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My dear friends welcome to a

New youtube video i would like to welcome you to this somewhat new format and today we’re going to be looking at some essentials for xyz so that’s the format name we’re looking at essentials for just starting with the occasion today it’s about winter essentials it’s not jojo just check out the air force and take a look at the pants but there are really a few essentials

From head to toe that just don’t have to be bought specifically now , but like innsbruck serve for you what else can you do other than just a normal dad vest and maybe a pair of thicker shoes we’ll start straight away based on current trends of course we’ll start straight away with a hat or a beanie depending on how you want to wear it and what you want for it lars has

Any preferences, please beanie master i wore a beanie again a few weeks ago had been in the store or something and then i got the feedback i got the feedback in life wo n’t be of any use to me so it’s not really for me so apparently my face is really made not to wear hats so i really look so bad with coins but i keep seeing cool fits with binis with hats now not related

To caps caps and also cool but really like this beanie wintry fit actually paradoxical that many yes that’s me wear over their ears because it actually has the function in the end to cool your ears, but i think you know what i mean, that’s definitely a little bit number one, i think you can already see the direction this is going, little things that you can take a look at,

Next we have something that you all already have if you don’t know 5 seconds of self-promotion you’re very welcome to look at the streetwear release calendar in the just by the band you can find it in explore ta b there are news releases and then explore comes there is a street rese calendar so we not only show you because all the shoes are coming out back rumors blablablub

But also which brand drop when job which drop what meanwhile this streetwear bubble is so big that you then always had on the screen which brand is actually doing where how what oh today 6 p.m. who drops everything there you will find everything you are super happy to look at if you want that if you donā€™t see it you have a mentally ill old update happy to update everyone

In this case we come to a peace, which is almost always part of a non-sweater, yes, i know it’s not a new hat, but i ‘ve gotten myself two netzwetter hats since this year and i’m extremely happy with it, no, i even have three lies i have even three quite a started i was shopping in mannheim here near us i just got dressed a bit more now i i also think it just feels nice

So the fabric is a bit thicker you’re a bit more wrapped up of course that’s really more for november december the topic now the warm october days were already very crashing in the network weather but i think it’s a very, very important essential if you don’t have one yet, maybe just take a look at the basic topic and it looks different than if you come every day with a

Hoodie or something like that or something like that you’ve already seen everything, nothing more, there are always new cool ones coming out i think the sound but feel free to take a look at the one from retur, because i had it recently , it’s really, it’s very blatantly fit and so paid advertising, i like it very much, we can show it here, it’s such a bright one at nils now

With the head next tip current trend double me pant i think should be known we can check off very briefly in current pension not personally extremely celebration and i think ant some pants lars think i’m just considering whether lars also has a card in any case very cool trend looks super cool there are different shapes and colors hopefully you can see everything displayed

Here so next snicker essential i what you all know but what i don’t think i have much on the screen and they are good sneaker boots i have the yeezy desert boots here now the question is of course how they will explode in the resell because today was yesterday adidas came from kanye can be separated by the fact that when you see the video that they all cost ā‚¬5000, which

I don’t assume right now, but i keep seeing winter sneakers, yes, some dark air force simply or sometimes with air force, but there are especially more pants very cool fits with boots at the moment definitely the timberland boots but for example such yeezy boots in yeezy five hundred hi gh yes they are difficult to block that’s just not something you wear as a daily so

Moderately or what kind of outfit do i have today my boots arrive as always you have to make sure that it fits but above all if you have the necessary change ever according to colorway costs namely has already 3 resell i find it very successful because i think in winter mine is generally limited if you now have the worst spaced peppers you can maybe stand out a bit and as

I said i like it very much at the moment very good next off an essential what i will definitely get soon stood now we still have a few lukewarm days there you are needed nicely but are gloves antono nunzio are rap disciples so rap present disciples who order you believe two three times in the moon at red present they got the present gloves very, very blatantly with them

You can also use the mobile phone in the touch and so on winter is very very important but generally i don’t think gloves are wrong but the ones that are so rounded at the top it’s a real crash but from me from the north face or whatever gloves i think peso has brought out some now i don’t know if that always works that holds together like that it says peso or something

Like that on it i don’t know if they have to be, but i find such a look completes and has a super good use, especially if i either i have to walk to the office for 120 minutes or i have to walk the dog again for a quarter of 20 minutes and my hands freeze again thank myself for listening to me next up we have a scarf i hope the vid eo did you like the kart cleans scuf

In general of course yes charles are not bad but look at this cleans garf the same topic as with the as with the boots it is a bit more special so i would maybe now every day with the same scarf come makes up for me what you want so who am i to tell you who am i who am i definitely like to look at a scarf has already seen a few nice and and i just think in winter it’s not

How i describe it now it’s best in the summer it’s usually okay just wear shorts and a t-shirt which makes the fit so extreme so okay it’s just a part ah okay crass nicer fit but in winter everything complements itself a bit like that here a nice beanie then maybe you have a cool scarf here a cool dad some cool pants that i just introduced you to maybe a pair of boots on

Top the outfit actually consists of the same number of parts as in the summer but it complements each other much better i hope you understand what i mean so the scarf and all my female viewers i know there are a lot i see you in the dm when my girlfriend sees that yes i have house arrest is meant more as a joke , so earmuffs are half-joke actually because if you come young

With earmuffs i do n’t know i leave everyone’s urge what he wants to god who am i again but either look at the dior ones for 700 ā‚¬ then are you really mentally disturbed kadent or the other cuddly ones here for 150 is a bit in the direction of these airpods max trend headphones that are currently going around at way we had them a year and a half ago i’m not lying so if

You want to go to the film you can who really like to look at it i’m just wondering if that was a false statement that it’s only for women do you ever have men with it seen like like the video like subscribe to the channel that was the winter is finally i hope for you that was there based on innsbruck write me in the comments what you say about it if you see it so similar

That a winter outfit always looks like that supplemented by different parts or if you just say no i wear my thanks all year round i wear exactly the same pants as in summer just hold on i wear the same t-shirt as always i just have a puffer jacket from the north face about that and nothing will change until the next video

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