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Crochet Simple Classic Mens Hat / Beanie Tutorial

Hi. In this video I will show you an easy classic men’s hat.

Hi everyone today i’m gonna show you how to make these men hats a woman can use it of course but um you know there’s a lot of wooden hats tutorials on youtube but so less men hats so i want to make a special one for them and it’s so simple it’s just one rule repeat and i use only one ball of yarn and my yarn is mako sport wool i think it’s a category 5 yarn i

Could show you here it’s five millimeter long and one ball of yarn is 100 grams 120 meters it recommends a 4.5 millimeter hook but i use six millimeter and that’s all it’s an easy beginner friendly tutorial and i hope you like it please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel you can start now actually i made the hat i almost made it i will just enjoy two parts

Now i will show you with a light color it could be a little hard to see this one but i want to show you this one first cause um i have a 26 or seven centimeters a little more than 10 inch 10 and a half inch long when i start i made i started with 30 centimeters long chains okay and i’m not using a big hook that’s a big size hook but you can use a bigger size

Hook with this yonder said tikian i don’t want to make it so loose now start with a slip knot and make 30 centimeters long chains for this one i use 36 chains and i will make this one same i made 36 chains it’s almost 30 centimeters that’s a little short because this yarn the other yarn is a little thicker than this but i want to use the same numbers so now

I will add one more chain turn my chains i will use this back bumps skip this first one insert into the next grab the yarn yarn over pull through i made a single crochet and i will make totally 26 single crochets if you are using a smaller size yarn and start with more chains now i will leave eight chains here you can leave 10 maybe okay you can just adjust

It with this way make your single crochets wow i made 27 single crochets and he just he won’t let me just a second okay it will finish it will finish in a second now for this last part here we will make slip stitch insert into the first stitch that’s so cute oh it’s back in a minute okay allow him till he run and now we can keep going insert into this first

Stitch grab the yarn pull through two three four five six seven and eight and uh try to make this slip stitch loose enough now we will make slip stitch and single crochets again starting from here we will always make 8 slip stitch 28 single crochets but we will make them from the back loops use back loop only test the front loop and test the back loop one

Two three four five six seven eight then starting from here i will make single crochets back loop only single crochets see at the end of the row i’m at the end that’s my last stitch chain one turn always turn with same direction for both sides okay if you are using this way just use this one for all the pattern long and we will repeat these two rows twenty

Eight single crochets eight slip stitch eight slip stitch twenty eight single crochets and just make it be as you want and wrap it around your head if it’s good then it’s good and don’t forget that’s so elastic so you don’t have to make so many rows i made 52 rows i could give you the measurements too is 37 centimeters i’m in the middle okay 37 centimeters um

14 and a half inches a little more than when you use it it will open up and uh easily fits in an um an adult head now i will join two sides together and for this um actually i started with more chains here i could show you how to fix this if you want you can start with more chains and when you reach your desired length you can need the rest then you can simply

Open these chains okay that’s all and that’s my starting point finishing point insert from the first stitch grab the loop pull through make a chain insert same place use both loops here use only back loop from the back part pull through make a slip stitch two three four i will join um ten stitch with this way and ten now we will fold this part and it will

Look good with this way so i joined this part now turn this one inside out just grab the loop that’s the back side of our hat now that’s the last stitch i use here insert into the next grab the loop and make a chain okay insert same place and for this back part insert both loops starting from here we will use both loops and make slip stitch sorry and just

Keep joining with this way it’s here here and i complete here just leave a little tail there is some mushrook hairs i will close here so and that’s all uh as you can see here this top part look nice so you don’t have to use a pom-pom but if you want you can use it of course and i hope you like this tutorial if you like please thumbs up and don’t forget

To subscribe to my channel siri’s crochet is my instagram address you can reach me there that’s it for today hope to see you again have a nice day bye

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Crochet Simple Classic Men's Hat / Beanie Tutorial By Sirin’s Crochet