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Blender Bottle ProStak

Blender Bottle ProStak

Good afternoon everyone, finally i got my blender bottle shaker just for a long time i wanted it now we have augustovich we have two years in the cost of your blender from 100 to 250 hryvnia the shaker did not like the fact that it has such a sticker on which guarantee that in this neck there is no bisphenol a and phthalates that cause cancer and diseases, in principle,

Harmful in this plastic, this is not there, in addition, we have a metal ball inside, the instructions said that you are nicknamed the ball is patented and the photo and tone of medical steel consider what else besides there are three sections of this, some sections from where this section for free-flowing powders is opened, a section for 100 grams is designed for and so

We unscrew there is a two-section tablet box the pill box is very convenient to screw into the lid very compactly flip the lid opens and closes with a slight click, it is quite strongly needed press on next to the time it will be developed, besides this, there is such a manual you can hold it like this, you can attach it to your belt if someone needs it, and if it bothers

You, you can choose to move it and what we have inside there is another compartment for powder together for 100 grams go it should all be assembled in one set by spinning these here in this way, the thermos turned out to be with a metal ball, leave it will be a blender bottle, a wonderbolt made of medical steel, it is not, and already the know-how of a car for everything was

Mundane, in theory, better than the grids of the mesh whip without leaving lumps , the blender itself is 400 grams, now we will see, we are leaking it and it doesn’t open on the trains of loosening, we pour 50 grams of it on the shoulders, closing his mother with this, one compartment scrolling now we ’ll look at some kind of defect now we’ll look in more detail from

Bold it to give it from gold down the lid clip lid these funds are strong enough metallic sound nothing leaks lids hermetically close it is very convenient when with you on t you carry the already prepared mixture or just to the left that liquid water is milk, whoever likes it, let’s figure out that the lid is screwed on, why it fits snugly here, a big effect is that the lid

Is defective in the container of the trainers, you will need to replace the dessert from here, in principle, strain should not harness the lower section separately from yourself which -some impressions after telling the blender made of solid plastic very good hand lies comfortably well and what am i down to do some thing worthwhile thing thank you all for watching put likes dislikes good luck

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Обзор шейкера Blender Bottle ProStak By Роман Алексеевич