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Como controlar o FIRE TV com o Echo Dot por comando de VOZ | Modo home Theater

Tutorial como controlar fire tv pelo echo dot com Alexa.

O hello everyone, welcome to another video here on the channel today we are going to talk a little bit for those who are users of fairy tv and also have a device there ecodot alexa taking advantage and opening a parenthesis now i will say this word several times so it will be when we are going to activate it so if you want to fine it then you won’t see your alex talking

To me so i’ll show you how the home theater mode works and you can be using mister godot there as a sound box for the your dad will see you with this whitening too you can control your tv pair completely by voice without even needing the remote control here there are some settings you need to do in the lexa app and it shows you step by step so if you can already left a

Like to subscribe to the channel thank you, let’s go, i’ll show you a detail that you need to do is open the alex application on your cell phone on your smartphone and let’s go here where it says device let’s click here notice here up there in the upper right corner i have a little plus sign let’s click here and here three options appeared we go to the third option which

Is to combine speakers and here is the second option is home theater we click here in home theater and here your fire tv will appear certainly you already have it connected there on your device, right if you have already activated it it will appear here as online so let’s click here on fire tv and you will be here with a little blue dress like you can see let’s click next

Let’s click here ecodot and here if you want to edit a name you can or you can change it here later so here i’ll leave it the way it is so i’ll click next here you select a room where you are using preferably logically right in the same room as your eco device click on save ready when you do this messages will appear on the screen of your fire tv ent if you already have

Your tv open there, i’ll show you what appears here and here you can see it’s appearing on the screen of my fire tv your name home theater equipped with alex is almost ready just a few more steps let’s click here in advanced control the volume of your home theater here will give you all the explanation so this notice that is showing me here if you have the newest model it

Makes you see the model that has the volume buttons on the control that you don’t need worry about this here in my case as i don’t have the volume buttons on my controller i need to give a voice command to my device for it to increase or decrease the volume okay let’s click on rosario here we also have a synchronization adjustment lip to adjust the audio synchronization

And other home theater settings accessed so he’s giving you some steps here for you to synchronize in those cases where the audio is off synchronized there with the mouth for example who is talking about in the video let’s click on advance here there is a preview that will do a kind of sound test ok guys you can already hear it in the background’ in some images and some

Sound so for us test that it’s working right beauty very beautiful images by the way very show this presentation here andthen and then an animation then from adobe atoms very cool and after you do this procedure so it will already be synchronized here with your ecodot then you will already be using the home team function through let’s open everything here for example

So we can see how it’s working how to see if you can capture the sound here in the background i’ll put it closer here a little my grandfather dote we opened it here so on record news and it’s already working guys the sound you ‘re hearing there is the sound that’s coming out of my ecodot i think i’m capturing a little bit here for you with er the recorder is giving me an

Idea if i want in my case with my remote this is the one that doesn’t have the volume keys the father had light the older model i need a voice command for alex here this is how you do people if you don’t have the control there you have the option to lower the volumes alex the home screen and if so you can control your fire tv here by voice for example or give the command

Here to open for me video now alexa open prime video ready guys that is already opening let’s see it takes a little while to load it is one that has already opened for me video i can give some commands here of course it is much more practical for you to control it with a remote control but it has some very cool functions for you execute voice commands for example to pause

You can even navigate through the system it is not so functional for example if i asked her to select something i need to command the direction she goes you need to follow for example alexa to go down and you saw here that she has already landed in the first available row here do continue watching alexa go to the right ah okay, moving forward here house by house a little

Tiring for you to do that you have control of course it’s a lot more practical but you can do it if you go when the commands for it then and when you want to select some movie some series you just need to give the command select this one let’s see the lexa select this one you saw here that it already opened then the series two men and a half for me to give the video to go i

Can also give this alexa command to select these hi and the video will already start playing. you can do everything through voice command without needing the control to perform some functions if you want to go back to the initial menu just d start this command lexa initial menu hi and it will return here to the initial menu you can open a series of some specific application

Let’s execute another function that i think is very cool for you to see let’s ask you to open something here alexa open the office right you you can play it from the video provider or find them rehearsal had which one do you prefer time video getting it from the provider here on video usually he doesn’t ask right it usually opens straight but now he asked a question if we

Wanted fire tv or from the prime video so people for the example for you you can be watching anything here and you can ask her to pause alexa pause the programming will be paused you don’t even need the control so just say pause and it will stop in the programming and when you return or if you just give the command i came back she will understand to continue reproduced

Let’s go alexa i returned what after you do this command there then it follows reproduced here so you saw that you can carry out various commands through this home theater function without even needing the alexa remote control. well, the selection function for you is a little more annoying because you have to browse from house to house but if you ask to open a specific

Application it is more practical it recognizes practically everything you have installed there, of course you have to be logged in to the service and it will do this search for you so i’ve already shown you a little bit today for you here how you do to control this i want to see you directly through ecodot by lexa without needing the remote thank you very much for your

Attention if you can write leave a like on the channel i thank you until the next video bye bye bye so

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Como controlar o FIRE TV com o Echo Dot por comando de VOZ | Modo home Theater By Silver Tech