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Blippi Wonders – Halloween Haunted House! | Blippi Animated Series | Halloween For Kids

Blippi finds out what’s inside the haunted house in this brand new Halloween animated episode! Blippi searches for his friend TABBS in a house full of magical and spooky fun!

Hey it’s me blippi have you ever wondered where something came from or how something works yeah welcome to my new animated adventure flippy wonders will you come with me yeah let’s go halloween is the best tabs and i love trick-or-treating too hey look a haunted house whoa look at all the decorations so cool you’re right tabs maybe there are treats inside hmm

I wonder what’s inside a haunted house let’s find out ready tabs tabs i better go into the haunted house to find tabs this should be fun hi it’s me blippi i’m looking for my friend tabs have you seen her hi blippi i’m mr pumpkin was that a ghost probably yeah i haven’t seen tabs but you can look for her in this house full of magical and spooky fun great maybe

My friend bones has seen tabs he’s in the basement i’d start by taking the stairs all right turn into a slide sorry don’t worry it happens all the time to bones maybe he’s seen tabs i better sweep him up i wouldn’t do that if i were you whoa whoa whoa so sorry again bones whoa maybe that flying ghost knows where tabs is let’s follow it whoa hi witch bye

Witch hmm well i guess this is a dead end i wonder where everyone went cool a spinning wall wow you made it all the way through my haunted house the tricks are over but now it’s time for the tree but wait i still haven’t found tabs you were the ghost the whole time well now i have the answer to my question what’s inside a haunted house fun spooky skeletons

Cobwebs a talking pumpkin spiders a witch and a floating tabs ghost upload answer tabs thanks for letting us have fun in your house mr pumpkin happy halloween happy halloween look at where we’re at right now we are at a park and this park is known to have pumpkins yeah i’m gonna need your help to find some pumpkins yeah and i think we should find four pumpkins

Speaking of pumpkins look at all of these whoa let’s count them one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ten pumpkins oh and did you notice these pumpkins have faces on them whoa they’re so festive well the pumpkins that you and i are gonna find at this park are not gonna have faces on them but after we find four pumpkins maybe we can bring them

Back here and draw awesome faces let’s go check it out this park has a playground whoa i love playgrounds because it’s a great way to get some exercise yeah all right let’s go play and maybe this playground has some pumpkins whoa it has some swing it has a rock wall right here whoa rock walls are really fun yeah it’s a wall of rocks so then you can climb up

It and get some exercise whoa whoa look at how high i am on this rock wall whoa oh i’m getting really tired i should probably get down oh here’s a bench whoa i am really tired sometimes after having some exercise and playing i get tired so it’s a great time to sit down take some deep breaths and then you can keep playing on the swings whoa here i go whoa

Yeah now i’m swinging have you ever been on a swing before whoa whoa do you see that wait a second look yeah we found our first pumpkin good job okay i think we should take this back to the table set it down and then try and find some more pumpkins yeah oh i’m acting like the ground is lava whoa can’t touch the ground i’m using my balance so i don’t fall

Off whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa we did it good job okay i’m sure there’s another pumpkin around here somewhere where are you pumpkin whoa check this out this is a yellow slide and there’s two ways to go down but i’m not gonna go down this slide because i think i saw a big yellow slide over there all right pumpkin where are you do you see the pumpkin anywhere

Huh nope not up here i’ll come on down and see if we can find the pumpkin all right big yellow slide here i come did you see it yeah we found another pumpkin good job the first pumpkin was really big and this pumpkin is small it’s so cute okay i’m gonna go put this pumpkin on the table so then we can find some more pumpkins whoa whoa whoa whoa wait a second

Did you see a pumpkin while i was doing my extremely sweet dance moves yeah yeah it’s right over here whoa we found another pumpkin good job all right so we found one big pumpkin one small pumpkin and now this pumpkin another big pumpkin so we have one two three pumpkins we just need one more for four great job so far we have found three pumpkins yeah but

