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Bio-oil skincare oil Vs Bio oil skin dry gel putting them on tamest today|| My thought w/ skincare

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Hey guys welcome and welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is k underscore like and on today’s video guys i’m just gonna be talking about these two bio oil skincare oil and skin care dry skin gel this one is in 60 ml and this one is in 50 ml um this one retails for 120 i can’t really remember how much was this because when i buy this i buy collecting

With some other stuff so i can’t really remember how much was the price of this one so guys i want to talk about these two and see which one moisturize better which one really does okay so before i proceed don’t forget to like comment and subscribe and let me know if you’ve tried this so far how they’ve been treating you and all that so let’s get started so i

Think it’s fair enough to start with this skincare oil okay you guys as you all know i’ve been having this for quite a while now and i would say this is really good this is really good my skin is doing everything i’m supposed to do and beyond okay so ever since i’ve incorporated this on my skincare regimen i’m so happy okay i’m very very happy so does it really

Moisturize i will do the swatches for you but i would say it does moisturize but this is this is an oil this is skincare oil but so i feel like in as much as it’s moisturized but you also need a moisturizer lotion or cream do you understand but now i feel like if you use this and then you add something on top as a cream or if you start with a cream and then you

Follow with this it’s kind of defeat the peppers because we don’t know how much of um how much of this that is needed to do all those stuff that’s supposed to join our skin in terms of the dark spots scars anti-aging aging signs i mean dehydrated skin so we don’t know how much of this is needed on our skin so if you dilute with something else which is a lotion

Which is a cream i don’t know if it’s really ideal do you understand but i would say it does moisturize but i feel like you need something that’s more like a cream like lotion maybe if i can put in that way so this has been so good you guys are going to lie in terms of eliminating this dark spots i had crazy dark spots on this side on as well as this side of

My face if you and audrey on this channel definitely know how much i’ve been crying and you know powdering about this side of my face and ever since i incorporate this on my skincare i’m happy i’m no longer having those issues anymore and i can literally say this is a game changer this is a game changer so let’s do the swatches so that you yourself will see if

It does moisturize or not i don’t really like swatches because i’m not into wasting products like that okay there we go so this is the oil obviously you would expect it to be a bit runny so it does makes your skin look so chewy so glowy even toned you definitely need this i don’t wanna lie i don’t care of your skin color because this is for duck and i think

They did say it’s here that’s um it’s for both okay i can’t see it anymore yeah it’s for bold light and dark skin types so i don’t care for your skin color keeps skin color it definitely is this is a must-have look it’s it is moisturizing but i feel like you need that lotion you need that moisturizer you need that cream do you understand yeah i mean oil and this

Is not a facial oil maybe if it was a facial oil it will have that extra ingredients that do you understand it when the product says it’s non-homogeneic it does it means it doesn’t clog your pores so irrespective of your skin uh concerns even if you have pores you can still use this oil because we all know oil sometimes can clog our pores like this one it’s not

Homotogenic well i’m so proud of myself i might need to pronounce that word this is a south african manufactured product manufactured products why it’s so hard for me to pronounce those words so guys that’s it for this skincare all right now we are moving to our skin for buy oil dry skin gel this is 50 ml it’s a drought so let’s talk about this now you guys

I’ve been having this not so long ago not so long ago i don’t want to lie because i did review it when i got it i can’t remember but i think so i’ll try and link those videos on my description box so that you guys can always go back and see how was the review so i got this from discount okay because this game is my favorite so i think i got it from this game i

Can’t really remember you guys okay so i got this from clicks with this camera i can’t really remember and this is 50ml let me tell you this is 60 more and this is 50 ml and this results 120 and i’m not really made because a little does goes a long way okay it does goes a long way and this is 50 ml and it also goes a long long way so this side is where we did

