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Buying Prescription Glasses Online Try On HAUL | Best Prescription Glass To Buy | Zeelool

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Bye hey guys welcome back to another video models my name is here so in today’s video we’re going to be trying out glasses we’re going to be trying out glasses from zelo i have worked with them before and i absolutely love their glasses the glasses are so well made super gorgeous frames i love them if you’re looking for prescription glasses fashionable prescription

Glasses i’ve got you zillow doesn’t just have prescription glasses but they do have blue light blocking options as well they also have an arrow try on feature on their website you can visually try on the glasses i think that’s really cool so today’s video is in collaboration with zillow they sent over some beautiful pairs and i cannot wait to try them on if this

Video is right up your alley make sure you stick around and let’s get right into this video here is our first pair i’m going to list down all the glasses in my description box below so you can easily go check them out all right so this glass is called cascata and it looks so cute i really like the black and white it is very bossy i’m gonna put it on so you guys

Can see what i look like it is one of those glasses you can rock with literally anything and also my class has the blue light blocking option because just because okay also i like the fact that it has this tiny little start on it it’s so cute let me know what you think about this glass in the comment section below alright i’m loving this one already i haven’t put

It on yet but it’s just perfect like i said zillow has high quality frames and glasses they’ve got high quality stuffs and this one i think it’s going to be my favorite glass as you can see here it has some glitters shimmers on here it’s so so stunning and i like how glossy their glasses look i’m gonna try it on let’s see i told you i told you i really like this

Pair it is done in the details i love this is actually the kind of glass style when you work you will be like girl where did you get your glasses from i can already see myself wearing this glass with a white or a black shirts like a white or black outfits you get me all right this i really like all right so this pair is called sekudo see how beautiful and shiny it

Looks i really love the details i love the cut eye effect and also the ombre effect so this is such a cute cut eye shape let me know what you think about all three pairs i’ve tried out already this is a cute one as well all right so the next pair i’m going to be trying out is called awilda awilda is a neutral brown colored shade with gorgeous and beautiful details

On the side our yoga is looking so perfect on me she’s looking good when you go on their website you can easily customize your glass to your taste i really like the stone details going on here giving me elegant vibes which i really love and the color tone is perfect for my skin it’s giving me i’m gonna rock your everyday vibes as well so this class also contains

Blue light blocking you can customize the glass however you like let me know which is a perfect glass so far from the glasses i’ve tried out already it’s very chic and elegant if you want to get this in prescription you can if you want blue light blocking options you can as well i will that is the perfect shade for me okay so i’m loving this pair this pair is so so

Cute foreign so next we’re going to be trying out chanel okay chanel looks good she’s looking so fine i love the color combination going on here so cute you’ve got blue in front and red behind stunning this is a casual kind of glass you can wrap these glasses with your jeans your white top which is colorful she is cute and yeah i feel like you can literally wear

These glasses anywhere i like the two-tone color effects going on here it is so so cute this frame is giving me casual vibes cute vibes you know let’s go get some groceries she’s giving me exactly that kind of vibe so chanel is a cute big frame glasses i like her it’s very perfect for my face shape and frame this is a perfect casual vibe glasses for me i don’t know

About you let me know what you think about this frame in the comment section below okay foreign this is actually the silver pear she’s giving me full vintage vibes and i’m loving it can you guys see earlings like can you guys see this glass in case you want to try out the gold one go ahead because the silver one is so bug you can get this in prescription as well

Everything about this glass is a 10 for me i do love all the glasses i’ve tried on especially this one it’s giving me full vintage vibes and i’m here for it please do let me know which of them you like more if you’re going to rock this glasses also please do let me know thanks for watching guys i will see you on my next video take it easy all right foreign

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Buying Prescription Glasses Online Try On HAUL | Best Prescription Glass To Buy | Zeelool By Modela Simms