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Bonnet vs Durag vs Pilllowcase & When To Wear Them

This video is about when to wear a durag, bonnet and a pillowcase and what’s the best situation to wear each . If you have any questions drop em down in the comments!

Hey yo what’s poppin youtube it’s king bruh coming at you again with another video and a lot of you guys have been asking me questions on how you should protect your hair whether you should wear a bonnet do rag satin silk cotton whether you should get a pillow case all these questions man and today i’m telling you guys what are the benefits and what are the

Disadvantages of wearing each type of headwear when you sleep stay tuned this is what i’m gonna set up for y’all whoever ain’t with this don’t eat max me all right you guys so for the first piece of equipment we’re going over is the body this is probably the most notorious unpopular popular choice of hair protection that you can possibly use as a male um because

The natural hair movement was started by women and they have made this such a staple in their routine almost has come to make the bonnet look like a totally feminine tool but because bonnets are the most effective least expensive way to protect your head at night in some satin silk they are probably going to remain the most popular form of protection for curly

Hair period best time to wear that bonnet is when you do have that curly fro and you don’t really want that compression question time alright so the question is hey king bro i know you said i should wear a bonnet but i’m kind of embarrassed to wear it at night when my girlfriend comes over is it okay if i miss one or two nights a week without my bonnet on will

It affect my hair growth all right so i want you guys to answer in the comments do you think it’s all right to not wear your bonnet and basically raw dog your pillow one or two nights a week if you answer yes take a walk take that fake apology and shove it right up your hair i don’t think you guys understand when you put your hair against a cotton pillowcase

Understand it the way that cotton fabric is made your hair will literally latch on to the cotton and every time you toss and turn it will break off into the pillow the pillow the cotton will suck the moisture right out of your hair like seriously can you imagine using my favorite growth serum the royal grove serum by rich royals and getting all these gains

And having your hair grow super fast only to roll on this cotton pillowcase all night and allow all your hard progress and hard work to go to absolute waste because you want to look cool with somebody else but just know if you want to impress that girl and protect your hair all hope is not lost now it’s time to call in the big guns the sand or silk pillow case

Okay so not only is the satin silk pillow case one of my favorite ways of protection this is one of the best looking ways to protect your hair at night because you don’t have to put it on your hair you don’t have to worry about it coming off it’s literally the pillow that you’re sleeping on when you get these not only do you protect your hair but you look cool

While doing it and with the sand or silk pillow case you don’t have to worry about this fabric tearing your hair because it glides and allows your hair to slip through so you can toss and turn all night without breaking your hair and it does not pull moisture from your hair so your curls can be curly tonight curly tomorrow and curly their own out and if you’re

Wondering where you can find these satin pillowcases you can look no further than you can get one of these bad boys right here set any silky looking pillow case for only twenty dollars the one downside of the sand silky pillowcase just like the bonnet is that it does not do something called compression all right and if you need compression then what

You’re gonna do is you’re gonna call in the trusty dusty durag the durag is probably the coolest most popular form of protection known amongst males with the bonnet being the best among females as long as you make sure that your do-rag is of some type of satin silky substance then you’re well on your way to protecting your hair and getting that compression that

You can’t really get with a bonnet or a pillow case man this is the perfect mechanism for protection if you got waves braids now i need you guys to answer a very serious question all right if you want a curly afro if you want curls do you want compression answer down in the comments okay all right you guys time’s up if you answered yes you do want compression

Go ahead and unsubscribe pack your stuff and get out if you want curls you do not want to compress and press down your curls why would you want to do that that’s absolutely stupid however if you have waves or braids then it’ll be the perfect equation for you to get compression on the reason why you might elect for a do-rag over a side pillowcase or a bonnet all

Right i ain’t gonna hold you this is a fresh looking dewy right here my god wow this one i’m finna set up for y’all whoever ain’t with this don’t need max me for

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