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Deodorant cream recipe with zinc oxide (NO baking soda)

Deodorant cream recipe with zinc oxide (NO baking soda)

Hello zero wasters welcome back to my channel in today’s video we’re going to be making a creamy baking soda free deodorant if you’re switched or trying to switch to a zero-waste lifestyle deodorant will likely be one of the first swaps you will attempt to make or perhaps you have already made this whop but there is something that you’re not liking about it let

Me guess have you experimented making a natural deodorant using baking soda only to end up with itchy red armpits one alternative to baking soda is magnesium hydroxide powder and i will link a recipe that uses magnesium hydroxide powder down below however i know many of you have a hard time sourcing this ingredient so in today’s video i’m going to give you yet

Another alternative a mix of gentle clays and the star ingredient of this recipe zinc oxide zinc oxide looks like a white powder and is often used in sunscreens has really soothing properties which are perfect if you suffer from sensitive armpits or general underarms itching and redness zinc oxide is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient so it will

Fight off other causing bacteria it’s very important that you get the non-nano version so you can be sure it cannot be absorbed into your pores the other ingredients in this recipe will also contribute to creating a really other and sweat absorbing formulation in fact we will use a really gentle clay cowling clay we will also use our root powder although you can

Use any other starch and make sure to check the description box below for any substitutions finally we will use coconut oil for its antibacterial and moisturizing properties and some beeswax just to give some extra viscosity to the recipe make sure to check the alternative recipe using candelilla wax in the description box down below the final touch will be given

By an essential oil of your choice and i’m currently really loving geranium essential oil we will begin by adding our coconut oil into a bowl followed by the zinc oxide make sure to wear a mask where handling zinc oxide because it’s really fine and you really don’t want to breathe it in zinc oxide is quite coarse so if we don’t grind it first it will create some

Clumps which will give you a very unpleasant underarm exfoliating effect so make sure to press the zinc oxide with a coconut oil using a teaspoon or much better if you have it using a flexible silicone spatula doing these movements if you have a mortar and pestle you could also use that to grind the zinc oxide first without the coconut oil so keep doing this

For about five to ten minutes and you should not see any visible clamps left in next add the rest of the ingredients in in no particular order so the wax the starch and the cowling clay now let’s place the bowl with our ingredients at memory so that the ingredients can melt gently and this shouldn’t take you very long just about 10 minutes make sure to give the

Ingredients a stir while they’re melting remove the bowl from the heat and place it on the scale to add your essential oils in and make sure to mix them in very well now leave the product to air dry for about 20 minutes once it’s hardened up a bit but it’s not solid and completely dry yet give it a final mix using your fork a spoon or better an electric whisk

This will loosen up the mixture and will ensure it won’t become too solid when completely dry now we’re ready to start spooning the cream into our chosen container i’m using a 50 grams thin for about 70 grams of product in fact since it’s mostly powder and they weigh less we need more ingredients to fill a 50 grams thin keep in mind that if you live in a cold

Environment and the cream hardens again don’t worry just loosen it up with your fingers when you want to use it and it will melt again really really easily in contact with the skin and thanks to the mix of soothing and moisture absorbing powders it will leave your skin incredibly soft hydrated and most importantly itch and odor free if you try this recipe i’d

Really love to see the results and hear from you on how you like it make sure to tag me at boutique as your waste on instagram or let me know in the comments down below that was it for today i will see you in the next video take care

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Deodorant cream recipe with zinc oxide (NO baking soda) By Bottega Zero Waste