We actually need four pumpkins hey i have a game how about we go explore some more of this park and see if we can find another pumpkin yeah okay so i need your help once you see the pumpkin i need you to say pumpkin yeah just tell me pumpkin all right okay do you see it anywhere hmm i’m not seeing it do you know what word to say yeah pumpkin all right let’s

See where are you huh i’m not seeing it huh this is tricky do you see it what’d you say did you say the word peacock you’re not supposed to say peacock you’re supposed to say pumpkin what you said pumpkin where oh over here oh yeah yeah you found the last pumpkin good job all right so now we found all four pumpkins so now we can go back and draw some

Faces on the pumpkins i am so excited good job good job we found four pumpkins one two three four four pumpkins two big pumpkins and two small pumpkins wow wasn’t that a lot of fun exploring this park to find these pumpkins yeah i love pumpkins and halloween it’s such a fun time you get a dress up you get to go trick-or-treating and pumpkins are a great way to

Decorate your house yeah that’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna draw faces on them and put it on a porch this is gonna be fun and each face is gonna have a different expression but hey have you ever had pumpkin seeds before yeah you can cut open pumpkins and there’s a lot of seeds in there yeah you can eat them i love frying them and popping a seed in my mouth

And going yum and pumpkin pie that is sure yummy all right let’s get to decorating so the first pumpkin face we’re gonna do is a happy face that sounds like a lot of fun so first i’m gonna draw the eyes there’s one eye perfect that looks like a great eye there’s another eye yeah this pumpkin has two eyes just like this hmm that looks great all right

Yeah now let’s make a smile whoa yeah this looks like a happy pumpkin doesn’t it whoa are you happy today because i sure am that was a lot of fun finding all of these pumpkins with you yeah here we go what does that look like yeah a happy pumpkin all right that’s a great pumpkin all right okay now let’s make another pumpkin hmm what’s the opposite of happy

Sad let’s make a sad pumpkin all right let’s do two eyes again okay there we go there’s one eye there’s another eye perfect okay so one the smile was like this like a u but now to make a sad face you have to do it opposite yeah that looks like a frown there we go what does that look does that look like a sad pumpkin yeah that does i wonder what’s wrong

With this pumpkin looks like this pumpkin had a bad day maybe to cheer him up i’ll put some hair on it yeah there you go oh didn’t make this pumpkin happy so it’s still a sad pumpkin that’s okay though so now we have a happy pumpkin and a sad pumpkin all right another big pumpkin hmm i know another three letter word that sounds like sad but it’s a different

Expression an emotion i am so mad yeah let’s do mad all right how you do mad is let’s do triangle eyes perfect nice and pointy eyes just like that there’s a triangle and here’s another triangle perfect yeah all right this is looking really good okay okay and then we’re gonna make nice frown but not too much of a frown more of like face like that because

It is very mad yeah and then we can even make some eyebrows pointing down like that this pumpkin is really mad yeah we could even put some teeth in there yeah this is a mad pumpkin so we have a happy pumpkin a sad pumpkin a mad pumpkin and let’s do a surprise pumpkin okay let’s do some circular eyes yeah that looks like a circle that looks like a circle

Perfect and then we’ll do some eyebrows over there and then we’ll do an overmouth so let’s go like this that look like a surprised pumpkin yeah kind of like a scared pumpkin or surprised pumpkin wow good job that was so much fun decorating these pumpkins with you let’s go over these four pumpkins again so we have a happy pumpkin a sad pumpkin we have

A mad pumpkin and we have a surprised pumpkin whoa or scared whoa wow good job all right let’s take these pumpkins and put it on the porch i know the trick-or-treaters are gonna love these all right hey if you want to watch more of my videos all you have to do is search for my name will you spell my name with me b-l-i-p-p-i blippi good job all right see you

Again bye-bye so much to learn about it’ll make you

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