you want a nice serum instead of an eye cream what i have here is a multi-molecular hyaluronic acid serum this is kombucha hair from pure bubbles you have seen me talk about this now when

I was trying eye creams i thought it’s very common sensical to use a hyaluronic acid underneath my eyes because if i’m having dehydration or dry and rice that can really help me so i tried a couple of different ones but this is the one that worked the best for me so i would take this as a serum and pat it underneath my eyes and then apply my eye cream on top it

Really nourished my under eye area really really well this has a blend of five different hyaluronic acid serums so if you want one product for your face and for your eyes this is the one you can go for also this is fragrance free okay let’s see the last product that i have in the best list and this is something i’ve been using for the longest time it has worked

Really well for me expensive but definitely gives results what i have here is the estee lauder advanced night repair eye cream you know i love the estee lauder and r and i love this one as well definitely on the higher end of things but works very well for me if you have dehydrated under eyes if you have fine lines and wrinkles or if you have free radical damage

Underneath your eyes this is the one to go for let’s quickly see the formulation first this has bifida fermentalisate which is a probiotic also used in estee lauder anr this has propendiol humectant petrolatum which is an emollient algae extract humectant sodium hyaluronate which is going to hydrate the skin caffeine antioxidant chamomile flower extract soothing

Tocopherol antioxidant and glycerine which is hydrating for the skin now like you see in the tub it has a very gel like consistency you scoop out a little bit and pat underneath your eyes and then if you wear in the daytime you can wear your sunscreen on top like i said this works really well for someone who has uv damage if you have very dehydrated dry under eye

Area if you have puffiness if you have a flaky under eye area this is the one to go for this has a beautiful probiotic buffer for mentalized state which is going to prevent any kind of uv or free radical damage now let’s talk about two products that i felt were very average the first one is the clinique moisture surge i 96 hydro filler concentrate now even though

I feel that the brand had their heart in the right place they formulated the product really well the ingredients used and the formulation itself was pretty much right there but the product itself doesn’t do anything for you it literally feels aloe vera gel underneath your eyes and this is close to about 3 000 for this tube and i don’t think that i would want to

Invest that kind of money for a product that doesn’t do much other than just very lightly hydrating my under eye this is something which is very lightweight if you are someone who likes to use luxury products and if you don’t mind spending this much for something which is gel life you probably can go in with this for me if you ask me i think this is definitely not

Worth the money this is not something that i’m going to be repurchasing i do like the very beautiful packaging the way it pumps out the cartridge that comes up which is all very nice but the product itself i would say is very very average it’s not a bad product it’s formulated like i said really well but it doesn’t do anything for your eyes like it claims for dark

Circles it does something for your fine lines and wrinkles for your puffiness to be honest with you i did not see any of those results and therefore i think it falls in the very average category the next product that i found was very average is from momsko and this is the other eye cream which comes in a tub like this this is their natural age control under eye

Cream with the power of bakuchi oil now this is a product that i would say which is like a cream based product it definitely hydrates your under eye area but that’s it it didn’t do anything for the fine lines and wrinkles and it’s not just me trying my mom has a tub and she’s completely used up one entire tub overall i would say the formula also like the cream

Also is not that hydrating this definitely falls in the much affordable category so if you want to give it a go you can for me i would say i expected the formula to be a little bit better the other thing that i feel an ingredient that can be a little bit icky is witch hazel now putting witch hazel around your eyes anyway witch hazel is a product that can be irritating

For some skin conditions and types not for everyone it did not do anything for me having said that it is likely that it can give you irritation i would have liked if the brand left witch hazel out of an eye cream in specific wrapping up the video with last two under eye creams that disappointed me the most what i have here is mama earth bye bye dark circle eye

Cream this comes with cucumber and peptides now to be honest with you this is a formula which is i would say okay having said that this is cream in a tube it really doesn’t do anything for your eyes we finished this off completely i have very little left my mom-in-law used half the tube and the first half i used i did not see any results i don’t think this does

Anything for your skin and it’s just like cream in a tube like i said to be honest with you i really don’t understand products from mama earth i never have nothing has really worked for me in fact in case there is a product that has worked for you and you want me to try it out please leave me a comment in the comment section and i would love to try that product

Out overall i would say this is in my opinion a complete waste of money and something that i felt was very very disappointing now this also has added fragrance even though allergen free i feel eye creams in specific should not have fragrance because this is the most sensitive part around your eyes having said that this product particularly because of fragrance or

Any other did not give me any sensitivity as such then i have a product from bellavita organics and this is the eye lift under eye gel cream we did manage to finish this off between me my husband and mom-in-law but this is a product in fact the only eye cream that gave me legit burning around my under eye area i used it two three times and same thing happened i

Just washed it off very quickly my husband and my mom-in-law actually did not face that much burning in fact no burning at all they had a little bit of tingling sensation around their eyes and in that trial process we almost finished this stuff but i would say i don’t know what is it i couldn’t point my finger put my finger on the ingredient list as to what is

In the formulation but i would say just stay away from this product because even though tingling sensation you don’t want any of that around your eyes it’s a very very average product even the consistency of the product did not impress me so guys with that it’s a wrap i really hope that you enjoyed watching this video let me know in the comment section if you’ve

Tried any of these eye creams and had a different experience or if you want me to try any of your favorite eye creams and then review it for you i’d be more than happy to do it until i see you next guys take good care of yourselves lots of love bye you

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Best & Worst EYE CREAMS 2022 | Dark Circles, Wrinkles, Dryness, Puffiness, Fine Lines|Chetali Chadha By Chetali Chadha