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Canmake Eye Cream Eyeshadow Primer 01 Clear 5 Hour Wear Test


All right i’m using this on my left eye and then for my right eye i’m using my usual color pop party proof eye primer not my favorite formula i’ve mentioned before that i find this to be a little too drying but as far as performance goes i’ve never really had a problem with this it always made sure my eyeshadow stayed put and didn’t budge that much throughout the

Day definitely makes most shadows last a long time and stay looking decently good for most of the day so it’ll be interesting to see how a more moisture based eye primer will fair in comparison today’s featured guest for the actual eyeshadow is this shuamura nude punk eye palette from their spring summer 2022 collection right so i’m gonna take about that much on

My finger for my left eye first okay both eyes are done now along with the rest of the face i’m rushing right now because i literally have a hair appointment in two minutes that i have to go to but let me zoom in so that you can get a better look at both okay so remember this eye was the can make eye cream eyeshadow base and this one is the colourpop party proof

Eye primer honestly first impressions before i was even done applying everything on this eye right away i think that i have to say colourpop is doing a better job and honestly it’s to my dismay because can make like i was rooting for you we were all rooting for you how many more chances can we give you at this point um yeah i just feel like it’s very apparent right

Like the eyeshadow is just so much more vibrant on this side i think it’s especially apparent with the crushed stone formulation up here this crushed mirror like glittery formulation by schumer yeah you can tell that the right side just packs so much more of a punch and you saw in the application footage i even went back and added more shadow onto the left eye as i

Was doing the right eye and it still didn’t come out quite as vibrant as this one like you can see the crushed stone in particular it’s kind of washed out even though i feel like i packed on a lot like i probably packed on twice as much on this eye as i did on the right eye so in reality i gave the can make side more of a fighting chance than i did to the colourpop

Side but anyway i really have to go now so i will catch up with you a couple hours later maybe like five hours later we’ll do a check-in and i’ll give you my final thoughts hi everyone i am back from the hair salon obviously um side note the reason i decided to go into the hair salon today for some this is just like deep conditioning but yeah i just wanted to get it

Done professionally at the salon because i want to look nice for tomorrow night i was suddenly called upon last night by my good friend mikuri sensei also known as the japanese twerk queen to accompany her to a podcast tomorrow night and i’m gonna be basically like just helping out and doing casual translations between english and japanese because the podcast host

Is an english speaker anyway i won’t get into that too much right now you guys can follow me on instagram if you want to get updates on that little project but yeah so i am back from the salon and some grocery shopping and just other miscellaneous errands it’s been about four or five hours since i last saw you which is not the longest wear test i know although to

Be honest these days i rarely wear makeup for eight plus hours at a time anyway if i do go out for something usually five hours is like the max amount of time that i will actually have makeup on my face for that day which is fabulous as far as i’m concerned actually i think five hours six hours is kind of the perfect sweet spot of having getting some good solid use

Out of your products and the makeup look that you create that day without it getting to the point where you start to feel totally gross but even though um it’s only been like four hours keep in mind it is summertime in japan right now so it’s super humid and hot outside even at night those elements alone do do quite a bit of wear and tear on your makeup no matter

How strong or long-lasting it’s formulated to be okay so about the eye primers at this point i think that the colourpop side is holding up quite well as usual i would say marginally better than the can make one although i will say that the two sides are looking significantly closer in overall state now as compared with when the eyeshadow was freshly applied like

Can you see with the right side of my face the colourpop has kind of visibly worn down not that much like it’s still holding everything in place and there’s no migration of the eyeshadow but it’s dulled down just ever so slightly the shuamura crushed stone is still there still clinging on for dear life but not quite as glimmering and blinding as when we first

Started out wouldn’t you say whereas with the can make side interestingly enough i feel like obviously we saw in the beginning it started out a little bit duller and less vibrant than the color pop side to begin with but now it seems to me like it didn’t really change all that much even over the course of four or five hours like it was duller to begin with but now

