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Book Shopping Vlog Road Tripping to Book Stores in Different States!

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If you couldn’t tell i love book shopping and i will argue to my grave that book shopping and book reading are two different hobbies you guys have seen me go to every bookstore in austin aka the city i live in and take two different book shopping road trips to small towns around austin but now it’s time for my biggest book shopping road trip yet we’re going out of

State specifically to new mexico it’s an 11 and a half hour drive to our first stop which is taos new mexico then we’ll be going to santa fe and lastly abilene texas on our way back and coming along are my wonderful parents and their dog milo all right let’s do some book shopping we’re in taos new mexico we made it after the longest car drive ever right now i’m

Outside of opposite books i hope i’m saying that right it looks like a really cute bookstore in downtown taos and it looks really modern and stuff so i feel like i’m gonna find lots of good books here opposite books was so cute inside the first thing i did was head to the y a section where the mirror visitor series caught my attention it’s a dystopian fantasy series

The cruel prince has been on my tbr for so long i’m just in the middle of so many series right now i have no idea what these books are about but i thought the covers looked so cool then i did some exploring and i found a cart of one dollar books i didn’t end up finding any that i was interested in but i always appreciate when bookstores have a really inexpensive book

Section mimi lee gets a clue is a cozy mystery that looked so cute and i’ve never read any books by this author before and the bookstore had so many different sections from fiction non-fiction mystery native american books etc homicide and halo halo is another cozy mystery that looked so cute i love the cover but it’s the second book in a series so unfortunately

I couldn’t get it because i haven’t read the first book and it was even signed by the author which i think is so cool then we headed upstairs and they had the coolest the coolest room upstairs the whole ceiling was covered in black and white photographs and then it had a really incredible sitting area i would love if i loved her on here to buy a book and come sit

Here and start reading it here’s my mom testing out the seating area she agreed it’d be super cozy to sit here and read then they had a room of all like giant coffee table books and i love coffee table books they’re so fun to look at it’s impractical to own tons and tons of coffee table books realistically i only need like one or two but if i could buy a million

And display them in a million places in my house i would because look at these photographs they’re so cool foreign i saw the sign that explains what the bookstore means opposite means in the works cited i just got out of opposite and ended up getting the final gambit which is the third book in the inheritance game series well actually my mom bought this book

I got my mom hooked on the inheritance games every single time i see my mom i bring her tons of books that i own to read so she was like this time let me buy a book and i can give it to you to borrow and i was like ah mom that is so nice i’m absolutely obsessed with inheritance games definitely one of my favorite series ever and i have been waiting for this book

To come out but if you’re not familiar with the inheritance game series it’s y a and it’s about this girl named avery who inherits a ton of money from this random guy who she really doesn’t know anything about but she’s trying to figure out why the heck this man left her all this money so she’s adjusting to this life of extreme wealth while also figuring out all

These riddles and living in his house that has tons of secret passageways and he also has a bunch of grandsons that are really cute and around her age there’s a love child trope i don’t know all around it’s just such a good series then i also got these really pretty flowers for fall i didn’t get them from the bookstore there was a shop right next to the bookstore

That sold these and i think they’re so pretty just look at them look at the colors all right and that is all the book shopping for today i will see you guys probably in a few days to go to a new city with a new bookstore i’m in santa fe new mexico i’m in the city specifically because i mean my mom really wanted to go to meow wolf which is this like interactive

Art exhibit but i was like gotta go to some bookstores too while i’m here and i was googling what bookstores they have and they actually have another opposite bookstore in santa fe so that’s the same one that i went to in taos and i liked the one in taos a lot so i was like i have to check out this one because hopefully it’s just as cool and here’s opposite books

It was actually inside the mall which is interesting and they had a cart of free books outside which is so cool i didn’t see any that i knew or was interested in but love them for offering free books then we headed inside and it was a bit different from what i expected first we had to hit up the best sellers table of course and i don’t know what these books are

But i just thought the covers looked so cool a book that has a cool cover can make me just immediately impulse buy it for sure the reason why i said this bookstore was a little bit different than i expected is because they were book stacked everywhere like literally everywhere on the ground and piles on top of piles it was crazy i’ve never seen a bookstore this

Jam-packed with books then i headed to the fiction section my favorite section and i keep seeing these books by emily griffin at used bookstores and if anyone has read them let me know if they’re good because they sound like something right up my alley and i feel like they’re really easy to find this book is a hunger games prequel which i didn’t know existed it’s

So cool i’m 100 will be reading it at some point because i have read the entire hunger game series besides this one red white and royal blue by casey mcquisten is one of my favorite books so i debated getting ike sarah wheeler by them they also had lots of old books with really cool spines one day i would love to have an entire bookshelf of decorative books and

Then they also had lots of classics okay i just got to the bookstore and it was cool but it was definitely a lot older than the opposite from the other day in taos i mostly just showed you guys like the modern books that i’ve heard of but i definitely hadn’t heard of the majority of the books because like i said they seemed older there was also stacks of books

