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BOYCOTT Suntegrity mineral zinc oxide sunscreen


Hi my name is tosin qunut i’m a natural health practitioner and i review natural cosmetics cosmetics and foods from time to time whatever goes on your body went inside your body and i was want to make sure that their chemical free and toxin free none other crappy stuff that ends up in the liver in the kidneys and the colon in the stomach etc so i pay very close

Attention to what i put on my skin and my children skin and i hope you do too now i got the lure i think it was the october edition 2013 recently and i was reviewing the top brands in the natural wonder category and this one stuck out it’s a sanskrit it’s called santagati it got the newer award there’s the sticker on it and it’s a natural moisturizing face sunscreen

And primer with an spf of 30 it’s zinc oxide there is nothing better than having a zinc oxide sun sweet it’s the best of the best i would not go for titanium titanium is a trace mineral and you should only put it in trace trace amounts zinc is a major mineral you can smother your body with it it’s healthy it builds up immunity boost the immune system it’s great

For problem skin acne rashes etc as zinc has all the qualities you can read about it it’s all there on wikipedia wherever you want to go if you want to read up about zinc oxide what it does for your body phenomenal stay away from chemicals such as up to knock said not to mention brands but they install people pushing chemical sunscreens ladies and gentlemen that

Stuff ends up in your kidneys and your liver so your long term effects or not good so please pay close attention to what you eat put in your body and what you put on top of your body another great thing as i sort of reviewed the sunscreen on i started looking at all the sunscreens that they produced and the website that i always reach out to is called the ewg ewg

All reviews all the sunscreens all the cosmetics they tell you what’s inside them and it got a number one rating for all of them so you can see which ones are the good ones and the bad ones on e double gee and after using the sunscreen buying it i then started using some of the other ones for my kids one that really really stuck out which i like i used i users

In the morning it’s a tinted sunscreen and it has a medium tint so the one you could use for your face that i just showed you it moisturizes but if you want to have like a nice glow this is a 5 in 1 natural moisturizing face sunscreen this is the medium since i’m going to put on here i smuggled it on quite thickly and then we got it gives you sort of idea what the

Sheen looks like now guys listen this is not only for girls this looks amazing okay so it’s got a nice glow and tap it on don’t rub two of you put on your eyes your cheeks and neck you name it and you’ll go out there looking healthy protecting your skin sun damage is the worst anti the worst aging damage you can have is done through the sun so the best anti-aging

Component or sanskrit really it is it protects you from that sun damage those you view is harsh uv rays check it out i list all the good healthy products on i pharmacy that come i encourage you to go there everything there is chemical free and toxic free only this the best of the best and i pharmacy or khan thang you

Transcribed from video
BOYCOTT Suntegrity mineral zinc oxide sunscreen By Torsten Kunert