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Cooking for picky eaters

Eating Healthy Can Taste Good

8 on your screen well this morning we are talking with tripp wiggins he has got three picky eaters in his family and if you are the parent of a picky eater you know how hard that can be to deal with it’s nice to see you thanks purvis absolutely you know tell me about your experience with picky eaters how many chicken nuggets did you have to go through before you

Finally said listen this is it bags and bags of frozen tyson nuggets yeah take a lot of space all they want sometimes right we’re right so what did you do to get your kids to eat better well you know we tried to start early right introducing vegetables um when i grew up everything was boiled to mash right so you just swallow it with milk so we try you know just

Try coating things and it was more ketchup and whatever but that’s not a food group unfortunately um so we try you know try different things trying things fresh as opposed to you know boiling and microwaving right i think you know we as a society have really become that microwave generation right it’s easy absolutely really very easy easy to put the microwave and

You know my if if you can’t can’t pronounce the ingredients probably shouldn’t be eating them right very true but you have some rules that you hold your kids to first of all you say you got to start them young you also like to hide the food so you know if you’re going to be serving broccoli maybe you’re going to kind of hide it in something else and you also tell

Them they have to at least try two bites right is that work two bites works we’ve spent that the poor our so the three year old city get a table crying oh do would but yeah it does work so no yeah cheesy macaroni mmm mixing the chicken or right mixing the broccoli i found with the three-year-old she will not eat it if it’s not if it’s cut up when it gets to the

Table yes you have to cut it in front of her initial eat it so try it’s just trying to try the different things she’s trying to mess with you that’s our sure meanwhile you came up with this idea that if your kids are helping you prepare and they’re helping you cook then they’re more likely going to eat it and that’s what cooking planet is all about it how does it

Work cooking planet we actually speaking my three-year-old she was born with a soy and dairy allergy so trying to find things to defeat her was difficult it’s getting time searching what recipe sites and looking for ways to take soy you die it’s always in everything in a package so it forced us to really start cooking differently pretty frustrating trying to find

Things and not only once you find the main dish what to put with it on the side ok so my business partner i developed cooking planet we’ve got a chef on staff all of our recipes are chef tested great beautiful pictures of everything so when you see it you want to eat it and then when you make it that’s what it looks like we organized the shopping but really the big

Thing and this the biggest challenge for anybody is in the kitchen is getting everything on the table at the same time right so you build a meal or take one of our preset meals when you hit start it organizes all the steps and controls the flow sets timers for you tells you when to slow down a few movies wow so that everything’s done at the same time i love that

Okay so we’re gonna make one of the recipes that you’ve got on the site this morning and it’s a broccoli salad which is great because i’m noticing it’s got a little sweet a little salty yep something for everybody yeah and it the great thing about one of these recipes is if you don’t like in this case we’ve got blanched almonds if you don’t want to buy blanched

Almonds you prefer cashews you can substitute that end okay if you happen to be vegetarian and you don’t want the bacon you can take the bacon out but we can make sure the sweet and salty you know you get that that flavor the broccolis there it’s fresh it’s not boiled to mash and that’s it so it’s really just a handful of ingredients and if you were following

Cooking planet it would take you through each one of the steps where we’re on it and i see it’s got a little bar across the top blog posted and it’s where i’m adjust your time to is if your mood at the time that the ready time at the top will adjust itself as you move okay so that it you know so you know when things are done all right well let’s get started all

Right well it’s easy it is easy cranberries okay a little bacon toasted almonds and then i’ve got i failed to pull the mayonnaise oh hey and that the salad dressing this is a great thing with salad dressings you know some kids like things like balsamic vinegar others don’t i found that if you just add a little honey and make that honey balsamic vinegar you get

That again you get that that sweet and salty in there as well easy and a little bit of honey and then salt pepper to taste and if you’re at home and you want to do this recipe with your kids just the fact that they’re over here helping you dump things in putting the ingredients in for whatever reason it makes them want to try it right well and if they can read

They can cook and this is a great thing you know i mean we talk about family time of getting people around the dinner table we’ll get everybody into the kitchen too so the three-year-old to be on the counter dumping stuff in the bowl the twelve-year-old we actually let him use the knife you said very careful yeah they can follow the steps so with cooking planet you

See what’s on the screen it tells you what’s next and everybody can be involved okay and if they you know if they help out there likely need it for sure and this is a bowl full of goodness right here all sorts of great ingredients in there for the kids to keep them healthy and it’s got a little extra crunch in there as well so it’s definitely going to be something

That they’re going to want to try all sorts of recipes on the website and a lot of great ideas to incorporating a little bit more healthy food into the kids diet trip it’s very nice to meet you miss you too thanks for coming today let’s check it out it’s cooking plan it calm cooking planet com

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