Literally everywhere it felt like looking into me in the future of what my house would look like when i’m like 80 years old and i have just hoarded thousands of books but it was a little hard to dig through from the practical side of like actually trying to buy something so i didn’t end up getting anything i almost got where the crawdads sing and i kind of regret

It like maybe i should go back in and get it i don’t know and i got nervous and didn’t get it because i was looking up the genre and it said literary fiction and i’ve never read literary fiction before and i’m just afraid that i won’t like it that it’s like too far out of my comfort zone then next up me and my mom are gonna go to meow wolf which is that interactive

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Let’s get back to book shopping okay just got a meow wolf and it was so freaking cool i would a thousand percent recommend going if you’re in santa fe or any of the other cities that meow wolf is in but next up i’m going to a bookstore called beastly books that my mom googled and found and she said it looks really cool so i’m excited i don’t really know anything

About it so i’m just going in blind also oh my gosh somebody past on my last book shopping road trip video like where are my parents when i’m filming these like in the car sections because i always say that they’re with me on these like book shopping road trips they just don’t really want to be on camera so they’re just like out and about shopping while i film this

Section in the car beastly books was way cooler than i thought it was going to be look at this book the cover the gold pages the back all stunning they had a ton of cool figurines and art and items that are book related and they had a huge section of george r.r martin books he’s a fantasy author and he actually wrote the books that were then adapted into the game

Of thrones series which i still haven’t watched then you go into the back room and look at this massive iron giant statue isn’t that so so cool stephen king also gorgeous cover i love the colors and just all these colors i literally haven’t heard of like 90 of these books but i just thought the covers were so stunning i could not stop looking at them in the seating

Area love the blue couch i did not know that the movie ready player one was based off a book it’s so cool i feel like there’s so many movies based on books and i had no idea this cover stunning no other words needed just stunning dune this edition is so cool love the cover and the blue pages i feel like just make this edition of doom oh my gosh what the heck

I just got out of beastly books and it was so freaking cool i did not expect that it’s pretty much all like sci-fi fantasy books it was just it was so cool it was decorated so cool so many of the covers were so cool i also didn’t end up getting anything at bc books either because i’ve never read sci-fi before i don’t think and i’m starting to get into fantasy but

Like i’m just barely starting to get into it and a lot of those books seemed like really heavy fantasy i don’t know i just felt intimidated because i’m just not familiar with those genres i have one more bookstore for this video that’s in a new town so i will see you guys in the next town that we go to for the last bookstore everything you’ve said they already

Knew more or less hello i am in abilene texas and i’m going to a bookstore called seven and one i looked at the pictures online and it looks really really cute inside so i’m really excited this bookstore is so cute i feel like very much my style like look at this suitcase with plants and books i love dark wood bookshelves and the green couch is very like dark

Academia feels i got the cover of this book memphis was so stunning heart stopper i still need to read this series and watch the show asap lucy foley i’ve been hearing so many booktubers talk about her and her book sounds so good at the paris apartment so need to read it the bookish life of nina hill is about a girl who works at a bookshop like that’s all i need

To know a book about a character who loves book say less with love from london is about a librarian who inherits a bookshop like even better and they had some cool book covers of mary poppins and they had an illustrated one as well which i love illustrated books of like classic childhood books i thought that was so cool this is a historical fiction fantasy series

And i love the covers that store was so cute i love like the dark wood bookshelves and just like i don’t know it was decorated so impeccably i feel like it’s like very my taste and i ended up getting two books the first book that i got is the house across the lake by riley sager i’ve heard so many people talk about this book especially on book talk and booktube

So i was like i have to buy it because i’ve never read anything by riley sager before and this book is a thriller mystery about out a recently widowed actress named casey fletcher and she lives on the lake and one of her neighbors catherine suddenly vanishes then i got the book thief which is definitely like such a popular classic and i feel like kind of out of my

Comfort zone i was just thinking how like when i was in santa fe book shopping i was talking about how those bookstores did so many books outside my comfort zone and i was like you know what why am i just avoiding going outside my comfort zone i should just go outside my comfort zone so i got the book thief it takes place in 1939 in nazi germany and it is about a

Girl named liesel who finds a book called the gravediggers handbook in the snow that was left there by accident and it is her first act of book thievery and it also says liesel’s foster family hides a jewish man in their basement and lisa’s world is both opened up and closed down i feel like this book is gonna break my tiny little heart i’m hoping that this was a

Good book to like start branching out of my comfort zone since it’s so popular like it has to be good right so hopefully i really like it and that is all the cities and bookstores for this book shopping road trip this was so fun to do please let me know if there’s any other bookstores i should go to i live in austin texas so anywhere in texas or like the surrounding

States because it’s just so cool to like see other bookstores and other cities and states but yeah i hope you guys enjoyed this video and i’ll see you guys in my next video bye

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