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Untuk membeli Youth Anarchist ini bisa cek Instagramnya di

Oh yes, in front of me, there is a white package that says youth, anarchist , nothing. rini, young child, jose, should not be imitated by anarchism, but this is a brand, not a branch. yes, it’s like a store that sells a lot of pants in one setting, but with the same type. and it’s really starting to paste discrepancy so click the like button too to share with friends okay,

This is an anarchist jutsu. dare to be neat, you use it and you really like it, you will be addicted to the boss who is god. if for example, you want to know, i have also used it on instagram, i follow instagram, i’m on my diet, no see you. it’s white and behind it there ‘s nothing plain, so like that, open it there yourself, just go in, how do we open it like c the reason

Is because i ‘m on the sidelines, let the clothes that are often allah’s caliphs make reference to pants for other people, because if there are bulletins that many people ask for a red outfit, i’m there most of them are models, right now you can say it’s quite safe or rather standard like that but it’s rare those who wear crazy pants make me also focus a lot on looking for

Pants like that. it was already plastic now it must be cladiuz and this for its own price turns out to be in thousands status i also understand it has to be like that well here there is this hang tag there brand ruv lauren jentian blm value was part 9.5 now or phrase up to 9.99 means sad 400 thousand more, yes, bye, this is being sold for 100 thousand , actually it’s like

The ap7 sign that it’s starting to nivek, so let’s take it apart, right? i also know why saga can also have thousands of tips like that but the cave island from the fittings is really good and the messenger itself. let’s try to review this one first, this one looks like the color of a junior high school boy’s soil, the boss got that junior high school, chan, the color is

Exactly like this, the length is like this, right? here, we can see the details. if you use the usual material method, the odd dog is difficult, which is sad and the c is held again in it, so you can secure it again, and here there is an accent like this, it’s like an embroidery, we can pull the boss rubber, so for me, for example, the size is just right, so it won’t sag,

Like that, and this has a japanese oven, you know, so now it’s used for sale in japan, guys, and right away. like this, for the stories themselves, there are also some that come out a bit too, like what i said earlier hi, it seems like it’s rare, the stitches here are also loose check it like that but for safety, bro, it’s really good from the outside, all the stitches

Are safe, or is the pocket here, there’s a pocket, there’s a button like that, the cing plug in the bikini body is the back pocket, and this fitting looks like it’s a bit white, but it’s open like that, and this looks like i have to cut the pants again, guys, because this is the length usually it’s longer than mine, i’m sara, your length is exactly 86 inches. if i ‘m tens

Of centimeters and like that. so if you want to buy land, make sure you know first that your waist circumference and leg length are measured, just use a measuring tool , these are tips. from me, for example, if a piece is soft, first you know what to cut, if for example it fits like that, you know what’s important is the hp waist circumference because the next day the

Weather is how much the profile of the waist circumference is finished here hem, it’s like this for the bottom, that’s the material, it’s standard with the load is very heavy, the material like this is quite smooth, the color is right, it’s around junior high school there’s one more thing, this color looks like it’s a bit brown or very light olive, right? we can see that

The material is more textured, right? sis. lusi tuyul is textured, and here there is a seam on the side, so we can see that too, and in the back pocket, here are two, right, left, right, right. can be buttoned and what i’m confused about, i know. there are a lot of labels left behind. it’s like faded, it’s like a belgit and it’s taken off. i think it’s been a while since

Christine conceptualized it like that , right? the sliding here is also away keke and it’s quite smooth for setting the bag here, the rest is in a safe and tidy area also, there’s another small bag, guys, so the kid here is actually the lailatul type, he’s more focused on the crab. so if you buy it, we’ll be anarchists, just look for the crab. darul is your own price. it

Turns out that you need thousands of them and if you want to buy, it’s better to hurry up and put a notification on instagram, that’s because i like to sound like that, so i just saw it was already loud, the tap was fast, so i also hurry up. i bought it too, so review tanah, yes, the two pants were navy and the color, trust me, sue, now we’ll see how the fitting works.

There are lots of different collections from anarchists in brunei, because i said earlier that this is modeled richting, but it’s a model like that, git you all look alike and you quickly find out this is your own reference to make again if for example you want to look for pants like that tomorrow so yes to add insight i forgot there is one recommendation i have shoulders

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