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DIY: Homemade Organic Sunscreen With Zinc Oxide! SPF 20!

Hey everyone! I’m going to show you how to make sunscreen from scratch!! I got all my ingredients from this website:

Hey everyone so today i’m going to show you how to make your own organic sunscreen perfect for summer because we want to protect our skin against the harmful uv rays so that we don’t have premature aging or any bad things happening to our skin so let’s start off here are the ingredients that you’re going to need first you’re going to need coconut oil because it’s

Nice thick oil then you’re going to need any type of butter i’m going to list at the end of the video substitutions if you don’t have certain ingredients but i’m using kokum butter it’s very good for your skin then your eyes are going to need any type of oil or carrot tissue oil so one of those two i’m using carrot tissue oil because it already has a lot of spf in

It then you need dink oxide the oil dispensable one you’re going to need beeswax and an essential oil if you wish so the way i’m setting the spf for the sunscreen is by spoons so there’s going to be a total of five spoons of ingredients and one of the spoons is going to be the zinc oxide so that is 20% and that will make it around spf 2030 so i’m taking a spoon of

Coconut oil and then i’m taking two spoons of the carrot tissue oil and placing that in my bowl then i’m adding kokum butter so i’m doing about half a spoonful of the kokum butter and placing that into my bowl kokum butter is really good for your skin it has a bunch of nutrients that’ll help nourish your skin and then i’m taking my beeswax and this is what’s going

To help make the mixture harder and thicker like a lotion and i’m taking about half a spoonful of that too so that will make another spoonful so so far we have four spoonfuls of ingredients in our mixture now i’m placing that in the microwave for 10 second 10 second increments so what that means is you want to do it for 10 seconds open up your microwave and check

If nothing is on fire and then just to make sure that everything is okay and then place it back in the microwave again for another 10 seconds until it is fully melted now i’m adding my zinc oxide this is the micro micronized zinc oxide and at the end i’ll also place a chart to show you the percentages of how much you need to add for your desired amount of spf so

I’m adding a little bit more than a spoonful just to make sure i’ve got a little extra coverage but this is going to make it around 20 spf 20 and then you want to mix it into your mixture and now i’m just adding three drops of grapefruit pink essential oil to make it smell nice so as i said before we have a total of five spoonfuls of ingredients in our mixture one

Of them is the zinc oxide that makes zinc oxide 20% of the mixture which is spf 20 now i’m placing that in my fridge for it to harden and that is the consistency that i like it at it’s a little bit lotion e lotion e is that even a adjective anyways it’s not too thick but it’s perfect to put into my my container because it’s not too thick so yeah okay guys so now

Would be the perfect time to make any changes that you would like to make your sunscreen perfect for you so that you can basically use it as a daily moisturizer for protection all year-round so if it’s a little too liquidy for you and you want to make it thicker you can go ahead and add more beeswax or if it’s too thick you can add a little bit more oil and and if

You maybe want to add a little bit more zinc oxide you can do that too and then you just want to throw this back into the microwave for about 10 seconds so that it’s more liquidy too easier easily transfer it into your container so i’m going to go ahead and do that right now okay so we just finished creating our sunscreen and now i’m going to test it out raw love

You so just shake it to make sure that everything is mixed it already should be mixed but you know just in case this is a 1 ounce jar and that’s how much my little recipe has like made so now i only use basically one pump for your whole face oh my god i just love this and it just comes i would like that and it stays on your hand so it’s not very messy and now you

Can just go ahead and apply it and it’s the reason that it’s a light yellow is because we use the carrot tissue oil and that has an orange tint to it but you can also use like pomegranate oil or what’s it called raspberry seed oil and that already has like 30 spf in it but you still want to add the zinc oxide on at all on your face and it is a little oily because

We did use natural product but if it’s a little too oily for you it will sink into the skin over like five minutes so give it a while but if it is a little too oily for you you can just add some translucent powder over top of it so overall this is perfect for those with dry skin i have dry skin and i love it i don’t need to set it with anything and it gives me also

A nice dewy shine i’ll still protect my skin so i am very pleased with the result i hope you guys are too and i hope that it works out for you if you do have any questions just ask me in the comments and i will try to reply to you although for some reason the youtube doesn’t allow me to reply to some people i don’t know why but just random people every time like a

Couple of them i can’t reply back because the button was like not shaded or something i don’t know but hopefully it works out and yeah thank you guys so much for watching i hope you enjoyed this if you did please subscribe so you can find out more diys and i also do makeup so yeah thank you guys so much and i’ll see you my next video you

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DIY: Homemade Organic Sunscreen With Zinc Oxide! SPF 20! By Sonia Opala