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Hey guys it’s destiny and today i have a really exciting try on haul for you guys this one is mainly swimsuits aka bikinis from dress lily so i’ve done a haul with dressly in the past they have really cute things and you’re probably like why are you doing a swimsuit haul at this time of the year eyes up in miami i wear bikinis literally year round so let’s get

Right into this of course i will have the link to dress elise site in the description along with the individual links to each product that i show so let’s get started i’m going to start with these two crochet bikinis i got because i’ve really been feeling the crochet vibe it’s white and i got literally everything in a size small so it looks pretty wide right now

But you can definitely untie this and make it tighter or larger that’s why i love bikinis that tie on the side because you can really customize the fit so this is just a gorgeous white crochet bikini and it’s just all one crochet like that until you get to the top then it’s a different kind of pattern and it’s just a little more detailed it’s super pretty and then

They just have have the strings on the side and they have little shells on the bottom of the ties with little tassels how adorable is that i wouldn’t say it’s cheeky or full coverage honestly it’s just kind of an average shaped bikini and then this is the top such a unique cut i was expecting it just to be a basic triangle cut top let’s tie around the neck and

Also around the back so of course it’s adjustable to fit your body perfectly it’s not transparent in like the center and the boob area but on top it’s a little more sheer just super cute love the details i only got one shirt in this whole haul but i’m gonna show it because it kind of goes with the same vibe as that it’s a white crochet tank top so i love this i

Feel like i needed this in my closet it has fringe at the bottom which is super fun and like bohemian at the top it’s like the biggest knit and i would say the most classic and then in the middle here it’s like a square cut which i think is so gorgeous and fun i wish i knew how to crochet i feel like that would be so fun if i could make pieces like this oh my god

I would make them all the time my whole closet would be crochet but then at the bottom there’s these little circles which are super intricate and pretty and then just all the tassels but it’s so adorable perfect with jeans jean shorts just for the effortless look pair it over your bikini as a little cover up then i got another little cutie crochet bikini set so

This one is definitely more colorful i would say a more vacation kind of vibe so it has these really cute colors the main color is this light brown i would say but it also has blue and purple pink yellow and white so so adorable it has little bead detailing on the straps so it’s gold with a little black bead in the center and also on top of the little triangles

And i love that this strap is a double string i don’t know why i just think that’s so fun you can tie them separately or together of course it doesn’t have padding because it’s crochet these are the bottoms they look kind of small i haven’t tried anything on so we’ll see together how it fits on the try on but it’s the same exact colors i love how it looks kind of

Like a sunset ocean i really like this white strap at the top how it’s not just all brown it has like a white stripe so it’s pretty much the exact same in the front and the back i think it is actually the exact same in the front and the back so definitely going to be a little bit more cheeky and then i got a little three-piece bikini swimsuit set i love a good

Three-piece set because these little skirt cover-ups are always the cutest thing ever and it just really pulls together the look you don’t even have to wear a cover up you can just wear some cute black sandals some sunglasses a nice beach bag and you’re ready to go so this is the cover up skirt it’s the same bathing suit material as the rest of the swimsuit it has

A little tie on the side but it’s actually just for show which is kind of nice because you don’t have to worry about actually tying it and making sure it looks right and everything i love that it’s asymmetrical has a little ruffle at the bottom and i will always be an animal print fan i just think it’s so cute and fun i would say this is definitely a more modest

Bikini because it’s a high-waisted bottom and the top is kind of long line so it doesn’t show too much skin but i still think it’s really sexy see somehow so these are the bottoms they’re high-waisted as i said and they have a little nice ruched design on the side and these are pretty high coverage in the back i would say definitely not a cheeky fit or anything

And then this is the top so it’s definitely like a bra style top it does have underwire and push-up padding and just like regular padding in the cups so this is what it looks like on the inside and then it just kind of has a little extra fabric underneath the bra parts this one is very supportive if you have big boobs this would be really good for you so the straps

Are adjustable they’re just kind of like a cami tank top strap but i would say they’re a little thicker than i usually see on bikinis which is good if you need some more support and then another thing for more support is the back has two closures like this so it’s really really secure on your body i had to get another animal print bikini this one is cow print and

This one is just kind of a classic bikini triangle style but i love that it has little gold chain accents i think that’s so fun really spices it up so this is a white bikini it’s a ribbed material and it has black cow print spots and then of course the chain so the chains are up on your shoulder and it’s a little double chain design the fact that it’s two chains

