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Come Shop with Me; Pets Addition(Vlogmas Day 19}

Today I went shopping for our pets!!

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel so for today’s video i thought i would bring you guys along for a little shop of me this is a little different because we’re not shopping for a specific person we’re actually shopping for my pets i do stockings for them every year we also give them a christmas present every year so right now we’re at dollar general and we’re

Going to pick up some things here and then we’re gonna go down to the dollar tree we’ll pick up some other stuff and then probably at the end of it if i haven’t shown you guys a whole ton of stuff i’ll do a little haul of what they’re getting for christmas from us i don’t think we’re gonna do anything like big gift for them this year just because there’s just a

Lot going on but we’re definitely gonna do their stockings and maybe you put like something under the tree so let’s go get them some christmas presents and i’m gonna bring you guys along i found myself having to go to walmart because not the dollar tree nor dollar general had like cat toys so found myself going a walmart it picked up the dogs their toys so i’m

Gonna show you guys everything when i get home of what i got the pets for christmas okay guys so this is everything that the pets so this is for the cats and dogs that they’re gonna get for christmas so this is from the dollar store walmart and the dollar general so from the dollar store the only thing i picked up for the pets are the animals the zoo as i call

It is this treat container i am going to put the cat treats in here my cats go nuts over cat treats and will actually like rip apart the bags and eat them so i figure this will be the best way to keep the treats fresh and to the cats can eat them from walmart i only picked up three things for the cats and the dogs so i picked up the first thing i picked up was

This 24 count cat a toy explosion bag we’ll call it there it’s like i said there’s 24 in here this was $5 so it was a really good deal figured i could split this between the two stockings and then also to split between the two stockings is this 13 piece toy set as well this was like $4 at walmart so that’s what the cats got so far then i’m going to put this big

Stocking from walmart this was like 7 bucks at walmart i’m going to put that i’m gonna break it up and put that in the dog stocking so i do this every year usually i get each of the dogs their own but we’ve come to realize that they just shred this stuff really quickly so might as well just get one and they each can shred that up for the big boys i usually get

A big item for each of the pets or like the cats and the dogs were usually a big item this year for the voice of what i found that i wanted to get them because they love sleeping on our bed is i got them this small little cat bed and i spent i think this was like eight dollars or five dollars might have been five dollars i think this was five dollars so i got

This cat that i’m hoping that the big boys can actually fit on it cuz they’re huge but i picked that up from dollar general and then for the dogs i picked up some beggin strips this is the what kind of this original with bacon and then i think up this one which is bacon with a cheese flavor so that’s for the dogs and then the cats i got them four bags of treats

There is more of them so that’s why there’s more four bags of treats we got the tempting tuna flavor seafood medley turkey i said i thought that’s a turkey tasty chicken flavor and then we had this jumbo stuffed savory salmon flavor so we got those those are the four sets of treats and then i just picked up four cans of cat food the boys don’t really like soft

Food but the kittens you still like it so we’re gonna give it a try so i got different cans i got this one which is with turkey and cheese gravy and then i got this one which this one is salman dinner then i got this one and this one is ocean white fish and tuna dinner and then the last one maybe so like a chicken i think think is chicken and salmon dinner in

Gravy so that’s everything that the pets are getting it really looks like the cats got more but there’s more of them there’s five cats and three dogs and like the dogs will rip apart those very quickly so it’s not worth getting them a lot and then though we always get them like treats and stuff so that is everything that the animals are getting for christmas i

Hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a big thumbs up and question of the day do you buy your pets christmas presents as well let me know in the comments section below bye guys

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Come Shop with Me; Pets Addition(Vlogmas Day 19} By SimplyDaniDoodle