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Budget Hammock Setup

Budget hammock setup for those just getting into hammock camping. Both are available on Amazon, check my link below!

How’s it going everyone paul with adaptable survival what i want to go over in today’s video is this budget hammock camping setup that i’ve been testing for the last six months stick with me as we dive into it so in today’s video what we’re going to take a look at is this budget hammock camping system that i put together for you know about the last six months or so

I’ve been using these if you came to the pathfinder gathering you may have seen my hammock camping class and i used this system in that class so the hammock i have is from a company called kutik they did send me this a while back um so now i’m just being able to get this up into a video and then the tarp i’ve been using and i got this a while back i just haven’t

Used it there’s a kalinko hammock tarp it’s a three by three meter or 10 by 10 hammock so works really really well with hammock systems so i’m going to string up this kudik hammock and we’ll talk a little bit more about the specs so with this kudik hammock you will actually get the hammock itself and i’ll like i said i’ll dive into the specs here in a minute but

You will get the straps as well as the carabiners on the hammock itself so let me pull this hammock out here stash the straps in my pocket and then for my scraps usually come a little bit higher than my height clip clip it in somewhere along the daisy chain so i’m a big fan of having these daisy chain straps they just make adjustments a little bit easier

Going forward i do want to try some of the other straps out there just because you can fine tune those a little bit better for the hang you want so i did get the kudik hammock set up now this is made out of a 210t parachute nylon so it’s going to be nice and strong to support a variety of people i do believe they state that the strength of this hammock is 500

Pounds so even us thick folk out there can still enjoy a nice hammocking now i’ve been using this like i said for about the last six months or so and i’ve liked it a lot as you can see this is a double so you’re going to get tons of room in here to put a sleeping pad in here or sleeping bag a wool blanket you know there’s a variety of insulation options you can

Use with this hammock as you can see if you’re using it like on a day hike you could set this up as just like a little chair hang out just take a little load off enjoy nature a little bit i’ve used a sleeping pad in here i’ve used an under quilt under this with mainly using this over the summer i didn’t use the under coils a ton just because it wasn’t that cold

Outside but hammocks in general the material is all going to be relatively the same you know they’re all going to be you know they’ll break down to some point if you’re going through heavy use with it that’s just gonna you know come with the nature of hammocks but the main reason what drove me to teach the hammock camping class and then do this particular video

Is i get a lot of questions on hammock camping where to begin which hammock to start with because if you see some hammocks out there just for the hammock itself not even in the straps you’re looking at about 60 bucks so this particular system and why when kudik emailed me i said yeah i’ll take a check i’ll check out that hammock is the price point on this double

Hammock with straps carabiners everything is 35 bucks on amazon i didn’t check who dick site recently but i’ll throw that across the screen here so for 35 bucks you’re getting the straps which some of the straps out there cost 15 20 30 bucks i mean you’re getting an entire hammock system for 35 dollars so if you’re just getting into hammock camping that’s a great

Deal because now you can try it out see if it’s something you even enjoy doing before you start dumping in tons of money and then you’re stuck with a hammock system that you paid a hundred bucks for and you don’t even like ham camping i will talk about the tarp that i have with that i have with me today uh the kalinko tarp now i bought that one probably close to

Two years ago and i just never used it just kind of forgot about it and then when i was setting up that hammock class i remember i had it but this has held up really really well um thing to note with sleeping pads and hammocks they can be kind of slick so you kind of have to play around with how you have it adjusted in there for me when i put a sleeping pad in a

Hammock like this i don’t air it up to where it’s completely firm i do probably anywhere between three-fourths and 85 percent full just so there’s some kind of shaping that i can do with it so when i lay on it it kind of u shapes around me versus being completely flat and then started getting slick and kind of trying to shoot out on me i’ve had that happen to me

With a couple other hammocks that i use so let me hop out of the hammock here i’ll string up the tarp and we’ll talk let’s take a look at the clinco tarp itself so right on the label here and hopefully i can get this to come in come on focus dammit so you will get six guy lines and six pegs with this like i said it’s a three meter by three meter ten foot by ten

Foot you have looking at the picture here you have tons of tie out options i’m going to string up a ridge line get the hammock put up and i’ll bring it back in all right so i got the tarp set up here took me a little while because i had to take the part the big mess of guy lines since i never used those i always have my own personal shelter kit and cordage and

Stuff that i typically use so i had to spend about 5-10 minutes sorting through that huge disaster so if you do go with a clinical tarp make sure you take apart those guidelines anyway got the tarp just set up kind of in you know almost like a platform or a roof shelter here i can’t remember the exact name of it right now it’s kind of spacing out on me i am using

Some tarp poles today because i did buy those to try out for a little bit different project for another video that you may or may not see soon so but you can tie that off to a tree how i have those tied off to you could use branches i mean just get creative with it this tarp has 19 tile points so on this long side you have five then you have what three four on

The other side and then you have three in the middle so tons of different options you can do with this tarp string it up in this way here you could do it in a diamond you could get rid of the hammock and set up tarp shelters on the ground you know there’s tons and tons of versatility with a 10 by 10 tarp alone this one cost me 30 bucks off amazon i seen it you

Know this probably close to two years ago and i was like for 30 bucks what do i got to lose um and i just forgot about it so now this year i’ve been getting it out using it a little bit more it is made out of a 210 polyester material does have a waterproofing on the inside as well as that center line is seam taped so it should be completely waterproof for you

I haven’t had any issues but that’s not to say you might get a lemon and you have one i can’t speak for certainty that that won’t happen but that happens with any piece of gear so total price on this entire system is 65 bucks uh for me what really sparked this idea was one i was teaching a hammock camping class at the pathfinder gathering but two i get a lot of

People asking i’m interested in hammond camping or i’m interested in camping or backpacking in general but i don’t want to spend a lot of money so i started looking around like i said kudik sent me the hammock so i was like well this is just kind of perfect timing i found this tarp that was in my in my gear room and i was like well i could definitely use these

Together for 65 bucks i mean you go look at like an eno devil nest you’re spending 65 bucks on just the hammock alone this setup here you get a tarp you get the straps get the carabiners you get the hammock all you got to figure out is the insulation i’ve used sleeping bags for my insulation i’ve used a wool blanket laid on top of that and then had my sleeping bag

Another wool blanket on top of me my swag man top quilt under quilt i mean there’s loads of different options and i may do a hammock camping series down the road but i wanted to get this one out because it was a nice budget set up to at least get you out and just try hammock camping if you’ve ever been interested in do me a favor in the comment section down below

One let me know what your favorite hammock hammock setup is which ones should i get on my radar and check out and two what kind of tarps shelters do you set up with your 10 by 10 tarp there’s loads of different options out there so i look forward to seeing what you’re using out there don’t forget to like and subscribe that gets more eyes on the channel gets more

People involved in our community so we can grow our knowledge base and learn together and grow together as always this has been paul with adaptable survival adapt your mind your body and your gear

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Budget Hammock Setup By Adaptable Survival