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Business Casual Work Outfits for Petite Gals | Summer 2021 Lookbook

Sharing 13 work outfits (business casual) and styling tips for petite gals to make clothes more flattering.

Hi everyone i am back with another video on how to dress for work in a business casual setting many of us including myself will be returning to the office life this year believe it or not so whether this would be your first time heading to work in an office setting or if you are a veteran and you just forgot how to dress for work this past year keep on watching in

This video i will be sharing 13 work outfits and tips on how to dress to make clothes more flattering if you have a petite figure so without further ado let’s begin with the first outfit all right this first one is my favorite look out of the entire video i’ve received many compliments on the lilac chiffon dolls it’s beautifully made i love the pleated details in

The front and how the sleeves are semi-transparent i paired it with this white wide leg trousers for a chic yet professional look next up is another classic look with this black button down blouse it’s a staple i always have a few options of in my closet you can never go wrong with styling this top it’s also versatile since you can wear it more casually or under

A jacket for a business formal look to dress it up you can wear this look with a pair of pumps or sandals to make it look more formal alternatively you can make it look more casual by throwing on a blazer and swapping out the pumps for a cute pair of flats like this one here my first tip for boutique owls is when it comes to shopping for work wear make sure you

Shop from brands that carries petite sizing it makes such a difference wearing clothes specifically made for people with smaller statues like you see here how the sleeves hit just right at my wrist even the trousers are hemmed to the right length making it more proportionate for shorter gals moving on to the next outfit with this beautiful teal color blouse you’ll

Start to notice that i am a big fan of flowy blouses this one has really cute ruffle neck and sleeve details i also prefer to tuck in my blouses to me it makes the overall outfit look more polished and put together again i dress this outfit up with a pair of heels but alternatively you can swap it out for regular black trousers and flats for casual and comfy wear

Here is a closer up look at the trousers it’s stretchy with the zippers on the side so this is great for when you’re sitting down all day especially after a full lunch and you don’t want the zipper to be in the front all right my next tip for petite gals is to wear high-waisted pants to elevate your waistline and elongate your legs all the trousers i’m wearing in

This videos are high-waisted and as you can see it’s giving off the appearance of longer legs wearing high waisted doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable just make sure you wear the right side so it’s not as constricted moving on to the next outfit is this cute flutter sleeve top this top makes the outfit look more playful but at the same time still appropriate

For work here’s a closer look you can see the polka dot details and the layered flutter sleeves i paired it with this adorable flat with the ties around the ankle and a classic work satchel bag all right this next look is more on the business formal side with this vibrant coral color blazer a closer look at the blazer you’ll see is a crosshatch pattern i am

Wearing a classic button-down blouse underneath and i paired it with this high-waisted ankle pants and flats up next i paired the same trousers with the lilac chiffon blouse from earlier and i threw on this navy blazer it’s a double breasted blazer and i’ve worn this with jeans and it looks great for a casual errand look the color combination here works really

Well together to create a formal business look that’s still chic and feminine this next look is simple yet looks so sophisticated with this white pleated top again i really love flowy blouses while i love the cuff details it was very hard to button up as you can see here i was only able to do the first one the other two was really tight so i left it unbuttoned as

Is for a comfy look i paired this outfit with a pair of flats in tote bag alright my last tip for petite cows is to apply the rule of thirds this ratio is known to be aesthetically pleasing to the human eyes you even hear the term in the photography industry imagine your figure is divided up into three sections your top should take up the first section with the

Remaining two thirds for the bottoms this will instantly change the proportion of your body and make your outfit look more flattering and my last outfit for this video is this classic white blouse paired with the gray ankle trousers and tweet jacket this is a simple business casual outfit that’s a no-brainer and that wraps up the 13 work outfits thank you so much

For sticking until the very end if you found that helpful please comment down below and let me know it would also be helpful if you could share what typical challenges you have when it comes to styling workwear and i’ll try my best to incorporate them in future videos again thank you so much for watching please subscribe and don’t forget to follow me on instagram

If you want more fashion inspo until then i’ll see you guys next time bye

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