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DIY Pant Hanger/Clips

a new way to hang up your pants, using boot hangers as pant hangers!

Hey everyone and welcome back to my channel and yes i’m inside of a closet here i wanted to show you guys how to make something pretty useful i was inspired by the boutique boot clips i think is what they’re called or boutique boot hangars anyways i’m gonna be showing you how to make your own boot hangars and we’re actually gonna hang our pants up with the

Boot hangers so what you’re gonna need so first thing i actually stopped at the dollar tree so you can get you there a dollar for it’s good pack pretty cheap there’s these big plastic clips i’ve got three packs of them but they’re pretty heavy-duty clips and they’re just made out of plastic the next thing you’re gonna need is those old ugly hangers that we just

Absolutely can’t stand and for some reason we’re always planning to update these but the classic just silver hangers is what we’re gonna need to them the next thing you’re gonna need is some spray paint of your choice i chose metallic that’ll just give it some shine and we cannot forget about our schools we’re actually gonna need something to cut the wire with

That’s pretty strong and sturdy because this wire is pretty thick and then needle nose pliers or something to bend the wire whip now let’s get started an upper pack of clip all right after you’ve got your packs of clothes opened we’re then going to undo this wire here it literally doesn’t take that long you just use both your hands and untwist it here the next

Thing we’re going to do is out of the way so we want to keep this hook and we’ll probably use actually all the wire just depending on if we’re able to shape it correctly i’m gonna cut it about right here right there and i’ll show you why here in a second so there i got it clipped off then we’re gonna take our needle nose pliers here and we’re gonna bend this part

Of the bottom here and we want it to look like an s hook and then we’re going to shove this part of it into this little hole here and wrap it around it’s gonna look very similar to this product over here so this is the hook part and it comes in through the hole and it wraps around and you just use your needle nose pliers to do this and if you don’t like the way

It moves here you could use maybe some superglue maybe even e6000 or hot-glued secure it better i don’t think it really bothers me that much because i don’t i mean it’s pretty secure this thing is not gonna fall off because it’s looped around right here also you want this pointing inwards because it’s kind of sharp and you don’t want it to ruin your clothes or

Pokeo alright once you’ve got all your clips made which i’m just gonna start with five for now just so i can kind of show you guys what i’m doing here then we’re gonna give it a quick spray probably a couple coats and spray-paint and you again you want to do this like really thin coat so that it’s not runny and it looks awful here we go just like that and

We’ll let that dry for now and there you have it our finished look you ever watching don’t forget to like comment and subscribe

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DIY Pant Hanger/Clips By David Owen Creates