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Costco NERF DOG – Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy MEGA SET w/ 12 Squeak Tennis balls 4

Costco has the NERF DOG Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy ( in a MEGA SET with 12 Squeak Tennis balls for $14.89. This is an awesome deal as the tennis ball blaster alone costs about $19, especially with 12 squeak tennis balls. The tennis ball blaster shots balls up to 50 feet. It allows a touchless ball tennis ball loading. Perfect for playing fetch with your dog or dogs. The spring mechanism may be hard to set for kids. For folks who may have a tough time using the spring mechanism and would rather throw a tennis ball, a simple dog ball thrower may be more useful ( ).

Hey guys i was at costco day it looks like they have this pretty interesting nerf dog toy on sale at costco it’s a nerf dart blaster barrage with 12 squeaker balls for 14.89 it’s very awesome prize anyways if you haven’t already please like subscribe and hit the bell button for the steering w channel whether it’s costco fines or price checks or other fun stuff or

Diys or reviews i will have it on my channel so take a look anyways this is pretty neat i’ve seen this before and i’ve played with this before too it basically there’s a neat package because it comes with 12 squeak balls included for 14.99 normally this is like 20 to 25 bucks for this blaster but it shoots it launches for 50 feet it’s pretty neat it’s spring-loaded

Very nice in terms of that i’ve used this before when i you know when i had my neighbor’s dogs and stuff it was pretty fun but it never really shoot that far so i hope this new design is a little better but at the same time it is a pretty good deal if you don’t want to touch the ball at all because all you do is basically you know have these walls or regular tennis

Balls will fit in this thing too but it’s almost touchless because you basically just you know push it against the ball and it reloads so anyways there’s our print plenty of precautionary stuff on the back of it if you want to pause the video right now and take a look at the precautionary stuff that’s great um it’s just interesting how all these nerf toys have all

These precautions anyways pet use only apparently and there’s a upc code if you’re interested in that and let’s do go over the instructions basically just supposed to press that release button and then the handle then you basically load the ball in you know or basically just shove it the ball into the front of it if it’s on the ground so you just really no need

To hold a wet ball so after that basically point the tennis ball blaster towards the ground pull back the caulking handle and to the desired amount and in the blaster safely away from the animal or objects and basically you know shoot at 45 degree angle and pop it like 50 feet or something so is it worth it yeah it’s way better than paying 20 something bucks for

It but 14 bucks it doesn’t seem like a bad idea uh it is pretty it is the same blaster i think that they had a few years ago anyways i figured let you guys know anyways like subscribe hit the bell button for more costco finds and other fun stuff there’s other things i saw at costco today but i’m gonna go ahead and post a little later don’t have much time today

So watch out for other um costco finds as all the reviews and other fun stuff from my channel like i saw that dog wash this the new heaters are on sale now because it’s getting colder and of course there are you know the instant pot as well as the rice cookers are in cell again and of course air fryers are on sale there’s also web camera there’s a web camera

That’s on sale as well and i’m going to do a quick unboxing and also review as well as other exercising equipment a lot as well as huh anyways this is also a 2020 update for the airfryer just bought compared to the two or three year old one as well as my long-term reviews on my dash cam and other fun products thanks for watching guys and i will see you next time

Stay tuned for more and more reviews and diys and more fun stuff see ya bye

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