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BOLSA PARA ESTERILLA de YOGA fcil y rpido yoga mat bag

Hello coqueros, in this video i bring you this craft, it is a cover for the yoga or pilates mat, if you like it and want to learn how to make it, the only thing we are going to need is a cloth, i have chosen this one with mandala prints because i like it and it seems that it fits very well with the yoga theme. we also need rope for the closure and a sewing machine or hand

Sewing. i am going to start by measuring the mat, first in length that my star is 71 centimeters and now in width 55 centimeters and those measurements i am going to take the fabric adding a few extra centimeters for the seam for the measurements of my mat i have cut a piece of fabric that you see that is folded here that is 68 centimeters wide by 102 long and i have also

Cut a strip that has 93 centimeters long by 14 centimeters wide i am going to start working with the strip, which is the easiest for that i have it on the wrong side, fold one part inwards another upper part inwards as well and when i have both parts inwards what i do is fold it in half and so he continued with the rest of the strip then he ironed it and sewed it

We are going to continue with the part of the sack

In the wide part of the fabric we are going to first make an edge inside and then another one much wider to leave enough space for the rope, it is 4 centimeters and once we have it we sew it, i recommend that you also there are three stitches on the sides so that we can make threads in this way and now once we have taken what we are going to do is fold it processed end

And we are going to place the tape inside in this way it is worth what we put inwards what we cover with the other part of the fabric when we already have it what we do is sew the entire length and the lower part of the sack perez cerilla remember not to sew the upper part, which is what we have previously taken because it is where we are going to put the rope and it will

Serve as a closure once i have finished sewing what i am going to do is cut the excess of the fabric for example this part here and i’m going to finish it all off with a zig zag once the inside is finished, all that remains is to turn it over and place the rope on top to place the rope it’s super simple first i cut about 85 centimeters of rope so what in my case, it’s a

Wolf, even if it’s flattened and then i measure the rope in this way, it’s okay that about a little bit now i just take a side with a safety pin and i’m passing it when the past is over, i’m just going to tie a knot at each end to that it doesn’t widen i don’t have any more to close once the water is closed how nice i can leave it as it is and that’s it i’ve finished the

Cover for the mat to get to the pirates now it’s your turn to choose the com let me know what you think of this craft and if you are going to do it, also if you liked it you already know the dear ones, order a like and share this video with your friends bye

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BOLSA PARA ESTERILLA de YOGA 🧘‍♀️ fácil y rápido🧘‍♂️ yoga mat bag By AnabelaDiy