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Demonstration of different donning and doffing aids for compression hosiery

Hello my name is karen staines, i’m director of research and wound care at accelerate doffing aids to aid the application removal make it easier for both you and your patients. open and closed toe hosiery, you can see the actiglide is made of a kite type of material, either way is fine. it comes with a plastic

Needle, we’ve sort of aligned it to like when you come down to the end, you go through the last eyelet and then you put the end of the needle in the little securing pocket, you then literally have to you have to be able to reach down, slide the device over your foot making sure your toes are visible coming through

The end, then you get your compression hosiery and it’s really important that you don’t bunch it up, you need to make sure it’s just hanging like a sock, you then pull the pin out the needle and then you pull the loop at the back. this slides out a nice position. if you have a larger foot you can still use

The actiglide but you just need to adapt it slightly. so once again you start at the top and you start threading through and needle through the little eyelets, this time rather than going all the way to the last one at the bottom, we missed the last eyelet and we go straight into the securing pouch. this opens up

When you’re taking compression hosiery off if you’re not using a doffing aid it’s important that you peel it off, we say like a banana. if you push it down what happens is it becomes like a torniquet around the ankle and then it’s very hard to get this thickened fabric over the heel. if, band down and slide it off much

Easier, and closed toed hosiery and it’s probably one of so this is the magnide hosiery applicator and as its name would suggest it’s actually sure that you fold it to the right way and in the right order for this to work. so, close up the magnets and then the last one is a little orange flap, that’s ready now

For my foot to go in, you do have to be careful you don’t pull too hard. if you do you’ll find that your that you got a chance to get your hosiery on, then not pulling it too far on get your hosiery, don’t bunch the hosiery up just let it hang like so. then slide the hosiery on to the kite material

And you’ve got the toes view all the way up, get hold of this little tab and you literally pull this applicator is the easy slide hosiery applicator, this one is designed for open-toed hosiery, it comes in different sizes and like a lot of the applicators it’s like a kite type of got an inner and an outer section, you

Need sure that gets pushed in and your hand goes in there because that’s where your foot is going. the tabs should be on either side, put your foot in, your open toed hosiery, don’t bunch it up, gradually work the hosiery up and it slides on that material. now this hosiery applicator is really designed

For carers or relatives to use, for someone to use themselves i think there are different ones and better ones on the market, i do think probably if you could manage to get your hosiery on and off without an applicator, some of the compression hosiery actually already comes with a applicator, this one

Is a silk slipper this one’s actually from medi but several of the hosiery companies do them. just a slippery fabric and the idea of this is that you pop the the slipper over your foot making sure you’ve got the tail sticking out to where your toes are, just pop it in as far as you can, your big toe is just going to

Sit toed hosiery. once again you don’t bunch it up, hanging at the back, pop it over the top and it up your leg, so everything’s in the right place and now what you have to do is you pull out the silk pocket from the bottom. you do sometimes need to get your leg a bit more of an angle because you need

To hold and secure the and it does need a little wiggle. sometimes rearrange the compression hose you to make sure hi, i’m matthew and i’m a senior lymphedema practitioner here at accelerate. today i’m doffing of compression garments, the first one it’s very similar to simon and that’s from steve originals also,

They’re almost identical in what they do, now it can be used for open and closed toed garments and can also be used if you want to help someone with it as well. first off i’ll show you how to apply the garment over the top of this. this is the back of the applicator, you want the toe to face in front of you. so, you

Grab the sock i’m just going to kneel down to put it on here and you’re literally rolling over the applicator and you get into roughly where you can see the heel and you see the toes just below the applicator, comfortable and adjust the arms, the further out in front of you the less angle you need to put on

Your your ankle, point your toes into the sock and just literally pull the applicator up. we can actually use this same same applicator to help take off the sock. now i’ll give you two different ways of doing this, first off the manufacturer will tell you to do this in one way. there’s two buttons either side of this the

Cuff, there you only need to push one and remove it, okay it comes with this ring, roll down the sock just a little way, put the ring with the name facing backwards here and you pull the sock back over so that the ring is covered with the material. then the same applicator, we then put it behind the leg, lift

It right above the plastic ring to use and then pull out. now some people may find it quite hard to remove this cuff, all right, especially a brand new applicator the buttons are quite stiff. so you don’t actually have to do that but you do need to slightly change how you doff the garment, so you use the same ring all

Right and you roll down the sock in exactly the same way but instead of putting it around the back put it at the front and still cover the plastic with a material just as it is but instead of removing this now just turn it you may find it beneficial use a hosiery applicator frame this is really useful to help

Patients become independent of application and removal. this one is the juzo easy fit frame and comes in two different sizes. you can load the frame on the floor if you can bend well and i’ll obviously load this on the floor, or you could actually pop it on a work top so it can be done in front if you can’t bend right

Down to the floor. get your compression hosiery and you literally pop it over the frame, so you need to make sure the heel is at the back, sliding it over the frame until we get to where we can see the heel because that’s as far as we need to go. we then pop on that hosiery in place, now this can be done,

You could stand up you’d need to have quite a good angle on your foot, if you stood up it’s slightly easier if you pop the frame in front, put your foot in so you can wiggle around and i can feel also my toes are coming out there and then ready the hosiery is now nicely in position, the heel is in place, and i haven’t had to

Reach them right down to the floor to my foot. we even have people sometimes carers or family they’ll preload the frame with the hosiery for their loved ones so they can literally get up in the morning and step into the frame and pop the hosiery on. the other benefit of this specific frame is that it actually

Removes their compression hosiery as well. now to remove, we need to put the foot back into the frame, you roll the hosiery over the top, put the clip back up, clip always comes from underneath, you then put your leg out push the frame away and bring your foot out of the hosiery, nice and easy and you’ve always been able

To apply and compression hosiery can be applied without the use of an applicator and sometimes you and the simple thing is not to bunch it up as if you’re putting on a sock, but you literally let the hosiery hang, pop your hand down to where the heel pieces and then you make like a mouth shape, so pop it in there

Make a mouth, see we’re holding the heel. lift your foot up, bring up here as far as you can and then bring the hosiery over the toes and slide always make sure you smooth any pieces out.

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Demonstration of different donning and doffing aids for compression hosiery By Accelerate