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BLUEENJOY Compression Socks for Women & Men (3 Pairs) 15-20 mmHg is Best for Running,Athletic

Awesome socks! Reduce swelling, increase circulation and be fashionable.

Hey friends tux here check it out i got something really cool today i got some compression socks sent to me to unbox for you guys we can check these out now these are available on and before i go further i should mention i do have a link with the best price for these down below in the comments so click that link and get your own but this is how they

Come from amazon in a very cool little black package very nice very airtight keeps it nice and clean and dry everything else here’s the bard clog boy if you want to pause that and stand it you can there you go but again there will be a link for you in the description down below and the fried inside here talks a little about them compression socks in case you’re

Not familiar with what they are basically there are meant to improve circulation in your feet so that weird ease swelling enhance circulation smooth achy legs and feet and relieve symptoms of varicose veins okay so they’re actually really good for you and especially if you have a job or you’re on your feet a lot that kind of thing these can really be a lifesaver to

Okay on the back get some more information numerical socks are guaranteed compression maximum compression at the ankle okay so again this is really meant to just kind of see your legs like a like a little leg massage throughout the day some really nice stuff um even mentions massage i didn’t read ahead there that’s funny i’m energized your legs and feet comfortable

Discreet thin it’s good they’re thin too especially when you’re wearing like dress shoes that kind of thing thin socks are really important okay i’m easy to put on and great for everyday use so very close go ahead open this up got me a scissors right here now there is this is interesting this actually has the packaging has kind of like a velcro top here so i guess

You could open this and reseal it if you want let me put this to the test and check this out maybe i’m wrong about this i’ve never really seen that in socks before myself so it’s a cool little detail packaging touch let me see here we’ll go ahead and open this up try and pull it apart and yeah check out there’s actually like a velcro so you can actually seal these

And reseal these to keep them nice which is awesome now compression socks were actually widely and used in the 1600s but they’re actually from long before that i mean people have doctors have known people have known that it’s really important to make sure your feet are comfortable and actually by not having one spot you know compressing on you but having a more

Evenly distributed across your feet near legs it’s really healthy it’s really good for your veins circulation to everything let’s go ahead and we’ll open up one of these here what should we pick let’s go ahead and think let’s check out the thing here so they come like this sealed again they’re individually sealed in the package which is really good so you know

They’re nice and fresh for you this is resealable too which is a cool little touch and here’s what we have so we got some really fun colors here these are nice and long okay these are women’s medium and you can see here on the bottom we have like a really cool design like i’m definitely digging this that’s kind of a bottom like a safety of the whole lines here very

Cool kind like a caution line a little great oh nice look great accent there and nice and cute and pink okay and we have a grape cart part across the top again these are compression so they shouldn’t really swell up on one spot for you but you kind of see what that’s all about so really comfortable i’m very cool it actually feels like it’s giving you like like a

Hug hug on your leg so very very cool i would say these are fantastic for work they say that if you fly a lot or if you’re like a stewardess or do any kind of airline work especially as you go higher in altitude it’s really important to have these it’s really important for your health and for your veins and your overall circulation so definitely something worth

Checking out it will open another one here will be blue check out the blue sox there we go and same kind of thing real cool of the minty green blue we got a nice little pattern here in the bottom really stylish like these are these are really awesome and will be one more here we’ll go ahead and open a block and see the block it’s all about there we go so very

Cool i love the style to it real nice so that is the compression socks again from amazon okay to recap these are the cool lover compression socks these are available on and i’ll have a link for in the description below the package i would say they’re great actually very hugging very nice and just love the colors bright vibrant fun minty green awesome

Pink fun black very professional love the way they come packaged in their own ziplock package very cool you can zip and take it on a trip if you want definitely something which you want to wear these these are really healthy for you and good for your feet i’d again i want to thank them for saying these over to me i really do appreciate guys if you are the maker

Manufacturer supplier of clothing feel free to send me over i’d love to review your products as well to reach out to me tucks toys in okay but check these out the links for you down below and definitely make sure you’re wearing the right socks if you’re wearing tight blistering socks it’s not good for you nah you want compression socks and this stuff it

Fantastic value at about 1699 at the time of making this video but i’ll have the best price for you in the information down below i’ll have a link for you okay alright friends thanks for watching this video i really appreciate well tie to you soon bye bye

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BLUEENJOY Compression Socks for Women & Men (3 Pairs) 15-20 mmHg is Best for Running,Athletic By TUXX REVIEWS