It’s the same amount of dullness you know yeah it hasn’t gotten much duller or muddier and it hasn’t even migrated around a lot which is honestly what i was expecting because i just thought logically by nature of the can make primer being more of an emollient um wetter formula i thought for sure that was going to result in the eyeshadow moving around a lot faster

Like maybe we would have glitter down to my lips by now but that is not the case even in the immediate under eye area the crushed stone that i put here in my tear bag area it stayed put which you have to admit is pretty impressive so it’s interesting that the can make didn’t blow me out of the water initially in fact i was quick to think it was a little bit of a

Letdown at first as you saw but now it’s redeemed itself a little bit with the test of time i’m interested to see how this would perform with other eyeshadows i’m actually hoping that maybe this would be a good match for a lot of my colourpop eyeshadows because i’ve always felt that colourpop’s eyeshadow formulation was a lot drier than that of other brands like

They’re mattes for sure but even their shimmers and pressed glitters sometimes i can feel them literally sucking the life and moisture out of my eyelids when i’m wearing them like it’s a markedly different sensation that i get when wearing colourpop eyeshadows versus some other brands and then of course it’s exacerbated even more when you put it over a matte base

Like this one so maybe this kind of eye cream infused hydrating eyeshadow primer is just what i need to balance out the dryness of the colourpop shadows i might actually try that out in a future video if you guys are interested i’m thinking of doing a look with the leo quad from their astrology collection because leo season is coming up soon hey in conclusion

I mean look i am very very intrigued i’m very glad i purchased this on a whim it was only 550 yen although it’s only like 10 grams of product i’ve received many makeup samples for free that contain more product than this although the colourpop is only 2 grams more though like believe it or not this is 12 grams and this is 10 grams this one of course it also has

This huge unnecessary i think wand that takes up a lot of space as well but yeah it’s kind of hard to believe though when you put them side by side because this one is literally twice as large in terms of the tube but anyway i’m gonna say tentatively that i do so far i do like this eyeshadow primer by can make it is explicitly touted as an eye cream and eyeshadow

Base mixed into one dual purpose type of product so obviously the intent is to keep your lids moisturized all day moisturize our hands moisturize our face moisturize everything all over the place but the thing that i find really impressive is that once you actually spread it out on your skin you would think it would be oily and shiny but it’s actually not let me

Demonstrate on the back of my hand here it spreads out to a completely clear almost semi-matte finish like it pretty much absorbs into your skin instantaneously just like you would expect of an eye cream and then the layer that’s left over which you can’t even see because it really is completely clear but if you look closely like in person it just leaves this

Layer that gives you this really really exquisite blurring effect almost like one of those blurring filter like type of face primers like foundation primers except this one is specialized for the eyelids on the box here it says that it contains eight different types of bioe kise bun which means beauty essence ingredients completely scentless which i absolutely

Love everything from the design that has some sort of herbal smell but i don’t have any hint of any type of fragrance so i know a lot of you out there with sensitive noses would be really happy about that i’m really thrown for a loop here like can you tell i feel like even if you have oily eyelids it still may work out for you because like i said it just absorbs

So instantaneously and flawlessly into your skin i really think that the whole eye cream skin care benefits claim on this one might really be legit it might not be all cap like some other products are you know i feel like i’m making this into a bigger existential crisis than it really is like it’s just an eyeshadow primer and eye cream combined into one calm down

Ren um according to this was originally released in november of last year in limited quantities i’m guessing and then brought back by popular demand this april which i’m back i’m popular me personally this is the first time i ever noticed this product on the shelves i was just walking past the can made counter one day and this happened to catch my eye

Um a lot of that has to do with the packaging which i also am really really into strangely like it’s just so different from can makes usual affair doesn’t it look like some sort of new bougie organic you know new kid on the block organic vegan brand well that’s all i have for you guys today let me know if this has been on your radar have you even noticed that this

Product existed are you interested in it please let me know your thoughts down below in the comments thank you so much for watching and i’ll see you in the next one bye

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