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Day in my Life in Japan Summer Festival Edition

Day in my Life Japan: Summer Festival Edition 😍🎋 This is Sendai’s largest summer festival, and the best Tanabata festival in all of Japan!

Hey guys good morning and welcome to a very exciting day in sendai today is the tanabata festival which is the largest festival in sendai and it’s actually the biggest tanabata festival in the entire country tanapata has always been my favorite japanese holiday it’s got a really cute story behind it and the decorations are just really pretty and colorful and i’ve

Been dreaming about going to this sendai tanabata festival for like 20 years now ever since like back in the day when i was living in morioka i had heard about how massive the tanabata celebrations are here in sendai and yeah i’ve just always wanted to go and finally it’s gonna happen this year i can’t wait the weather is looking okay it might rain a little bit

But sendai has like a covered shopping district and i think that’s where the festival will be happening so even if it’s raining a little bit it should be okay so the tanabata festival is based off of an ancient chinese legend about the princess orihime and her love interest hikoboshi and the legend says that they were so in love that they both neglected their

Work duties and this angered the god of the heavens and he forbid them from seeing each other except for one day of the year when they were allowed to meet if they finished all their duties and their work was all properly done he would allow them to meet tonight the night of tanabata so it’s kind of a cute romantic celebration and here in japan people celebrate

By writing their wishes on pieces of paper and tying them to a stick of bamboo you will see all the decorations tonight but it’s super pretty let me show you guys my yukata i ordered one online i have problems finding yukata that fit me because they need to be a certain length or else they look kind of funny and most girls here in japan are a lot shorter than me

So it’s hard to find a yukata long enough but after lots of searching online i found one that was like extra large size and it looks quite long it might be too long but it should be okay let me show you here it is it’s black with red goldfish on it it’s super pretty as you can see very long but when you wear a yukata you fold the middle part over quite a bit so

I think it’ll be the perfect length but i’m really happy with it i really wanted a black yukata and they’re kind of hard to find most of the colors are lighter like pinks and blues and purples stuff like that but i finally found one in my size i’m going to attempt to put this on tonight it’s not easy wearing a yukata and well at least so hopefully i’ll be able to

Figure it out i also want to show you all the accessories i bought to go with it so normally if i have to put a yukata on myself i have a pre-tied ribbon that kind of just like sticks into the back of my obi it’s like a fake obi they’re very common in japan because it can be difficult to tie your ob really nicely yourself unless you’re a pro like kimono wearer

Up until now i’ve always just gotten those pre-tied obs that you kind of just clip on and it’s super easy but this time i decided to go with a different style of obi these are kind of popular recently it’s this crinkly fabric and by the looks of it it’s a lot easier to put this style of ob on yourself i think you can kind of just tie it in a regular bow and kind

Of like tuck in the ends and it’ll look okay theoretically so this is what i’m going to try to wear with my yukata tonight i also got this cute little hair piece to match i don’t know how i’m going to do my hair yet i’m going to have to put it up in some kind of updo and then i’ll clip this on this side but japanese festival hair accessories are just the cutest

I love them so much and it’s fun to put together all the little pieces of your outfit this i got at one of the little roadside stations i was on a road trip yesterday through kanazawa and where else did i go shirakawago finally went to some really pretty locations if you’re part of my patreon i’ll have a little article up on there of my itinerary highly recommend

The places i went to it was really gorgeous but we stopped at a roadside station and they had these handmade kinchaku these little bags these are a traditional bag that is often used when you’re wearing a yukata or a kimono just to put in like your little things like your wallet or something so that you don’t have to carry a regular purse they had these handmade

Ones that were made by the seniors in the area tuna really wants to be a part of this video show them how big you’ve gotten you’re massive now you a big boy yeah he’s big he’s fluffy and he’s way too energetic and he won’t let me film right why don’t you play with your brother today’s festival adventure is sponsored by sakurako my favorite japanese snack box

Sakurako is a monthly japanese snack subscription service and every box is filled with artisan and authentic japanese snacks and tea pairings as well as one kitchenware item every month and this month’s box is festival themed it’s themed after the moon festival in kyoto it’s perfect for today i really love the booklets that come with each box they’re really well

Put together and they’re filled with cultural information and explanations about every snack in the box as well as a list of the allergens in each snack which is awesome oh these are soba cookies these are made from soba buckwheat flour really fancy looking candies everything’s so cute and colorful sweet potato bread these ones are really cute these are wasabi

