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CeraVe Repair Eye Cream with Ceramides

Looking for a no-fuss eye cream with no Retinol or Vitamin C? This one is for you, easy and full of Ceramides to plump up your skin. Watch to the end to see whether you should add this cream into your skincare routine.

Hi i’m jenny welcome to my channel beauty in a minute thank you for joining me today if you haven’t done so yet please consider subscribing to my channel and if you like my video today please kindly give me the thumbs up and today i want to talk about the celery eye repair cream i have really enjoyed using the celery products lately i mean they are also well

Formulated they contain non-irritating ingredients they are perfume free and they are also very well priced celery has arrived in new zealand but only in a limited range so it doesn’t have the clinical skin care range so you can buy celery products at the chemist’s warehouse here in new zealand both online and in store and so i picked up this celery eye repair

Cream i mean i’m really liking this product here i’m just going to show you so inside is just a tube like this i love using eye cream that is in a tube yeah i really don’t like eye cream that comes in a tub where i have to dip my finger in yeah you know it’s not very hygienic when you have to dip your dirty fingers into the tub and not only that anything that’s

In the tub is always exposed to air to oxygen and light and so if you have any active ingredients inside a tub it can get neutralized you know or deactivated so i love any cream or serums in a tube it’s got a tiny little nozzle which is great because for your eyes you don’t want to squeeze in too much yes so it’s squeezed in very tiny little bits i’ll just show

You can you see yeah squeeze in very tiny little bit i mean this bit here is plenty for both my eyes it is a very very soft cream very cooling actually i find this cream very cooling yeah easily absorb easily melted away quickly dissolve around your eyes and this is such an easy cream to use as with all the celery products it contains three ceramides ceramide

One ceramide three and ceramic six and this eye cream here also contain niacinamide it has hyaluronic acid and this product is fragrance free paraben free it’s non-comedogenic it doesn’t contains any fruit seed oil so it won’t clog your pores i mean this is such a soft simple eye cream if you don’t want to use a high an eye cream that can cause irritation to your

Eyes i mean eye cream that has retinol or vitamin c or very high concentration of niacinamide can cause irritation around your eyes some people cannot tolerate that some people do have very sensitive skin around your eyes and so they can’t have retinol or vitamin c and so you if you’re after a genuinely good eye cream that doesn’t contain any active ingredients

This is the one to go for i mean it contains the three ceramics hyaluronic acid and your niacinamide i mean this celebi eye cream for 14 mils this one is 21 from the chemist warehouse here in new zealand i mean for such a gorgeous eye cream for 21 you really can’t go wrong what i do with this cream is after i put on my retinol or vitamin serum i just put a dot

Of this and just put it on top of my serum i always like to have a moisturizer on top of my serums because serums are usually water-based and they get absorbed very quickly and i always like to put a moisturizer on top of my serum just to lock in all the moisture just to stop the skin from drying yeah if you are after just a cheap simple yet well formulated eye

Cream definitely give this a try it just can’t go wrong for 21 dollars thank you so much for joining me today if you haven’t done so yet please consider subscribing to my channel and if you like my video today please kindly give me the thumbs up otherwise i’ll catch you guys next time bye you

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CeraVe Repair Eye Cream with Ceramides By Jenny – Beauty in a Minute