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Cor PROIBIDA com DUDU Betero no Block Dash do Stumble Guys

Biano joga Stumble Guys com um novo episódio de roleta Stumble e faz um desafio da Cor proibida na Roleta de cores do Stumble Guys.

The legend of the forbidden color with dudu betero but it’s only in block dash #two i’m going to spin this roulette wheel to see which wall we can’t pass dudu oh my yellow and if they weren’t more difficult good luck adapting our last rule video that we made if there is a yellow wall regardless of whether there is a hole or not, we are obliged to make the recovery ball of

The same truck with a hole like that, look, we have to stay here and make a recovery ball in it, then we make a ball of recovery hands hole the hole will be yellow for those who are arriving now in this roulette game of the forbidden color in block dash the rule is like this if a yellow wall comes we just don’t pass it’s doing it almost as he goes he messed up when i went

To jump he slipped his foot we can only pass by doing it through the recovery line our next prohibited color will be the prey i have black there is the and the cool colors there that we can pass a lot re agent a common one and lose at the beginning of the game, right hi word dinho jeez we started off well well pray calm down i’ll fix it manage to follow ana rosa too place

To pass on her the forbidden color for us now dudu it’s going to be the blue one bro everything is coming flowery color no there’s little non- olden like the color of your blue shirt i’m going to have to go because i’m going to have to make a recovery cake on myself and bruna is going to do a recovery go look at tudo azul there alone in bed let’s go from behind the better

Love because the one in front doesn’t even know the and who won who won 10 winners guys in the match nobody won the crown congratulations nobody you will be remembered forever following guys if it falls brown you like the video now beauty combined clothes or a no no i got it right my brother i i don’t even know bro i got the color right to fall on the roulette wheel guys i

Don’t remember oh that doesn’t deserve it guys say this one doesn’t even deserve the new welcome sign up for the channel then i’ll be very happy i’m happy to have you ask too much let’s go i got this color right guys i have no idea but i’m lucky i had to hit the cure now now it’s brown dudu i don’t remember having brown here in the game it doesn’t seem like an opportunity

For us my friend o the game is giving us an opportunity to try the 30-second exclusive game. that’s why there’s this timer on the screen for us to follow how long are we going to be able to stay here infinite 11 andthen and i faltered faltered faltered you go we ended up getting entangled there neither of us there dudu went went too late it went bad please ok but i won

Guys so ok never three weeks what color is going to be forbidden for us now whatever it was gray you have no spike just has a lot of thorns and black also just gets you m on the thorn so when it falls gray and black we can’t touch the thorns okay that’s going to be difficult we can’t touch the thorn do the we have to find a way to pass without hitting them they don’t want

Us to always do it by voting spinal you may have to find a way to pass without touching one and then you can’t touch the spirit so i got it you have it on the second one too guys the colors are decreasing and the forbidden color now is green but there’s a lot of it mount a veil green night hopefully it takes a little while for it to come green, right guys it usually comes

Fast it’s on the laser and even if we touch the laser we die because it’s green ah no it’s going to have to be the one in the back let’s go here the and i turned back to face wow i cook when you get it again everything is left white red and black black is the thorn and it fell on it guys here you can’t enter the thorn do look ok and this is a challenge and recovery cake

Too because like us not you can touch the thorn when we reach that part where we always use the thorn to make the ball there and go up, we will probably have to do refraction like i did or else we stay on top to be able to jump like dudu did that one there he went over the top we have to avoid these thorns here right from the guards in the thorn right at the beginning

Here she elvis there it was júlio it was almost equal in what do you mean and i gave the cart to the block man is that you i wasn’t with you, it wasn’t because he’s also going to punch you in the face without meaning to. wow, what a bad thing in your heart, friend . silly there now here i could have gone over the top when i all broke up good morning i went to see o ai

Ai ai ai ai ai ai ai sauce and now guys red or white which of the roses fell white white us there is a bonus game because there is not white in the game so the objective now is to get as far as possible close to the six and a half minutes of the long- awaited 6000 is the maximum we could get it was 16 in humans and 14 more or less that dudu arrived something like that

He arrived together with a little friend of ours and now dudu you give me a like i’m leaving giving just entering this the guys there are those who say that there is white risk on the blocks but then no, right guys there are a lot of risk on the blocks one purple of course others are yellow of course this one here is light blue so we take into account that there is no

White and that’s it you’re already on top right next door neighbor i went to male and ah ah i don’t believe that i don’t believe that the ada our last color is red but guys this one here is the pink one that we are tell me how pink or would it be the red one here guys i don’t remember if there’s red no if i’m not mistaken there’s only pink to take anyway because then we

‘Ll be able to play trying to zero out more opportunities du du du hey calm down, okay guys it closed until i managed to do some women and recovery was cool i liked it i said the wax and if you ‘ve seen the complete series of roulette istanbul it’s on the screen take a look you ‘ve watched them all it’s very cool hey i hope you enjoyed having fun stay with god and finally we do

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Cor PROIBIDA com DUDU Betero no Block Dash do Stumble Guys😆 By Biano Betero