Pistachios and cashews oh what’s this one wow apparently these snacks have been around for nearly a hundred years and it’s a soy sauce flavored sembe let’s see what table word and we get this month oh that’s so cute it’s a design from the box they’ve got kind of a savory sweet taste they’re not overpoweringly sweet it would go really well with the tea let’s make

Some of this i really like kojicha it’s got like a toasted flavor kinda like a toasted marshmallow without the sweetness i’m gonna eat this ojicha pudding before chris gets here i love tea flavored snacks starbucks japan comes out with a lot of tea flavored cakes and stuff and this reminds me of something that you could get there it’s like a creamy custard

Pudding with a hint of like toasty tea flavor if you’d like to sign up for this awesome japanese snack subscription box you can find my code down below and save five dollars off your order someone has learned how to jump up on the counter and that’s all he does now is jump up on the counter and knock all the dishes off isn’t it you look so guilty tuna you a bad

Boy why are you such a brat why tomorrow teach your brother teach your brother how to be a good cat come on thank you all right i managed to get my yukata on it was a bit of a struggle got my hair decoration in let’s go meet victor and james is here as well do you guys remember james from the sakura video he’s gonna be joining us tonight and then chris will meet

Up with us later center i got this brigadita oh cute which is one of the new starter pokemon for scarlet and violet and of course i had to get those only brand new questions yeah these are super nice that’s awesome i didn’t pick up fuye coco because i’m not that much of a fan i’m sorry i might get cancer i haven’t been back to the pokemon center here in sendai

Since the last time i filmed and i brought you guys there because there was nothing in stock and i just thought it was kind of like a crappy pokemon center but victory was pretty good this time so maybe i should give them another chance i just realized i don’t know if i have this on correctly oh please be left over so i did kung fu for four years and we wore our

Ghee the opposite way that you wear a yukata and it just like messed with my brain and every time i put it on i can’t tell if i’m doing it that way because it’s the kung fu way or the right you cut the way yeah yours is right i started to panic that would be super embarrassing we’ve made it to the main shopping arcade and all the time about the decorations are

Behind me they’re so gorgeous so actually normally they would be all the way down to the ground but because of covid they’re kind of like a special shortened version so people aren’t touching them this year which is a bit of a shame but they still look really beautiful all right so our first stop today is the jeebi store because my friend nadine told me that

They sometimes do lucky bags on tanabata so i hope they have them this year that would be really fun we’ve made it to the jubilee store now to check if they have lucky bags oh they’ve got really cute plants i love those it’s the 25th i think anniversary of mononoke so they’ve got lots of goods for sale it’s my favorite ghibli movie what are they these are so

Cute oh they’re vegetable totoro we haven’t found lucky bags i have a feeling they’re not doing them this year but these vegetable totoro are very tempting these are the yukata that i was considering getting for the festival but i wasn’t sure what the size would be because they’re one size so they’re probably a little small the firework one’s really pretty oh

I love this i need that tote bag look it’s a tanabata cute yeah so there are only a few yeti this year mostly games for children victor said there’s some chocolate bananas around here somewhere maybe over there have to hunt those down so each store has put out their own decorations so each row of tanabata decorations belongs to the store that’s beside it it’s

Cool seeing the different themes so many people are coming up to sendai just for this festival i’ve seen so many tourists with like big suitcases at the station and i just ran into two viewers so far that have come up here just for the festival so it was really cool so behind me this blue display here we’ll go up close in a second this is actually all hand folded

Origami cranes it’s made by all the students in the different schools here in sendai and they put it together into this big display every year for tanabata it’s starting to get dark here it’s still really lit up which is nice i was kind of wondering if everything was gonna go pitch black when the sun went down but um we’re gonna meet up with jotaro now cause i

Ran into him on the street so we’re gonna have some dinner and yeah just chill for a little bit they’re taking down the decorations already so sad happens so quickly uh that is way more i think it’s tequila in it than i was expecting so far we’ve got chicken nuggets french fries and some mysterious cheese cracker chip thing this is definitely not

French food uh the most french i think it’s really tough so far it’s pretty yummy none of our birthdays unfortunately this is all right guys i guess that’s it for tonight saying goodbye to everybody bye-bye hope you guys enjoyed watching the festival even though it was a little more toned down than it normally would be outside of covid but i hope you

Guys enjoyed it anyways thanks so much for watching i’ll see you again very soon

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Day in my Life in Japan 🎋 Summer Festival Edition 😍✨ By Sharmeleon