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Hey guys!

Oh my god look at that um like what i think this is not fake hey guys welcome back to my channel so today i am doing my fate tan routine i’ve learned over the years the tips and tricks of doing fake tan properly so you’re not too dark we have strings and the do’s and don’ts in fake tannin i don’t think turn as much as i used to and i find that’s healthy i

Don’t really tan in the sun i just go red so i’m kind of fed up with the whole sunbathing scenario i don’t like to sit in the sun for hours i find it boring and as is here with me today uh yeah so yeah i’m just gonna get right in with the video also if you want to follow me on instagram it’s a lot of the words and yeah please like comment and subscribe if you

Want to know how i get my flawless golden baton then keep on watching so the main product that i use first is this moisturizer um you just need to make sure your base is nice and hydrated so it doesn’t stick to certain areas i’ve had other moisturizers in the past that have been sticky so when i put the fake tan on it’s like stuck to these areas and when you

Wash it off it has the imprint so yeah i recommend this one my favorite fake tans to use um coco brown uh ultra dark this one’s a nice shade it’s not too orange and not too green basically right what i know is that the lighter you are the more orange you’ll go with warmer toes so i try to go for the more darker tones like the olive skin tone types so i don’t

Come off too orange because in the past i’ve had i look like on palumba and it’s you know it’s not a good look like we need to look natural you know that’s um that’s what i’m trying to go for also today i was going to try this one which i picked up the other day and it’s the saint maris um ultra dark instagram italian moose now i’ve heard mixed reviews about

This but i like summaries because it’s olive skin tone type tons i used to use the dark one and by ran out so i would pick a new one up but then i saw this and yeah i decided to get it and try it out but what i do is i mix the two together so i get a mix of the olive and the warm tones so i’m gonna try out that today but if you guys do want me to just try this

Out on its own please let me know and i’ll do that for you but anyway let’s get straight in with the tanning so you need to make sure you have gloves i’ve got these uh usually i use the clear ones but i don’t have any so we do what we gotta do and then you need the knits to put the fake hand on but i had a tip that uh if you apply it with your hands it blends

Better i don’t know about that but let’s try it and see how this goes yeah i’m gonna start on my chest here i do is i take a bit of in the cocoa brown i’m gonna take a bit of this one oh my god look at that mix it together and um wow um so uh so i didn’t expect it to be this dark but we’re just gonna go with it i’ve got a mirror down here so i’m just looking

At that okay i’m just gonna blend it with a sponge now honestly guys i didn’t expect this to be so dark but this is just the um thingy color the um you know what i mean i i’ve always been self-conscious of my skin tone because people would always point out how light i was and at one point it just got stuck in my head and when i moved back to england um i

Discovered about hatan and i was just like i’ve been waiting for you all my life you know but then at one point i got too obsessed with it and would fake tan bare times um to the point where it was just not looking good but in my head it looked good because i was dark and times where i’d go out and stuff if i wasn’t fake tanned then i wouldn’t feel comfortable

Going out in public and yeah i wouldn’t go on dates or anything without it i wouldn’t see um voice without it because i just feel so insecure um so yeah that’s why i became obsessed with it but um during let down you know not having the uh problem of going out in public you know i stopped caring about that and then i came to love my skin all over again um

But i do like it quite hand sometimes when i look at myself when i’m not tanned i’m a bit like um so maybe i need to apply something but i’m just you know i’m trying to work on it i’m just trying to feel good in my own skin i do feel like at one stage in my life i probably will stop but right now i’m young you know we all want to experiment and that’s why

We are here today so yeah if you’re not really into fake tannin that’s fine you like natural girls that’s completely fine but me for now i am doing this and i’m okay with it i do know you know not to take it crazy and go super dark anymore just forget this is happening right now like it when it washes off it won’t be as dark it always makes you look like

You have a mustache it’s just when you have a talent it makes you feel so good and i don’t know how to explain it i had um people tell me that i looked fake and yeah you know maybe i did but i did it for my own reasons and then people to come tell me still your pal when i try and work on myself it’s just not it’s not very nice you know it should be supportive

Of everybody that’s gone through hard times wow guys this is looking so much darker than i thought so it might be the lighting i don’t know doing your back is always so hard so let’s see how i do so yeah you get the chest i’m just going to finish my back off camera because this is it’s just a lot so i’ve just finished my belly on my back and i’m just going to

Do the legs now so again for the hands i like to use the residue of the mitt into all the little bits and bend your fingers to make sure you cover them all this is how i look afterwards so guys i’ve just finished applying all the fake tan um i’m going to sleep on it because i like to give my fake tan the full eight hours um but yeah this is all done we’ll

Check back in the morning once i’ve woken up and i’ll shout it off and then i’ll show you what i do next so yeah so guys what i like to do afterwards is i like to take a osa t-shirt or a robe and you don’t just cover yourself up let your body breathe and take in there and yeah and you’ll be done so yeah i’m just gonna throw this on and yeah i’ll call it a day

So yeah guys i’ve just thrown out these oversized joggers so yeah i will see you tomorrow guys so guys i have just woken up slept with fake tan on all night this is what i’m looking like now these are my legs quite tender looking so i’m just gonna go take a shower or wash the guide collar off and then i’ll show you my tricks for the next step see you soon so

I’ve just gotten out of the shower as you can see the tongue so the next step is that i use these um i’m using the bare medium but today i want to use the medium dark this is what the tongue looks like we are doing the next step which is applying this tank and i find that this just locks in the tan and it lasts longer so yeah i’m just going to let this dry

And then i’ll be back with the final result so yeah guys this is my finished fake tan results i am obsessed i feel like you know just been on holiday and i’ve got this amazing flawless time like what day this is not fake like can i just have my mom so yeah guys i cannot express enough how fake tan really makes a difference to some people even though i know that

People don’t like it and they think you know it’s fake or whatever but you know i think that it’s amazing and it makes me feel good i don’t have to go sit in the sun and get something and go through that madness i just need to apply it now and then you know it’s great i feel amazing i feel sexy i feel great and i look flawless hey guys so i decided to pop

Back and show you the results from after yesterday uh today my tongue is so much darker because i used that pedro tanner this is a great trick if you want to darken your tongue so yeah i hope you thought that all my tricks are helpful and you like my video please like comment and subscribe and yeah keep on following for more i look great i look like i’ve

Been in the sun in a pizza or something and he is too cute guys i cannot foreign

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