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DIY Easy Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide | Plastic Free Mermaid

Making your own sunscreen from all natural ingredients is a great idea for many reasons!

Hey guys i’m kate plastic three mermaid and i am sharing a super easy sunscreen recipe today so i have a more complicated one that spreads on really nice and smooth so definitely look that one up if you want to get creative with lots of oils and beeswax and cacao butter it’s really nice if you’re limited on supplies no worries you can still make a great sunscreen

And that spreads on really nice and smooth and protects you from the sun so what are the ingredients in this sunscreen this is 1/2 cup coconut oil lazy coconut oil 1/2 cup coconut oil we do um 1/4 cup these box so that’s what keeps it hard and then in the summer otherwise it’d be full liquid like other coconut oil we do one half cup of the non nanoparticles

Zinc oxide so this is the sunscreen coconut oil has spf 4 which is great but it’s not going to protect us if we’re out in the sun all day this is a physical barrier to the sun’s rays so it’s non nanoparticle so it’s not going to penetrate the skin blood barrier it’s gonna stay on the surface of the skin it’s not nano particles we go in there i’ma stay up here and

Continue to provide that physical barrier for the sun’s rays it can’t penetrate through so that’s our physical barrier it does have expiration dates so you want to make sure that if you get this stuff by it involved with a bunch of your friends everybody make your own sunscreens so that it doesn’t just sit on your shelf forever because you want it to stay active

Been working for your sunscreen and then i also see melt all of that in a double boiler over the stove put it in your drawer i i like to add i did add and cacao powder so i just added one tablespoon of cacao and that gives it just like kind of a nice brown color and then you just spread it on like yeah there you have it is your sunscreen and now this you do want

To apply this more often than regular sunscreen and you just just do you know keep yourself protected put it on your face blend it in you can put makeup on top of it but if you are at the beach still wear a hat wear clothing as much as you can and if you go out for a surf or something put the phone and then come in after an hour so and reapply you just want it

Don’t want to take any chances so that’s it that’s your sunscreen super easy to make and very healthy for us so we don’t have to depend on all the plastic packaged sunscreens that are full of chemicals that are bad for us and for the reef the ocean the place that we’re with swimming in the environment that we play every when we’re usually covered in sunscreen

All right you guys good luck hope you enjoy this video i’m and these recipes if you do please subscribe to my channel and follow me on instagram plastic food mermaid and my blog i cook plastics katya good for me lately i was feeling like i need a purpose

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DIY Easy Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide | Plastic Free Mermaid By Plastic Free Mermaid