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Catedral Baslica de la Inmaculada Concepcin en Denver |

Conoce datos históricos importantes que rodean la Catedral Basílica de la Inmaculada Conecepción de Denver, Colorado.

Well, we continue with our find out section and i find myself right in front of the cathedral facilities located here in the city of denver in the state of colorado where there is a lot of history behind this temple building and well, respecting of course the people who have the opportunity to see this material of any religion go to the end of what is behind this, that is,

Its history is really impressive, in addition to the architecture that shows us that the human being is incredible when building. to build a church so below all the details in that section of find out we start in the distance you can see the imposing cathedral basilica of the immaculate conception located at 1530 el hogar street and colfax avenue in denver colorado the

Temple with a french gothic style was completed in 1911 by the architect leon cucart the building cio has two 200- foot towers and is made of limestone and granite the cathedral was raised to a basilica in 1979 and is one of 29 churches in the usa with that title it is also part of the national register of historic places on 13 and 14 on august 1993, on world youth day,

Pope john paul ii read a mass on the spot and it is one of the few american cathedrals to be able to have that honor. in the side garden on logan street, a sculpture of life-size bronze to commemorate the visit of the pontiff during the world youth day and was installed in april 2009 on the fourth anniversary of the death. in its interior, the beauty of the colorful 75

Monumental stained glass windows stands out between white walls and the arches that are part of the scenario that between the echo of the sermon and the prayer of the parishioner some of the windows are considered the best in the world they were manufactured in munich germany po r france software a chemist known for his ability to make colors and dyes for the altars

Pedestals statues pulpit bishop’s throne and communion railing the finest marble brought from italy was used and there in front of jesus crucified lie the remains of the former slave juliá grid and since june 7, 2017 where the archdiocese of denver has sent the necessary documentation to the vatican for her to be canonized julian the angel of charity was born in genius

Bound and suri in 1833 and died in 1918 lived much of his life in denver, she became known for bringing charcoal food and clothing to those most in need. she did it at night so as not to embarrass white families by accepting charity from a woman of color, as well as distributing sacred heart of jesus literature as part of the services. of the parish for its followers, it

Has several concessionaires located on the sides and on one side a piece of furniture where it protects n three disease and with this they indicate a prayer of the rite of anointing of the sick; likewise, the sacred chrism that is used in the sacrament of baptism, confirmation, priestly ordination, which symbolizes the presence of the holy spirit in addition to catechumens

Oil for people seeking to be baptized during the process of initiation into the catholic faith and it is also used during the rite of baptism for children

Because there is one more treatment in this

Section to find out for those people who have the intention of coming to live here or that they have little and well, they are data that we give through our find out section and well, without a doubt, what is behind these walls of all this building that has more than history here in the city is interesting from denver so if you liked this video , like it and i invite you

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Catedral Basílica de la Inmaculada Concepción en Denver | By Perla Rico