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Bluey Time to Play Sticker Activity Book

Let’s complete the Bluey Time to Play Sticker and activity book. This book is filled with fun activities featuring Bluey and her sister Bingo. Included are 100 stickers.

Hi everyone welcome to evie’s toy house today we have a fun sticker and activity book featuring bluey this is bluey time to play and take a look at the cover we have louie and her sister bingo dancing in this activity book we have over a hundred stickers so i think we’re gonna have a lot of fun so let’s get started over here he says look and find can you spot the

Walking leaf on each activity page long dog is hidden somewhere too let’s go look for them on this page we’re going to meet the healers so here we have bluey let’s go ahead and put her sticker on so bluey it’s a six-year-old blue heeler pup who loves to play along with our friends and family bluey enjoys exploring the world and using her imagination to turn

Everyday life into an amazing adventure over here we have bingo here is bingo sticker bingo is bluey’s little sister she’s four years old and a red healer like her mom bingo is always up for an adventure and loves tagging along with blue in her pals as they explore their surroundings down here is mom so here is mom julie works part-time at airport security she

Loves playing hockey going for a run and giving hugs to her two daughters when she isn’t busy working julie can’t wait to join her family on all their exciting adventures and we also have dad bandit is an archaeologist he loves digging up bones he likes surfing and playing touch footy but his favorite pastime is coming up with creative games to play with bowie and

Bingo on this page it says home sweet home this is the healer’s front yard in sunny brisbane australia add stickers to complete the picture okay so here’s their house and here’s the family and we got some really fun stickers we got birds we got pine cones oh my gosh we even have a little doggy gnome let’s go ahead and decorate here’s a cocktail pine cones another

Bird newspaper here’s a garden gnome some roller skates and umbrella a stick and a tennis ball oh and take a look there’s the walking leaf on this page it says sean on the run help sean find his way through the mage to catch the bird let’s see if we can help him find a path we did it and we also found the walking leaf on to the next page magic claw bluey

And bingo are playing with magic claw but a pile of toys is looking a little small add stickers to the pile and a few to the wall okay so here’s a claw it’s holding on to your little dolphin there is bluey and bingo and a whole bunch of toys down here and take a look at our toys we got the octopus a ladybug an owl a bunny and then we got some stars and planets and

Even a picture to add to the wall let’s start by adding some toys bunny there’s the owl here’s the octopus here’s a ladybug and here’s the ball and here we also have a wand now let’s add items to the wall here’s a picture here’s your doggy astronaut we got some stars rainbow a planet and a moon all right our picture is complete take a look here’s the walking

Leaf all right on this page it says lovely day for a drive janet and rita are on their way to the shops and they’re in a hurry add stickers to show the mess these grannies cause so there is janet and rita and oh my goodness what is happening bandit fell over with a load of laundry okay let’s add to the mess here’s the garden gnome it’s also tipped over here’s a

Teddy here’s another teddy flying in the air this little table is knocked over and knocked over all the teacups and teapot in addition we got some overturned stools and over on this side let’s put in let’s put some cans they also fell over and that’s so fun oh take a look here’s our walking leaf on this page is bob bibli’s best adventure bob bibley is spending

A week with the healers and he’s having the best time ever create bob’s photo album by adding the polaroid pictures to the page so here he is with his polaroid camera and here are his pictures here’s her first picture we have bingo with bob next we have louie with bob on this picture we have the whole family with bob and finally we have bingo with bob at the

Playground riding a horse there we go and take a look in this picture we find the walking leaf all right so here’s our next page it says a takeaway disaster things have gone horribly wrong at the takeaway shop add stickers to complete the scene oh my goodness look at this what is happening so we had bluey here looks like she is holding back some laughter we have

Bingo here who looks like she’s about to catch something with her mouth and here we have bend it oh my goodness he has a mess on his face and he’s stepping on something okay let’s start with a spilled takeout put that on the table here’s another spill to take out let’s put this one on the ground we’ve got some fortune cookies let’s put these in the air for bingo

To catch let’s put a few more here in the air or bandit here’s a cell phone that one is also flying away and of course we need some crows to eat the spilled leftovers here’s some menus let’s put these on the floor and an empty takeaway bag all right and here is our picture and take a look up here is our walking leaf he’s hiding in the corner okay on this page

It says a new hat for bali bali the yoga ball needs a new hat add hats to the balls below and decorate them with little stickers and before we start look i found the walking leaf it’s hiding there okay now let’s add some hats here’s a purple one here’s the captain’s hat and here’s a big floppy hat okay now let’s add some stickers here’s a crab a ladybug a starfish

And a whole bunch of seahorses in addition we even got some alligators all done and finally on this last page it says good night bluey it’s nearly time for little pups to go to bed before the lights are turned off add stickers to decorate bluey in bingo’s bedroom oh my goodness their bedroom is so so pretty look at that so here in the floor just add another book

And some paper and crayons here is a purse for louie and a backpack for bingo we got ourselves a little platypus stuffy this one is for bingo and our little puppy stuffy this one is for bowie here is a random red balloon up here we got ourselves a little toy let’s put that here and a hairbrush on the table here and finally we got some glow-in-the-dark stars there

We go there’s our nighttime scene all right everyone so that’s the time to play the activity bug this was so much fun i hope you enjoyed this video and if you want to see more like it make sure to subscribe and i’ll see you next time bye

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Bluey Time to Play Sticker Activity Book By Evies Toy House