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Doctor Says Men Can Get Pregnant

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People who identify as trans exist people who make the claim that they are a sex other than what they were born at birth exist those people exist however the claims they are making about reality are false that’s what we’re saying we’re denying their claims not their physical existence you then the conversation moved on and got more bizarre as we get to this exchange

Between the doctor and a republican lawmaker on the issue of whether men can get pregnant and you feel like you kind of know what the answer is going to be but there’s there’s one part of this answer that’s pretty interesting so i want you to listen to this dr kumar can biological men become pregnant and give birth um so men can have pregnancies especially trans

Men so can biological men become pregnant and give birth so are you saying that a biological female who identifies as a man and therefore becomes pregnant is quote a man is that what you’re saying these questions about who can become pregnant are really missing the point i’m here to talk no no no no no no this is me asking a question and you answering i’m asking the

Question sir not you right and i’m answering the question somebody with a uterus may have a capability of becoming pregnant whether they’re a woman or a man that doesn’t mean okay we’re done not every person this isn’t complicated let me tell you if a person has this medicine and is born is born female they are a woman that is not a man and the vast majority of the

World considers that to be a woman because there are biological differences between men and women i mean clearly any high school biology class teaches that men and women have different chromosomes females are xx chromosome and male are x y chromosome i can’t believe it’s necessary to say this but men cannot get pregnant and cannot get birth give birth regardless

Of how they identify themselves uh so we we see these exchanges now every time pretty much anytime there’s a any hearing in the in the house that we get we get this question from republican lawmaker can men give birth what is a woman and i think it’s great i mean it’s fantastic this is exactly what you should be doing um and especially if they’re there to talk

About anything related to pregnancy if they’re there to talk about anything science related um then yes you should get them on the record uh endorsing the idea that men can give birth so that’s that is a this is this is progress for the republican party i’m glad they’re doing it uh but you notice the response there the response was yes men can give get pregnant

Especially trans men especially not only but especially now a trans man quote unquote is a woman who identifies as a man and yes we all know that those individuals i mean if they haven’t uh mutilated or their body or or sterilize themselves yet um they can get pregnant so we know that yes it’s a woman who who calls herself something else or mentally identifies

Another way can still get pregnant she still has all the functions of a woman that’s our point that’s what we’re saying that that actually helps us that yes no matter how you identify unless you unless you go to a surgeon and tell them to start removing parts of your body doesn’t matter if no matter how you identify your your biological essence the biological

Reality remains but what about but but especially so especially means that well in in particular uh women who identify as men can get pregnant but since you’re using the word especially that would seem to indicate that even non-trans men can get pregnant so the claim that we just heard from that doctor is that not only women who identify as men who get pregnant

But actual biological men can get pregnant this is what we hear from doctors now something that we unfortunately again always have to keep in mind when you’re going to the doctor you’re consulting any any health care professional not saying that you never should i’m not saying that you should uh you know swear off modern medicine entirely that wouldn’t be a

Good idea for your own health and safety but you do have to keep in mind that much of the medical profession is totally compromised and has been claimed by this absolute abject insanity um and has lost its grip on physical reality so you gotta remember that and just be cautious and look out for that a little bit later on aoc chimed in and had a rebuke for the

Transphobia that we just heard there but but something also to say before that let’s listen briefly i’d like to address some of the prior claims that uh and prior several prior immediate claims one being that abortion is not an economic issue and that we should be focused on economic issues and i also you know i think it’s important to state that um that abortion

Is an economic issue forcing poor and working-class people uh to give birth um against their will against their consent um against their ability to provide for themselves or a child is a profound economic issue and it’s certainly a way to keep a workforce uh basically conscripted uh to large-scale employers and two employers to be to work more against their will

To take second and third jobs against their desire and their own autonomy and so the idea that um that abortion and access to abortion is somehow not a profound and central economic and class issue and class struggle is certainly something that i think a person who’s never had to contend uh with the ability to carry a child um you know it belies that perspective um

And it’s disappointing to see um but secondly i think another thing that i’d like to address is that the same folks who tell who tell us and told us that clovid kovid’s just a flu that climate change isn’t real that january 6 was nothing but a tourist visit are the same are now trying to tell us that transgender people are not real and i would say that their claim is

Probably just as legitimate as all their others which is to say not very much at all cheers so stupid all the time and it’s not it’s not a put on it’s not an act i mean some of these people on the left there are people on the left are quite intelligent and they’re the ones you have to watch out for the most uh they’re very smart and and um and scheming and devious

And they say things that they know aren’t true but i don’t think that’s true for aoc i think she actually is enormously dumb you know uh that’s that’s what i think the issue is for her so when she says the trans people exist you’re denying the existence of trans people i i i’m willing to believe that she actually believes that that’s the issue here but of course

It isn’t no one is denying that quote trans people obviously we know that otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation how can you claim in one in one breath that were transphobic and the other breath were denying the existence of trans people if they don’t exist then there’s no so if are we afraid of them or do we deny they exist because if before denying that

They exist and there’d be nothing to be afraid of you got to choose one or the other now both are not correct but at least choose one falsehood or the other not two falsehoods that contradict each other people who identify as trans exist people who make uh the claim that they are a sex other than what they were born at birth exist those people exist however the

Claims they are making about reality are false that’s what we’re saying we’re denying their claims not their physical existence you what she says before that is even worse though because she’s exactly wrong she’s she is she is she’s chosen a position that is the diametric she’s like on the south pole and what is and the truth is the north pole she’s in the she’s

The all she couldn’t get farther away from the truth she says that it’s kind of a conspiracy among corporations and the wealthy um to push abortion bans you know because it helps their own bottom line what what major corporations are supporting abortion bans almost every single one of them have come out and denounced abortion bans and not only that but a lot of

These corporations are paying to send their employees to other states to get abortions that’s what the corporations are doing you ignoramus that’s what almost all of them are doing and why would they do that because it’s better for the corporation that’s better for your employer if you kill your child because then you have more time to spend at work it doesn’t

Help how does it help your job if you have a baby especially as a woman it means that you got you have the baby you take maternity leave and now you have something else in your life that is claiming your time and attention you have something that is pulling you away from the job especially as a woman well the employers they don’t want that the corporations they

Don’t want that so uh so they’re they’re going to ship you off and they’ll say sure we’ll pay for your abortion yeah go ahead we’ll do that means you have more time for us it means that we as the corporation we remain the focus of your life we don’t want the baby to be the focus of your life we don’t want your family to be the focus of your life we want us we want

What happens here in this building in your in your dumb little cubicle we want that to be the thing that’s most important to you and that’s why they pay for the abortions so she she literally could not be more wrong about that that’ll do it for this portion of the show as we move over to the members block hope to see you there if not talk to you on monday happy flannel friday godspeed

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Doctor Says Men Can Get Pregnant By Matt Walsh