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In my last video, I unboxed two pairs of Dickies pants to use for skateboarding. One of them was the double knee Dickies carpenter jeans. I’ve never owned them before and this was my first skate sesh with them. After the sesh I attempted to review the pants and compare them to double knee dickies which feel like normal 874’s.

What’s good youtube so after editing most of this video i sort of noticed that it’s a little bit unorganized again so quick rundown in the first half of this video i’m wearing the dickies carpenter jeans it was my first time wearing those so me and my friend no one went to the skate park and i pretty much tried those out for the first time the next day i was wearing

The double knee work pants which feel like exactly like an 874 so i’m pretty much like comparing those two pants in two different days of the skate park roll the video not gonna lie i do be listening to the music from the videos sometimes i got a new dock of debt it’s an 8 v gx 1000 pretty nice kind of grip it real quick board gripping pro tip always lift up the

Edges before you cut i don’t know it makes the cut way smooth it not bad pretty nice speed grip now i just have to stay in that back very cool tomorrow the next day two brand-new jakey’s 2.0 yeah explain explain what you’re gonna do alright alright go right there come around keep going and then further down and where that deuce bikers see you’re about

Up we’ll leave this pad one ring hit the axle very nice a bowl sex you can’t shout how like scary this bullet that’s what i’m saying but like it’s very but like it’s very it’s scary you like that yeah that’s all i got on this look at the tire tracks wonder what was going on there yeah this is the whole other bowl section in the charlottesville skatepark i don’t

Really mess with this stuff this is how they look like on leg i don’t know comment below which one you guys like better the jeans or the double need regular ones rapist park one out of 10 this parks like a nine as least rides a nine i didn’t even take – one point for the scooters yeah all on saturdays it goes crazy later okay after wearing both of these pants

I have to say the jeans like when they’re brand new are more comfortable than the normal work pants are and the inside of them feels a little bit fealty which i didn’t expect i thought they would feel a little bit rough because that’s kind of how i remember jeans feeling but yeah they’re super comfortable on the inside the actual pants weigh like six pounds when

You’re just holding it like this oh no they weigh like they weigh five like about five pounds but they are significantly heavier than these actually and now that i’m holding them they’re not that much heavier but it’s definitely a little bit noticeable when you’re actually wearing them on your cancel you don’t really feel it another thing i noticed they are way

Warmer so once the summer months come around i don’t know if i’m going to be able to wear them as much as i want to because i didn’t really feel that much air flow going through them from the wind they just kind of felt like a lot warmer which is perfect for now like the end of winter in like spring month but yeah they are a lot warmer also look at this they have

Like triple stitched seams and they seem so durable that i don’t know if i can rip through them in my truck so they have to be more durable than the normal work pants are in terms of style i kind of prefer the jeans right now but it depends on like how you want to look i would definitely try the carpenter’ jeans if you haven’t tried any dickies jeans before yeah

Make sure you go pick up a pair try them out unless you live in a place like arizona where it’s a million degrees all the time oh haven’t made a fingerboard video in a while you guys want to see one of those comment below and i’ll make one soon but for this video that’s about it hope you guys like it peace out mates

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