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Colocar Alexa echo dot 3 gerao com relgio em portugus Brasil importada

Nesse vídeo irei ensinar a colocar a echo dot com relógio importada em português Brasil se inscreva e perdoe meus erros é meu primeiro vídeo e sua inscrição é muito importante para mim obrigado

And then alexa you speak portuguese and i speak several languages ​​but i’m determined to learn more and more portuguese ok alexa tell me a story it was a wednesday of summer vacation laurinha and her friends watched a talk guys after a lot of effort i managed to put lexa in portuguese brazil i can tell you here what was the step i did one how to put emoji who first i

Entered amazon shopping and here in the menu and you have the options and your orders in this your account right you put your account and here you will add your address the right thing is that i have two addresses on the same phone number and then you will come to your account and add your device next to yours tell me what device content is and you will press on devices o

And you will select your alexa in this case only alexa dot 3 of course there are other things preferences, right you will too change country settings region change to press change and here you will add your address and it has already been added there on the site to change the region brazil correct to ah and you can exit your application and after that you will do you will

Uninstall alexa install it again and then you will install the application you will get your ecodot you will press here for 30 seconds until it restarts from zero correct started it will open configuration and you come to the erp again and make your account configuration to activate the device press amazon the third generation ecodot is certainly already configured

I will not configure it again and then the most important update the address and it was not configuring for brazilian portuguese at all location device such you have settings for your address close and after a long time i’m trying to look for a video, i didn’t find another solution, this was the measure i went to mexico on esp anhol mexico later and i have it again the

Application i will pass it on to you just have it again not the device i restarted i pressed 15 seconds i put configuration mode again i pressed hi to configure again it went into configuration mode and update if you add again the season will appear it will go into configuration and update mode andthen and another more important thing the temperature and not even change if

You have to put celso yes the temperature here 31/24 18 has different has americana it will not update it’s important you update the temperature too and now just look at the language in portuguese in portuguese brazil correct subscribe to the channel there to help my first video has several errors, you understand but i hope there will be a lot of people that i made several

Complaints on amazon until i got this good thanks bye bye

Transcribed from video
Colocar Alexa echo dot 3° geração com relógio em português Brasil importada By APE MUSIC