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Copper Fit Easy On/Off Compression Socks 2pack

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Clean that’s coming up in just a bit all right let’s talk about copper just copper is it is copper is this amazing you know you ever notice on all the precious metals that are out there silver gold all think we use those and we’ve used them for years and years and years in treating ourselves for various types of conditions i know like the colloidal silver is

Something behind it you know a lot of people talk about when you’re not feeling well things like that we’re not doctors or not making any claims but i will tell you that copper does i have a couple of copper sleeves when i get out cuz i got a little bit of tendinitis in one elbow is amazing you guys have been confused it into these compression socks and anybody

Out there that knows anything about compression socks knows there’s good ones and there’s bad ones these are the good ones they’re super soft and comfortable to wear but they’re gonna give you that supportive compression that you need to give you that relief you know especially if you if you are on your feet for a long time okay these are amazing so i judy has a

Lot to talk about but let me tell you that you’re gonna get two pairs of socks all right you wash them and dry them just like you do regular socks we have a small medium which fits a men’s shoe size six to nine or women seven to ten the large extra-large which is one size fits men nine to twelve and women ten to thirteen so you only have to size of small medium or

Large extra-large so and i’ll go over that again for you but boy this is gonna get you back on your feet feeling good absolutely i love these so much they’re similar to like a men’s dress sock it’s kind of how they feel very and copper infused in the fabric that takes it down to the wicking away or odor it’s going to take it down to helping with circulation helping

Those sore muscles those tired feed those aching joints feel so much better so i love that this also i wanted to brief you on this the commercial socks come with a little how-to on how to get these on because we are letting you know that these are easily easily put on so you may have had a pair of compression socks before that were i mean you have to go to the gym

Just to put them on they are a struggle and i have ski socks right and so weird our claim to fame right now with these socks is that these are pretty easy to put on and they we come with a nice little guide here to tell you exactly how to put them on you’re gonna pull back i think we’re gonna demo that – yes i even have a model here demo that as you’ll see you’re

Gonna grab the heel you’ll pull back the entire sleeve and then you’re gonna stick your foot in and then it easily rolls up the calf and once you have it on i’m telling you what this is better than a foot massage and if you’re not getting a foot massage daily you need the copper fit socks i’m telling you right now but this is gonna help with the circulation in the

Joints in the muscles the aches and the pains the strains if you’re on your feet all day you know maybe you’re in a hairstylist or maybe you’re a big walker or you know a golfer or whatever it is you guys on the beach with these all you ain’t funny because it’s on the beach but i see guys on the beach with these all the time a lot of you know people that i could

Tell they’ve also had some issues with their feet because they have special you know like special built-in sneakers and it’s like but they’re still getting out there and they’re still doing it jody and the reason a lot of people don’t do it the fatigue makes the soreness all that stuff well let me tell you you’re looking for temporary relief this is the way to go

You get two of these for only $17.95 they’re gonna give you extra support not only for your calves and your arches in your feet but the cushioning is built-in so if you’re doing an athletic you know i think if you’re playing basketball or if you’re on a treadmill or if you’re on an elliptical you know you’re moving you want something that moves with you and i will

Tell you i’m very very picky about socks especially the top of the sock i don’t want this to be like industrial-strength rubber bands yes and it leaves this mark if you can see is not when you when i put my hand my arm in here and i’ll just do it like this you’ll see it’s just very gently hugs here the compression is more towards where the muscle of your foot and

Leg would be and then this up top where if it goes right up to right around behind your knee or your top your cap very very comfortable you get used to wearing these yes son you’ll say my work and you know you’re talking about basketball and treadmill and things like that but what about just getting out of bed if you’re the one that gets out of bed and you’re like

Oh my feet they just ate and they’re just sore and they’re tired you know this like you can see right here this goes right around the instep of your foot which gives you that nice hug that nice base of support on if you think your feet are the one thing that you you every single day you touch the ground daily with your feet so they take the brunt of the work they’re

The ones that put get you through life that get you to and from from point a to point b so why not take care of them as much as possible when you get home put them on have your cup of tea watch your hsn and i’m telling you these are gonna be a lifesaver for you and you can see right here in my husband and i both have a pair but at the top of these is where you’ll see

The size so you won’t get mixed up with you and your significant others but like i said it got it does it goes all the way up your calf it hugs and hold you into a great position but you’re not struggling to put these on it’s not so tight that you’re not breathing or you’re feeling like you’re losing circulation you put them on and i will tell you it’s an incredible

Feeling once you put them on your feet and legs we’re showing you the sizes again do i have them available in the act i do have them in the 2x and 3x all right that’s why okay i didn’t mention that early so we do have min the first two sizes which you’ll fit most people but i will tell you if you’re a person it travels it all in a car on a bus i’m playing a train

Wherever it is and your your feet and legs are sitting in a position for a long period of time you know that feeling that i’m talking about right it drives you crazy you feel like your legs can’t breathe you feel like you’re getting cramping and all that you need to try these okay i’m telling you they are a miracle for your legs and feet and ankles in support of

All that plus with the copper built in you get that copper therapy and you get the fact that they gonna be stanky because comfort doesn’t allow for it i just that’s easy way bacteria all that stuff that you don’t want this is the way to do our machine washable you can do that try them alright here’s what i would say to anybody out there that says nothing’s work

For me try them if they don’t work we’ll take them back because we know they won’t stick them right we give you 30 days to try them as everything else here with hsn so grab them while you can we have a lot of other different stuff in this ship

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Copper Fit Easy On/Off Compression Socks 2pack By HSNtv