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Hey guys welcome and welcome back again to my channel i am bell grasses and in this channel we create videos surrounding hair sewing and vlogs so if one of all of these are things you’re interested in then this is the channel for you so let’s just jump right into the video i guess you could tell from the ties i’m going to be making a satin pillow case i’ve been

Making a lot of bonnet satin bonnets and i figured why not make pillowcases because i feel like there are so many people who for whatever reason i have a friend as well she knows herself for whatever reason when she sleeps the satin bonnet leaves her ahead so i figured i want to make a tutorial on how to make a satin pillowcase and i feel like this would be

Very useful for those who aren’t a big fan of satin bonnets um so what you’d want to do is you want a strip like this so for the front part you would want to i measured um 26 inches in length and 14 inches wide so i did this measurement because i plan on making a pillow myself that i want big i really love big pillows but for some reason i don’t seem to get

Like the big pillows i want so i figured why not make the pillowcase first then i would have to make the pillow myself sometime but yeah so if you don’t want to this be you could also measure the length and width of your own pillow and know how to work with it but when you are taking the measurement also don’t forget to have like um leave your seam allowance

For your sewing um so after doing that as you can see what i’m doing right now is basically um double folding the edges right there so that i would sew and i also did that to the other side of it as well that’s just to help prevent it from fraying and i’m also pinning it down at the end there so it doesn’t move easily when i’m doing my work so since the front

Is 26 inches i measured the back to be 29 inches and the reason why i did that is because we are going to fold the back and have it come in a certain way so i know a lot of pillows right now actually have that style so i feel that i actually would prefer it so you know just easily having to take your pillow out of it i don’t know if i’m making sense but yeah

You’ll see what i’m talking about in a bit so after measuring the 29 inches um i’m just using the ruler to create the line so i can cut that out because we don’t need the remaining excess fabric right there so after cutting it you don’t want to double fold it like so and sew on that line so you don’t want to fold it like this so this is what i was talking

About so that when you put your pillow in it it is way more secure to me anyways um so yeah so guys for this i’m going to be doing the french scene and that is basically sewing it the way it is right now because as you can see the right sides are facing up or the right side is facing towards me right rather than when i’m swinging my normal swing when i have

The right sides facing each other so the it’s actually the wrong sides facing each other right now so what you do when you’re doing a seam allowance is that you sew with the wrong sides facing each other first and after you’re done sewing that you um you bring it inside out or outside in and you sew again so it is where it is meter that way in my own opinion

So yeah so before you sew it again what you want to do is after sewing the first time you just want to trim off the excess fabric there because you don’t want it for em being too bulky okay so now you can see that we don’t want that showing so that’s why i said ordinary seam allowance so what you want to do is to now fold it and this way as you you have did

I say fold it um have it having the right sides facing each other and it’s not going to be like this as you can see this part should not even be showing i thought it should be inside but because they’re doing the seam allowance we’ll want to sew along that line first just to make sure that apart from just to make sure that it is properly secure and we’re just

Going to sew like that so that’s basically what a seam allowance is seam allowance basically you know sewing with the wrong sides facing each other first um bringing it inside out or outside in i don’t know which one then sew it again it’s just knitted that way so this is what the pillowcase is looking like so like i said it’s a bit big for this pillow but i

Plan on making a bigger pillow sometimes so yeah that’s basically it so thank you guys so much for watching and i will see you in the next video bye

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