Makes it even better and then it just ties in the back like that and there’s also a little gold chain in the middle between your boobs so cute this one does have padding it’s just that removable little cup you can take it out if you don’t like it and then this is the bottom so of course we have the same vibe going on we have the double strap gold chains on the side

I hope this one fits it looks pretty tiny and obviously there’s not much stretch to it because the sides are not elastic they’re just chains like this and obviously metal doesn’t stretch like that if it does fit which i really hope it does it’s going to look really cute on then i got my mom a little swimsuit because i saw this on the site and i thought of her her

Favorite color is purple and she always wears tankini so i thought this was just perfect so this is what it looks like it’s a top like this so obviously it’s a tankini so it covers the whole stomach so i’ll give this to her next time i see her if you’re watching this hi mom let me know if you like it hopefully you do but it just has a little extra strap crisscross in

The front here that’s purple and the straps are purple with adjustable sleeves and it’s kind of just a rainbow pastel tie-dye i love the colors pastels are my favorite it does have removable padding in it but i saw this and i thought it was honestly ridiculous the pad is so tiny it’s like almost the size of my eye and it’s not really secure in there either you have

This whole big area and it’s not sewn in or anything so it’s definitely going to move around i would say just remove that honestly i don’t really see a point to having it in there but these are the bottoms that go with it they’re a little boy short style not necessarily my style but if you want to cover up this is definitely a really cute suit to wear so they’re

Just little shorts like this all purple super soft and comfortable stretchy and yeah that’s what they look like this next set i got is also like the shorts vibe and this one just looks so retro and cute to me and as you guys know i’ve tried a lot of bikini teeny styles in my day i do so many bikini hauls but i’ve never seen a style like this ever it’s like a pin-up

Kind of vibe and i just really liked it so it’s this gorgeous orange and it has white accents so it has these cute little white buttons on the front and then these two little white ruffles and then it’s just a halter this one does have padding it’s just the removable little circle cups and this one is a bit longer to definitely more of a modest bikini definitely

Not something i’d wear on a daily basis but on certain events i just think it would be so fun so these are the shorts they just are the orange color all over and they’re high-waisted they have a little white trim at the bottom and then they’re ruched on the sides and also in the butt but then sticking with the shorts vibes i got a pair of shorts so obviously this

Is in a bikini i just saw it on the site and i was like i need them they’re cute when i work out i prefer to wear shorts they’re just more comfortable for me i get really hot these are just this galaxy printed little spandex booty short workout shorts and i haven’t seen galaxy print in a really long time and honestly i was never like a huge galaxy print fan like

It was on everything and it was just kind of tacky but i saw these and i was like this is galaxy print done correctly like it’s just so cute it’s a little scrunch butt in the back super flattering you wear with a black top a white top a gray top a purple top like any color and it’s just fun for the gym or the house or whatever maybe i’m single-handedly bringing

Galaxy print back probably not but let’s try okay next bikini is my favorite color this beautiful tiffany blue minty green color i just love it so much i feel like it’s the best color ever and right now the straps are not even as you can tell so they are adjustable in the back and the one is way longer than the other which i think is fun because you can do like

The crisscross strap design really simple bikini though it just has a little knot in the middle it does have padding that’s removable if you don’t like it but yeah just a really simple little top it’s just my favorite color so i had to choose this one and then the bottoms for this one just look like this they’re more of a high cut stuff so this is definitely one

That i would wear in front of my family it’s not like a complete thong cut style super cute it kind of has a band at the top and then this is the back so not too cheeky but also not like the boy short style where it covers completely everything now we’re sadly onto the last bikini but this one is so cute i love wearing red it’s just so fiery and fierce and fun it

Goes around the neck like a halter top but the ruffles are on the halter so i just thought that was really fun this one does have underwire in it and then the removable cup padding and it just closes in the back with a little closure but the ruffles are on the boob area but they also go up onto the strap which i just think is so pretty and then these bottoms are

Also pretty modest as well they’re high-waisted they have a little belt design and these are definitely a full coverage bottom in the back that was everything that i got from drastically if you want to see the full length try on clips from this video plus all my other videos and daily sexy posts and an exclusive video every single month definitely check out my

Patreon it’s always linked in the description box but yeah that was everything thank you guys so much for watching and have a good day bye

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