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Hey guys welcome to another video and today we’re going to buy our redmi note 12 i’m here with the redmi note 11 which was very successful it’s a good cell phone if we think about cost-benefit to buy here at brazil, this smartphone is still cool, it’s still worth comparing what we already have, but we have the redmi note 12 that was launched. we already made a video

Commenting on this launch. to go showing and the cool thing, right guys, was the price, right like we can already buy it the non-global version then you say like that lucas but what’s the difference from the global version what changes sometimes there are many especially from xiaomi that the people buy that in the global version not even this red note 11 mine yeah but

Sometimes you buy it on amazon at mercadolibre it’s a lot of these xiaomi cell phones even other brands are not global they are an indian european version with the iphone you have raz an iphone from outside is the same thing only that the non- global version for example of the redmi note 12 now first launch the chinese version the difference is that it does not have the

Portuguese language later you can update to portuguese you can only give a job you have to have a little process there but you can install ram global after it launches so let’s get to know the redmi note 12 here a little bit of the specifications oh i already have it here on aliexpress which is where i’m going to buy it now and i i even came across these ads here, it shows

That the play store is already installed, like because the chinese version doesn’t come to the play store either, because they have its applications, you can’t see the play store, you can install it normally, just like it is there, put another application we’ve even done that, so it’s a cell phone that you can easily use whatever you want and that’s it, it’s only going to

Be in english. what a room well we have it here for r$ 1100 but this store here is not so well known so anyway and then this ad already comes with the play store but then i said like that i’m not going to buy it here, even if i pay a little more expensive in fact, right here it’s even cheaper oh redmi note 12 i managed to find it here oh this store here has many reviews

50 thousand followers super reliable and the geek right a very big store and i’ll buy here if i click here in the normal version, you know, i don’t want to add headphones or anything, it will cost 1,300 but i have the discount coupons here, the world of garlic will give me r$ 120 off so i’ll be able to pay r$ 919, so it comes out very very cheap it is already cheaper

Look at 1145 i will pay r$ 919 900 and a little more or less which is a very good price look free shipping my sensational i think for me it will be very worth asking here so the cell phone of a thousand reais it’s amazing of course i can be taxed but you s are going to follow this whole process, guys, so comment what you think about this type of video. because this cell

Phone here has some very good things it has a full hd oled screen with a refresh rate of 120 hz here its refresh rate o 120 hz which is the same trajectory that we have an iphone 14 pro on a cell phone top right in cell phones that cost, i don’t know, at least in brazil more than 1,700 today a new one that you’re going to buy so it’s different if i pay r$ 1000 for it i’m

Earning a lot because only in the screen that i’ll already have a cell phone screen top but that’s not all, we have a snapdragon 4g one processor, it scores more or less 380,000 points 90,400,000 benchmark points, which is a very high score for you to have an idea of ​​​​this processor. be as powerful as a galaxy a53 that costs r$ 1,800 talk like that, damn cell

Phone screen expensive processor that’s true another thing 5g i won’t find a cell phone with 5g that costs reals i won’t so these are already things that i do i want to buy this, i have no doubt about it, so to buy it i’m going to add the cart here and i think i also have it and i’m going to buy this tripod here that i already have, right, that i need for the softbox for

The lights here in the studio, right? as we bought the new lights, so that’s right, right? of discount, you know, in fact, the coupon that is having for everyone, you know, there’s even an ad there that that world over there gives 120, right, and gives 120 discount, so look at my tripod that costs 350, let’s assume that from these 325 is my tripod bad s r$ 25 so my cell

Phone will cost 980, right? more or less that 980 970, right? or less my redmi note 12 came out, so the price is very good, very good even with this discount at r$ 170 off it, right, i’ll pay here and i’ll show you, right, after the purchase is completed and today this video is being recorded today november 3 let’s see how long it will take to arrive if we will be taxed

Or not so you will follow this step by step here too well i’ll pay here i’ll be right back to show you good people bought 36 times on the card but our redmi note is guaranteed 12 5g and i’m going to bring you a video here if you want to buy the same as i did now i said ah not even if i sell it later i won’t use it i’ll leave the link in the description you are aware it can

Be taxed and it doesn’t have the portuguese language you can install play store all of good and you’re going to follow me doing this here is also a hell of a cell phone that i told you, even if i’m taxed or if it doesn’t have a play store what it delivers, there’s no cell phone that i pay much more expensive than there will be then like this it’s already worth it for the

Device so i feel very comfortable come buy it because of that you can see it here, it was already paid correctly, it’s already deducted from the card. i told you that i had asked the tripod for this light here that we are using one here, but the other one doesn’t have a tripod because it falls and is heavy so we asked for that tripod there too so that’s it we get a lot of

Product here at aliexpress look, even cell phones too, let me find one here for you to see, i took a little x4 gt there, it was very cheap for the person to buy too much, i paid 1,700 i made the video for you, i think i was tax ado like in 200, 1900 came out here in brazil, it was 3,000 so when i saved 1,300 camera the iphone xs that we bought is still beautiful tablet

Tablet cover is the tablet also click on the like to help us comment did you find this type of video buying so at the time and so for its price let’s assume that it comes out to this end for me 1200 it will be very much worth it even it will be better than buying the moto g52 than the 11 itself that a galaxy m23 will leave in the slipper because it it has everything that

The galaxy 23 has but better it has a screen a better quality my top too so this will be very good leave a like subscribe to the channel and that’s it guys thanks

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