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Considering a Neck Massager – Thoughts On Which to Buy

Here are 4 different types of neck massagers and the pros and cons of each of them: SMTALY Cordless Intelligent Neck Massager for Pain Relief, Neck Massager with Heat; Mirakel Neck Massager, Shiatsu Back Neck Massager with Heat; Ababgo Neck and Shoulder Relaxer, Cervical Traction Device and Neck Stretcher; Kaozom Omni Cervical Ease Tractioning Pillow.

Hi i’m going to go over four different gadgets that i tried to help relieve neck pain and tightness and you know i tried a lot more than these four but i narrowed it down to these four and i’ll give you some ideas on what i liked about them and you know what i didn’t like now neck massagers or neck gadgets to help relieve neck pain and tightness you know they

Can be pretty inexpensive and in this home massage equipment market it’s pretty competitive if one company comes out with one of these gadgets you know within a month 10 other companies come out with the exact same concept and design remember by renfo versus brio the eye massagers you know they were the same type of model so there was a difference between the

Two models it was subtle but there was a difference i’m kind of thinking that in this home massage equipment market because the pricing is pretty comparable that there’s not going to be a big difference between one company versus the other but you know i don’t know now these tools to relieve neck pain or tightness i’m thinking that you know there might be some

Differences in some of these companies but you know i don’t know if that that it’d be significant so for this review i was really more interested if there was something out there that was inexpensive and that could help relieve or reduce your neck pain so i didn’t focus on comparing and contrasting similar units instead i tried several different gadgets to see if

One gadget was more effective than the other i think each unit has its pros and cons so i’m going to show you four completely different units and they are evenly split between two electronic gadgets and two pillows who knew pillows huh so here are the four units that i looked at okay so the first is going to be the smalti cordless intelligent neck massager and

After that we have the miracle neck massager then there is the omni cervical ease traction pillow and the last one is the abago neck and shoulder relaxer so i’m going to start with one that wasn’t effective for me at all and that was the one the smalty cordless intelligent neck massager now this one you get to plug it in with a usb cord to charge and you know what

They hold the charge really well so this one i charged four months ago and i haven’t really used it since and it still works the other thing that’s really positive about this is it’s a small design so you can pretty much take them anywhere with you they don’t make any noise when you’re using it so you can even use them at work and with this unit you have to use

A conductor on the pads like water or something like that otherwise you’re not going to feel the pulse so that brings me to things that didn’t work for me with this unit and just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you so when i purchased this the description made it really difficult to determine if it was an electrical pulse well

After i purchased the unit i was able to read the directions and surprise it is an electrical pulse and some people think that this might feel like a tens unit well it doesn’t encourage your muscles to contract and release like a tens unit it just feels like an electric shock and that’s not really relaxing now granted it’s a real small design which makes it easy

To take it wherever you want to go but it’s really small so it barely fits around my neck and it doesn’t even fit around my husband’s bicep so you have to have a very narrow neck to use this and the biggest con was that it didn’t do anything for my neck pain or for its tightness so for this one for me it’s a no but you know there’s on some of the reviews some of

The people were saying hey they thought it was great okay so what’s up next well it’s that miracle neck massager so what’s unique about this unit is you actually have to plug it into an electric outlet and so if you’re familiar with the electric cars and range anxiety this one’s a little bit like that because your plug-in has to be close enough to wherever it is

You’re going to use this and then the other thing that’s pretty neat though about this is you can actually plug it into your car’s lighter and so that makes this one really really portable and this unit it’s it’s not bad it actually does reduce pain and the tightness so then i was curious how it worked so i had to open it up and you know like you see on so much

Of the home massage equipment it has these little plastic knobs that rotate so you just wrap this around your neck put your arms through it and your arms by varying the amount of pressure or weight you vary the level of contact with your neck and and there’s a neat thing with this design i mean it doesn’t just have to be for your neck right you can use it on your

Back you can use it on your low back you can use it on your legs so this unit has a lot of flexibility in how and where you use it and so for me it was it made a lot of sense especially if you’re traveling someplace it would be really nice to have this with you and that was the biggest pro for me is i could take it with me in the car and plug it into the car

