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Brush Head Shape & Size – Electric Toothbrush Features – How Important?

Electric toothbrushes have a number of different features built in, depending on the brand and price of the brush.

So how important is the brush head shape and size when it comes to choosing an electric toothbrush well let me explain so getting straight to the point if we look at the clinical data that’s out there then it’s the small round or will be brush heads that have been proven to be most effective when it comes to brushing your teeth so if you are clinically the best

Toothbrush head for cleaning your teeth then look an oral-b world the fact of the matter is to get those optimum results you need to be brushing your teeth correctly using the correct technique and rushing the right amount of time two minutes twice a day now you can get improvements with the oral-b brush heads but the reality is philips sonicare colgate and many other

Brands are going to provide a vast improvement over a manual toothbrush because of other factors such as the encouragement to brush for the right amount of time because of the timers and paces the fact the bristles are moving more rapidly than a manual toothbrush so although clinically the round brush heads are better the reality is for most people because they don’t

Generally brush the right map time or use the correct technique any electric toothbrush be that with a larger or smaller head is going to provide some improvements a factor though to consider in conjunction with this is if you have a particularly small or cramped mouth you may want to find an electric toothbrush it does have a small head it’ll be round heads tend to

Be the best this philips sonicare do tend to have larger more oval / rectangular e shaped brush heads but they do also make compact versions which are a bit smaller and can work if you are suffering with cramped teeth or a small mouth and you just can’t get the movement with the larger brush heads the benefit of brush heads is they are interchangeable you can tend

To find different styles to suit you most brands make a few difference of cuts of bristles and things like that to help improve in different circumstances and we’ve got detailed guides on the different brush heads available for electric toothbrushes links the description for that brush head size shape is important but for most people unless you’ve got particular

Circumstances it shouldn’t be a deciding factor in whether you get an electric toothbrush or which one to go for bear it in mind but it’s not the most important thing in my opinion if you found this video useful be sure to give it a thumbs up for more videos like this clip subscribe got any comments and queries leave them in the comments below until next time thanks for watching you

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Brush Head Shape & Size – Electric Toothbrush Features – How Important? By Electric Teeth