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Usually for roof and rollin bethea rule like it more it’s supposedly a snack launcher is that what it’s called supposed to be mmm this is like what did you something that’s an interesting little ball you have there whoa it’s a little easier to hit than our other ball from uh uh we could i want to get um one of those thank you right throw and a desk across the water

You don’t imma yeah maybe they have them in here i below everyone yeah oh snap oh wow that’s a crazy things in here are you guys doing i hope you haven’t a great day we’re having a fantastic day because you’re gonna have a pull night tonight with no matter what yeah the miranda in thailand maybe austin hosting we’re gonna get some cool pool toys first so there’s

Some pretty crazy shirts here this one i definitely want that one with the reds exposed that one’s almost my new favorite this one is it describes me in great detail this window really is my inspiration of life half of a kitten floating above a city that’s what i strapped to be fixing it that’s awesome well i took them three months good job ever going to ship this

Painting and anna’s got to ship something to to a friend so while we were out usually for roof and rollin bassier rule like it more she’s the adventurous kitty it’s supposedly a snack launcher is that what it’s called it supposed to be alright so take the treehouse sunday for you go yeah oh take your treats it’s gonna launch all of them no load a few all right

Mm-hmm let’s try this out yeah mmm like what did you submit it we’re gonna have trees all over apartment is really yeah he’s right here look look what’s right you like look where’d he go there’s a piece too i know she’s gotta be what you need to get on the ground she needs to realize its flood fire you need to own the grant a thing she needs to hear it hey come

Here your street look like maybe back handed over here oh hey watch watch one look huh you ever look up here hey don’t been open up you’ve got to watch hey look we’re real that’s our so do you have to look randy getting frustrated with the cat i’m trying to give you a tree he’s launching treats do you have it gets her room come on you can do it again ready look

You have to look up here rude this is not going as planned though does anything ever gonna find with cats though i don’t think they’re saw that oh wow that was a tree huh you gotta look up hey it launched two inches above where it is alright last one for a while here goes you gotta look look i like this game your own blood is too much work it i wanted you just

Ahead and do me so i think the fact that there is a lanyard on this for the world’s smallest wrist by the way like hey come on goes walk my dog and shoot some treats us is up with that like seriously the world’s smallest lanyard who may be to go i don’t know she’s like you got 30 more mr. warren now she was ingested with the rattle here comes mmm but that’s like

Her run just then it was like oh heck yeah i’m gonna go get this hey guys it looks too ya hear i think i see it’s like easter egg hunts quite sure uh-uh hey look hey this role these on my ice chest ok so if you couldn’t tell by that awesome shoe and our get up we’re about to go on five i’ve get up dude oh we’re not gonna log it though how tired are y’all of our

Footage of our bikes i mean come on you’re like come on already so you guys just shiner okay go different write-offs you hear that guys like a rest enjoy yourselves you just had hang there and we’ll be back okay we’ll talk soon we’ll be back we’re gonna hang out with miranda kyle house in tonight’s gonna be fun we’ll be back just stay there cool you can read about

Yeah all right guys how was your book did you learn about the good fight do you have a good read good we had a good bike ride rolling says hey so let’s see we did five and a half miles of 36 minutes not terrible for so we better our average yeah but can’t really beat that yet but we will or having fun and we’re burning stuff for staying sweat-stained shortly we’re

Hoping this isn’t last long because there can be no ride on our polite i forbade fit for bait hopefully it’s just a quick shower and we can add the ring it’s not raining oh that’s a really cool old but volkswagen both wagon that’s so cool separating so i’m very thankful so maybe a bee sting cool things off too much forget school too dirty i’ll get the pole to

Hostel is 10 degrees cooler then it said it was gonna be in the school babe will sink the boys will still definitely fun and i’ll probably will too i just had it she cold water move wow look at that sunset it’s pretty i didn’t show them but all sins back there and miranda and cow are over here at the pool so we’re going to go hang out at the pool have a fun night

Splashing around gallivanting in the pool yeah i got all the noodles is it cold yes i love in the pool is cold i’m trying to remember to get footage but pool so nice guys we may not see see like i told you i was gonna totally forget to vlog any of it because we’re having so much fun i guess i could just say this just imagine the coolest pool party in the world

And all your best friends are there and you’re having a blast and then chuck norris shows up and saves you from a bunch of ninjas that’s pretty much how it went down so hope you guys enjoyed not seeing it i think you’d like to add to the night oh no who’s just a fun night it was a fun night it’s all it’s always nice hanging with amazing friends and feeling like

A young kid again all the fun pool game see i feel like you’re so close to me is a good fat all the fun pool games that play when you’re a kid and you figure that you’ll grow up and not play that anymore you’re still for him you shall play him if you’re cool it is alright that’s all we got guys hope you’ve enjoyed this will talk to you guys soon we love you guys

Cat on the canvas get off the canvas most technically yeah what is that thing called diesel he’s all easel for you to remember that goodnight god bless

Transcribed from video