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BUZIO 64 oz Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle Flask Jug, Water Bottle with Straw Lids

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Hey folks adam here from 9-1-1 studios and today we’re looking at boozio b-u-z-i-o and there are some brands that resonate with their customers and this is going to be one of them um once you start using boozio you’re not going to quit they have an absolutely incredible and amazing product that you’re absolutely going to love now personally i’ve taken this one

Around the world like literally around the world i’ve taken it on cruises it’s been to cancun it’s been to cozumel it’s been to the bahamas it’s been to puerto rico it’s been all with me when i went through europe all over the place so it’s an amazing product and it keeps water super cool let me tell you a little bit about it and what makes this special now first

Off there’s some really cool colors and this one is a couple years old and you can see it’s still holding up very well considering i take this just about everywhere with me um what makes it so great and what makes it so fantastic now i’m going to give you an example i went to a place called little barn it was a little barn and it was in florida it was in the

Hottest months of summer so i packed this bad boy up with ice filled it with water then i forgot about it i left it in my car i left at my car for the entire weekend i came back drove up friday stayed saturday stayed sunday was leaving monday opened it up it was still filled with ice sitting in a hot car in the florida sun this thing was still filled with ice

Water that’s because the you know the thermal layering that they have on these is absolutely fantastic so whether you’re looking for thermos you’re looking for a place for your ice water you want to start drinking more water it’s absolutely fantastic they’ve got it everywhere in the 30 ounce range like 32 ounces all the way to the 80 something ounce range get the

Size that’s right for you i kind of like the idea of a full gallon you know you can use it to measure to drink a full gallon of water every day so um that’s absolutely fantastic i love mine i use it all the time and the fact that this thing holds up like it’s meant to last is absolutely amazing so why are the people that buy this so excited about the product like

I said it keeps your ice in your water and your drinks cold you can put your tea in here you put whatever you want in here and it’s going to keep the temperature regulated i left it in a hot car in florida probably 130 plus degrees in that car all day still had that crunchy good ice after the weekend that’s incredible it is sturdy i throw this thing all around it

Should be damaged this i think this is the graphite color you can pick so many colors they look cool they’re like a status symbol among status symbols and it looks fantastic so you’re going to want to pick one up today you’re going to want to order today you absolutely won’t be disappointed and look at those ratings look at those ratings on amazon over 10 000

People i think 17 000 people now probably 20 something thousand by the time you read this averaging nearly five stars like a 4.7 average that is unheard of with that many ratings because people love this product people love this product and you’re gonna be the next to love this product so go ahead and order today order with amazon prime which means free shipping

Free returns and the adz guarantee you can return it for any reason in 30 days they won’t ask any questions so order today you absolutely will not be disappointed this thing is fantastic i’ve even emailed their customer support and they had my back if i had any questions anything that i want to know about it they’ve got me great customer service great products

Booze you order today you won’t be disappointed thanks for watching and adios amigos

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BUZIO 64 oz Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle Flask Jug, Water Bottle with Straw Lids By 911Shopping