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Chris Leong Treatment for Lower Back Problems

Chris Leong Treatment for Lower Back Problems 😘❤️🌍👍💪🙏😘👌❤️🇲🇾

Refracted lower back up how long have you been 10 years 10 years so early in the morning always been yeah i cannot sure we recall from there after five minutes and you can understand happy birthday okay let me check chat you let’s see which part painting where are you staying okay i need your job press over here foreign foreign sleep side here very good

Another side over here very good yes wow so loud now two hands at the back sleep on my leg all the way down very good breathing in lower back here good now yeah much much more but no it’s better for a while okay is there now check the lower back press here here see here also painful and behind no good so the front part pain leader on your pen pen and this

One after that no more high and lower your lower back on the other side now check back one two three four much more easier now slip sideways oh okay wow you’re always welcome no cake sorry tell me about it this time slowly yeah this is the main point wow yes another side good same leg straight down on top very good one hand here yes now flip face up

Okay how many years so always during my pregnancy let me chat about your because a little bit before purchase is what you call the nerf double m 304 l5 and s1 so for this one after that you’re morning or sitting too long let me check right so there’s an underwear line over here so there’s a l3 24 so this is an elbow also painful and slowly here foreign passive

Over quite distance about four to five fingers see i press now here very painful and very very painful and let me check about lightning and the real line is l3 also painful oh my god two side l4 also painful and l5 also very painful and s1 also very very shocking full and after that i put your lid over here and just open so you can’t open that door no more and

This link then over here too far already okay now touch it the birthday girl like straight yeah good just relaxer just relax breathing in out hear the sound this is what you want ah two all right done relax that another like that just breathing in one two and three correct done we should accomplish see i’m crying okay just know what i do right here there’s

So many sounds from here crop crop crop the pelvis so the pelvis are your one because of fall down so after for this partner okay level four yeah five so this l3 powerful alpha and s1 software check your knee this one cannot open that over here and now you can see yummy fantastic same thing on the real night three l four five this one oh yeah this lake

Band over this side and no more locking okay feel better i now have what i do balancing back your structure boom oh relaxing good this one’s important just relax one two three four five oh yes hmm one two three four yes correct very good now check out all the posture very good no more compression too loose ready oh this is very important now i want you to

Leave yes three foreign closed captioning not available hmm good last four one minute huh come on give me this let me talk to you a little bit ah give me your hand back so heavy happy birthday to you happy birthday wow wow one side here ‘s that oh good thank you so much thank you so much thank you so much actually a surprise one to surprise us our team

To surprise your birthday this evening and i got paid yeah where’s the cake so just i’ll hear the sound okay open up balancing and always complaining 10 years really after pregnancy because of the pelvis that’s why morning wrapping it’s all broken already feel much much more better so this one is very important no more no more and the pelvis correct position

Are not easy to check in the correct position i think it’s a one so also same thing this one good what you wish what you get okay happy birthday okay

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Chris Leong Treatment for Lower Back Problems 😘❤️🌍👍💪🙏😘👌❤️🇲🇾 By Master Chris Leong Tit Tar 跌打