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Color Rox Hair Chalk Does this thing really work!

by Falesha and Katlyn

Hello there i am felicia hi i’m caitlin and we are going to do a phone call it does this thing really work with color rocks hair chalk according to the directions you’re supposed to just be able to dip it in some warm water after you peel the wrapping off of it and you’re supposed to just rub it through your hair it once again if you don’t get results the first

Time you’re supposed to rub it again it says when you first start doing this if it does not work out well you’re supposed to rub it and get some paper and let it like roughing up so got water then let’s get this stubborn thing i’ll box me unless is just like shall we not suited for years hot shoes we thought we could do another hair down that’s still different

And we saw i didn’t it what this thing is hand here for it’s not on the directions and not just be a designer thing for the box so anyways they look like this you rub this part right here through your hair and i guess the small ball things at the bottom are just to simply hold the chalk into play it’s got little beads and rubber bands in here if you want to put

Beads in your hair i did one of these like the pink one that came by itself on my channel so i haven’t put that on youtube yet so we’ll see that here and a couple days like able to like put videos on there because my phone it says like my gosh fit it’s got these little you textable wrapper on it so you take these little ball things that hold ya so you’ll get the

Wrapper off yeah so you don’t get chocolate hands when you put it in your head and then do you have the balls on it yes ok there’s the hot water and it said it’s done differently language shall we got this hot as water as our faculty because it said something about your fountain water so ok and this of course is basically like a that chalk thing that you put in this

Little gripper thing and i think it’s mostly like she said to keep the chalk from getting on your hands cuz i got it already underneath my now i don’t know if you can see that but i’ll just um otra chalk but i really got some of my hands when i first did it so it really was kind of i guess it can be put on my suit so here we go putting it in water cuz you don’t get

This part it does not say how long to keep it in the water so but i only put it in the water for a few seconds and it turns you water blue let’s see what it looks like with purple so it’s very messy getting every it’s turning purple susie look yep so let’s try a string of my hair and see how this looks on here we is in my sister just dropped her child oh it’s all

Over your hand so i require adult she’s done don’t i’m against stuff acquire adult helping you with this and i don’t really see it in my hair do you see it i think it’s just smearing off as it is coming on is that how long it just what i ravi rubbing on something like it’s it and see if it works any better yep it did better uh-uh i can’t really see that yeah it is

Actually in her hair and do you see emily a little bit it’s a little bit of my hair it doesn’t really rub off that well i don’t prefer it for dark haired people like me and my sister because it is not that is steaming hot and i got that everywhere okay but it’s not a really good product to me that’s my opinion and it really isn’t that it’s not see how she has dark

Hair and it’s showing it like see how you can see it like a really bra and everything well we have dark hair and we had rubbed it on like it’s sad and we are not getting any results with this as you can see i could feel it but not a big hole full string something noticeable sub i am really not satisfied with this product it we had what can you do plus when it does

Look like it is more for a kids play just to be just really probably a slumber party maybe but for a kid like i said we are starting to do these videos this is our second video we have done so far and maybe we’ll get something else and do it for you again we hope you enjoy it please comment below and help us get started on our little family we got going here hope to see you soon bye

Transcribed from video
Color Rox Hair Chalk Does this thing really work! By Falesha Fletcher