Our swatches for skin care oil now we’re gonna do the swatches for this gel this is how the gel looks like look at my skin oh my god okay by the way uh this is how our gel looks like okay so i’m just gonna do swatches look at my hands i’m gonna do the swatchy okay let me tell you something this goes a very long way this is actually too much okay so i mean

This is too much you guys honestly this is just so much not that i’m i’m trying not to waste it but it’s too much so so i’m not the one to answer we try and moisturize better between these two you just have to see for yourself okay this is a gel this is yeah an oil this is an oil isn’t a gel so that’s it for the gel moisturizing thingy so does it really works

Does it really work that’s the big question does it really works harry has been treating me how is my experience with this baby thing over here okay to be quite honest with you guys i got this recently and i haven’t really used it like that but i will say it’s a good moisturizer especially at night because this can makes your face your skin this because this

Can makes your skin more greasy you can be very crisp with this so i would suggest that you apply it at night and you have to apply it two hours before you go to bed because you don’t want the product to be transferred to your pillows okay you have to make sure that you apply these two hours prior your bedtime because you don’t wanna waste your product being

Transferred to your pillows okay that’s my number one precautions i think they should be edited somewhere some somewhere here i’m sorry then number two i feel like this is they they also need to you know warn people that this stuff is very very moisturizing and like i said a little goes a long way so you definitely need to be very careful when using this it’s

Very expensive and it’s very small you can see the volume is so small but let me tell you it does go a long way you can literally use this almost a year you can use this almost a year because it does pose a long way you don’t have to apply it too much you don’t have to be crazy okay so um it moisturizing way better than this i would say but if you can afford to

Buy these two together i would suggest to do that and use this during the day and use this at nighttime because this can really make your skin very greasy very very crazy but it depends upon the type of fishing you are one thing about me i like to look greasy because greasiness is so close to doing this do you understand and so close to glowiness so i’m ex i’m a

Slow skinned girl like i’m so obsessed about my skin being chloe so anything that can make me greasy i know it’s related to glowiness so yes i’m very happy and fortunately this one has ingredients in it and let me tell you it has paraffin liquid yum as a first ingredient and it has glycerin oh my god this is a glycerin as fifth ingredient uh acid hyaluronic

Acid salicylic acid those acids their best aspect when it comes to skin concerns like if we have a skin problem you can always run to those essay that i just mentioned so yeah guys like yeah guys i don’t want to make this video too long but that’s it for today’s video you guys i’m so excited that i finally made this comparison because i know people have been

Waiting because you guys know that i got this two and therefore i need to review them and give you a preference as to which one do you really need do you understand because as we all know we are we are on budget so we can’t just buy this especially now this especially because these products are very expensive guys by or i’m not i’m not going to say it’s expensive

But it depends upon your pockets but i feel like it’s reasonable especially if you’re going to go for small volumes like this 60 million 50 ml i would say they’re very reasonable and and and yeah so for stretch marks i cannot i cannot really say much because i don’t have stretch marks on my face i know it sounds so healthy but i’m being serious i’ve only used

This for my face i haven’t really used them on my own on my stretch marks and for the sake of experimenting and experiencing i will try and reviewing for the sake of reviewing this product i will try and apply it on my stretch marks online yeah so guys i feel like i’ve been rambling i need water i need something to sleep on so that’s it you guys so now the big

Question is which one would i buy if i’m on budget and if i don’t really have enough to buy these two at the same time i will say if you want something to moisturize your skin and you having those problematic skin that claims it prevents i would suggest that you go with this one okay if you have severe dry flaky skin definitely this one dry severe and

Maybe i would say uneven tone skin this would be the best thing but if you have those problematic skin like dark spots pimples active acnes i’ll suggest that you go for this so that’s it for today’s video you guys thank you so much don’t forget to like subscribe and comment down below what are your thoughts about this product so thank you so much you guys bye

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Bio-oil skincare oil Vs Bio oil skin dry gel putting them on tamest today|| My thought w/ skincare ✅ By Kay like