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Vai comprar ou acabou de chegar sua Alexa Echo Dot da Amazon em sua casa e não sabe como configurar e conectar com o seu celular? Neste vídeo te mostro um guia completo para iniciantes, veja tudo o que vem na caixa com ela, aprenda a ligar e configurar sua conta e conectar com o seu smartphone Android ou iPhone com iOS. Fica ligado em mais um vídeo!

Hey guys all right with you welcome to another video here on the channel today i want to bring a tip for anyone who is a user of alexa ecodot in this video you will see the complete step by step to configure and connect your ecodot on your cell phone through from the amazon alexa application so to begin with for those who are still going to buy your ecodot i want to show

You what comes in the box with it so when it arrives at your house it comes in this small and very compact box when you open it you can find your ecodot right away by taking it out you have a new one from amazon and also some suggestions for you to use in your ecodot after that, in the back of the box you will also find the charger for your device and that’s all folks

There for if you want to buy it, i’m leaving the link in the video description and now let’s start with the configuration on the cell phone in the first step. connect it here to your alexa and it will start here in blue you will wait a few moments after that it will turn orange o hello your device is ready for configuration download the lessa application and follow the

Instructions and after that she will this message means that it is ready to be varied so on your cell phone in the first step you will open the application store in this case it started here on android i will open the play store i will click here to search for an application here you will search for amazon alexa application would have this application here you will open

It i will leave its link for android and for iphone in the video description to make it easier so you will click here on install and you will wait for the application to download to your cell phone once downloaded you will open the app and here you will need to login with your amazon account and if you don’t have one yet you can click here on create a new amazon account

And here put your data such as first name last name email address and password if you already have an account i’ll put my email and password here and i’ll login after logging in it here the terms of use with the good news welcome alexa if everything is ok and you click on agree and continue that one said that alexa was developed to protect your privacy so you click on

Continue you arrive here at the device configuration screen i click here on yes then it will ask for location permission i’m going to click on yes down here and i’m going to put it here while using the application now with bluetooth on my cell phone it’s off it asks us to call so i’m going to call here and it’s going to search for devices it asks which devices you want to

Configure i i’m going to select eco ecodot ecoplace here, but now it asks if ecodot is connected, showing the orange ones. and it already does the search and it already shows here the device that is available in the case here ecodot this one just click on it and now it will be looking for wi-fi and then it will ask you to select a wi-fi network for to be able to configure

Your lexa so in my case i will put it on this network up here after clicking it will ask you to enter the password for the wi-fi network so just click here on connect and it will be connecting alexa to the network ready guys so look what it already shows here, your ecodot is connected just click below on continue now you will choose the ecodot language i will leave it here

In portuguese and i will click again below on continue now it will ask which one room is ecodot so he will give some options in my case you leave the office here and i will click here continue now he asks what is your name i will click here and i will make the change i think you put it your name you can call here to reproduce the pronunciation of the name if you have it

Wrong you can click here we will correct it ok but if the pronunciation is correct just click on who got it right now guys the application will ask you one of you to allow it with for alexa to learn your voice, call you by your name and also customize the resources and services you use, just click on consent below. it will then ask permission for alexia to record audio and

Then you need to follow the instructions here on the screen and ask these questions and after making the settings just click here on configure my features now guys you can also verify the phone number here because lexa can make calls to you too ok so if you want to use this feature you put it your phone number here he has continue you will receive a code via sms you will

Put it here and after that you will be able to use it and this resource also in my case i will click here on the necklace here guys you can also add other family members to be able to use the lexa just click here on add another person and doing the configuration then you click here on all were added give ok and now the application asks where is your ecodot because alexa

Can get you local information about transit time and much more then here below it will be your address the default there amazon shipping but if you use it in another address just you click there and enter a new address and after that the staff already shows here that your ecodot is ready you just click let’s go and then finally the application is already started here for

You look how cool over here so you can start a list shopping add alarm create reminders you can add skills you can also paste here music services anyway, anyway folks, you can do a lot of things that you use using the alexa application that is already set up here with your ecodot good people so this was another video i hope you liked it if you liked it i’ll leave it to

You below youtube that this quality content and that he can recommend to more people if not subscribe subscribe and turn on the notification bell do n’t forget to follow us on social networks and you don’t have to leave the channel and there’s a lot of other content i’m recommending it on the screen for you thanks until next time thanks a lot bye

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