Lighter and never have to worry about it dying on me because it uses a car lighter so what are the cons on this one well there’s probably three of them you know uh that it needs electricity that you have to plug it in that’s kind of a con but you know it’s a positive when you have to plug it into the card lighter and you’re traveling now there’s another negative

With it being electrical is this this part of the connector has a tendency to easily come undone just yank out it a little bit and it’ll come undone and then the last con for me on this one is that it’s bulky and it takes up a lot of floor space so just that bulk alone you know it was something that i wouldn’t go use a lot weird huh the bulk that something that’s

Bulky could discourage you from using it but overall it works and because it plugs into the car lighter it’s a keeper for me because i can use this when i’m traveling okay so let’s see here the next one is going to be one of the pillows and here’s what caught me by surprise is the pillows were the most effective and okay so there’s one of these pillows that i like

Better than the other and it’s for a very specific reason but um either one of these pillows are going to be great you’re going to prefer one over the other and for one of the very specific reasons that i bring up in this review and so let’s look at the first one and that’s going to be traction pillow so the big positive with pillows is um you don’t have to do

Anything with them you don’t have to plug them in you don’t have to charge them up all you have to do is grab them and throw them on the bed and in a world that has gotten so technology complicated you know having something that’s effective and that takes nothing from you can be pretty inspiring now what makes this omni pillow a little bit different than the other

Pillows is it’s a foam and so it’s soft and so it doesn’t put as much stress on your neck and you know here’s the thing that’s a really bizarre is if you have a sore neck you know it’s usually pretty tight and it’s probably much more tight than you really give it credit and so you know when you’re using these traction pillows starting off with these soft ones can

Be really effective now i use it in clinic and everybody loves this pillow but here’s the thing that’s interesting if your neck’s really tight sometimes you can only lay on it for a short amount of time that doesn’t mean they don’t want to use it because the next time they come in they’re like oh i’d prefer to have that pillow the big benefit is it’s a foam pillow

So it’s a lot softer making it a really easy introduction to traction pillows now it’s made with latex-free rubber so it’s sanitary and it’s easy to clean off you can easily wipe it down you know there’s not a lot of cons to pillows at least i can’t really think of one right now i mean people travel with their pillows i’m you’re probably not going to take this to

Work but um these traction pillows they’re easy to use they’re easy to store and they’re made with this material that makes them easy to travel with and to keep sanitized i really just can’t find a lot of negatives with these traction pillows okay so that brings me to the last gadget that i looked at for next and it’s another pillow it’s another traction pillow

It’s the abago traction pillow now this pillow is my favorite and so let me tell you everything that that applies to the omni pillow applies to this pillow except it’s not it’s not made of soft foam so it’s made of i believe it’s like a hard polyurethane so this traction pillow you know it’s a pro and a con so i you know i’ve been using traction pillows for a

While so i can use this harder pillow and and lay on it for quite some time this probably isn’t a first step or a beginner’s traction pillow they’re really effective for me at relieving my neck pain and releasing those tight muscles now why would this one so it seems like the only thing i’m saying is this one is because it’s stiffer and it’s a stronger pressure

That that’s what i like but that’s not the that’s not why i like this so you know i practice taoism it’s a it’s a big deal for me and so they talk about you know different energy centers and there’s actually an energy center at the base of your skull and you know with the neck damage that i’ve experienced it at times when my muscles get so tight back there it

Just feels like that that area that that base of my skull it feels like it’s just blocked and you know part of part of the belief in taoism is you have to be able to move through this is one of three energy centers your your energetics has to be able to move through all three of these energy centers in order to in order to come together with your spirituality

So this was one of those tools that i found it just felt like it opened up the back of my occipital uh area so that’s why this pillow is my favorite okay so there you have it four different devices that can relieve your neck pain and reduce its tightness inexpensively and this first one didn’t like it the second one the miracle shiatsu back and neck massager

Yeah i like that and the third one this omni cervical ease traction pillow i really like that one and the fourth one totally my favorite this neck and shoulder relaxer attraction device so four devices the pillows i like the most okay so there’s four gadgets that you could use to help relieve your neck pain and tightness so until next time i’ll catch you on the other side

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Considering a Neck Massager – Thoughts On Which to Buy By Best Acupuncture LLC