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Doctor V – Best & Worst Sunscreens On NYKAA.COM | Skin Of Colour | Brown Or Black Skin

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Hello i’m dr anita ratan and this channel is dedicated to skincare for skin of color as you know i’m a doctor but i’m also a cosmetic formulator specifically for skin of color none of my videos have ever been sponsored none of my videos will ever be sponsored this is an evidence-based channel so that you can come and see what’s worth your money and what you

Should maybe sidestep so today’s video i wanted to do for a while is basically the best sunscreens available in india on i believe is the primary website for skincare in india and so i’m hoping that products on there are easy for you to get hold of and affordable and something that you’d be happy to use daily right so with a sunscreen there are

Certain things that i require in terms of my criteria for the ideal sunscreen for skin of color and the key things i would say to look for is number one is it nafe safe meaning no denatured alcohol which can dry the skin no fragrance or essential oils which lead to contact dermatitis or can sensitize the skin i don’t like any of these ingredients in any of your

Leave-on products for skincare and in particular i don’t want you to do it when you go outside and your skin is basically being assaulted by uv and by pollution so i look for nafe safe sunscreens number two i do prefer mineral zinc based sunscreens as opposed to chemical sunscreens for a few reasons i like that zinc oxide is anti-inflammatory which is important

When our skin is going on going through environmental assault um and it’s also good if you have sensitive skin or you have melasma or any form of hyperpigmentation or acne you do want anti-inflammat that anti-inflammatory effect of zinc oxide in addition zinc oxide tends to sit on the skin it doesn’t absorb into the blood even nano zinc oxide doesn’t absorb into

The blood versus chemical sunscreens which do absorb into the blood they go into your urine to your breast milk and into um urine breast milk and blood yeah all three um and so this is why we say during pregnancy to avoid chemicals on screen to opt for minerals on the screen but i would take that one step further and say i would opt for mineral for everybody and

Also for our children um i think our kids get a little bit neglected when it comes to sunscreen and we sort of just slap on whatever we have but i i i would rather you chose zinc oxide just because it sits on the skin so we call those mineral sunscreens or physical sunscreens unfortunately there is sometimes confusion because they can say mineral but then it

Could be a mixture so it’s important the ovals turn over the back of the packaging and see the actual ingredients in your sunscreen and that’s called the inky list so i always say if you’ve watched 10 or more of my videos i call your dog to be inky hacker because it means that you’re able to read the back of the package you’re able to read the ingredients less

You don’t fall for marketing because you know what’s in the product you tend to have the best skin of your life you tend to not waste money on products and also you tend to educate your loved ones your family and friends around you to give them the best skin of their life too so being a doctor the inky hacker is actually a type of person and you will see these

People in the comments section because it’s our tribe it’s um you know it’s what we’re all excited about right the other thing i tend to look for is to make sure not only is it spf 50 i don’t i really don’t like products that are less than spf 50 because even though it sounds like a minimal change it’s actually quite significant in terms of the percentage of uvb

Rays that are penetrating into the skin and damaging the skin i also tend to go for pa four pluses plus plus plus plus uh plus plus plus glassy m4 um the reason is that uva is what ages you and guess what when you talk about spf 50 rating that is only talking about uvb rays the rays that burn you it doesn’t tell you anything about uv a rays the razor age both

Rays can lead to cancer too so that’s essential actually you do want to have the highest rating of uva protection too right so that was quite a long introduction that sounds good to you give me a thumbs up let’s dive right in so what i basically did was i went to the website and i filtered for um spf 50 and uh for popularity in terms of what’s getting

The highest rating and the reason i’m doing that is i’m hoping that the popularity will tell me give me some indication as to white cast so with mineral sunscreens the downside to that is that it can many of them leave a white gray cast on the skin and with skin of color is not ideal you know no one wants to look great or get that white flashback um it’s just

Not it’s just not ideal so um so i’m hoping that helps with that but actually i was quite uh disappointed if i’m honest with the sunscreens that are available because the vast majority of them i wouldn’t recommend and i really had to pick through but i do actually want to tell you my thought process because in the future i may not be there to you know tell you

About a specific product and i really want you to be empowered and have the education to figure out whether a product is good for you or not so i’m going to go through the most popular products because these are clearly being purchased uh the most and i just wanted to take you through the journey with me so the first product was lani laniege i think that’s how you

Pronounce it it’s a yellow bottle it’s spf 50 with pa with four pluses so at up to that point i’m very happy with this product however is not a knife safe sunscreen so it basically has fragrance which is the number one cause of contact dermatitis approximately three to four percent of the population get contact dermatitis because of fragrance the problem with this

Is that the contact dermatitis might not happen immediately it could happen after years of use and you’re thinking hold on i’ve been using that product for years it can’t be that product when it is in addition as a co-sensitizer so not only do you become sensitive to that ingredient it becomes sensitive to all the other ingredients in that product which you would

Not have been before and so i would never recommend a product that isn’t naive safe uh for my skin of color family globally so in addition it is a chemical sunscreen um which isn’t my favorite so in my opinion i would avoid this product sidestep right moving on to the next one which is dermalogica this is a solar defense booster spf 50. um again it’s a chemical

Sunscreen it’s got avo benzoin three percent octanox eight seven point five percent uh again is not naive safe i don’t know why they have lavender oil in it um which is an essential oil and they’ve got citrus peel extract i wouldn’t put these products these ingredients onto your skin and then go out into uv where you’re going to have free radicals damaging your

Skin um it’s not a good idea i think they really need to reformulate this product so i would avoid this particular product the next one is lakme which is sun expert um so it’s only got three pluses so it’s not maximum uva protection i do want four pluses uh preferably it’s also a chemical sunscreen um and the problem with this one is there is tons of fragrance

In this product um and the thing is it cannot it can be tricked as well because it doesn’t it might not say fragrance or perfume on it it can use these words linoleul hexal cinnamon citronellol gerenium limonene these are all fragrances and they’re and i think it’s a little bit misleading because it’s difficult if you don’t know that that’s a fragrance you know

You’re not a cosmetic formulator i just think it just should be a little bit more transparent to say whether something’s fragrant or fragrance-free so anyway in in my opinion i would also avoid this product i feel like i’m gonna get so many angry emails um from major companies after this video uh yeah it won’t be the first time the next one you’ve asked me a lot

About is re-equal so um i like first of all that has pa4 pluses so maximum uva protection and it’s spf 50 but it does have fragrance in it and it is a chemical sunscreen again you know if it was fragrance free um and i had additional you know maybe antioxidants in it i wouldn’t be so concerned about it being a chemical sunscreen because it’s more important to

Wear your spf 50 than to worry about whether it being chemical or mineral sunscreen we’re just getting into the nitty gritty and then minutiae and i’m you know very particular about what i put on my skin and what i want you know my global skin color family to put on their skin but ultimately if you like this product purchase this product because the risk of not

Wearing sunscreen is so much worse you know not only you aging and you know getting wrinkles faster and you’re getting hyperpigmentation but uv leads to cancer there’s you know there’s just no two ways about it so you know if you like this product buy it but in my opinion i would avoid this particular product the other one you guys asked me a lot about is le

Shield spf 50 p a and then three pluses again it doesn’t have maximum uva protection but this one is fragrance free um so actually so far out the products that i’ve seen this is my favorite one so far um so yeah yeah this is like one that i think i would be okay with you purchasing the next one is re-equal oxybenzoned x oxybenzone and omc free sunscreen this

Is spf 50 with three pluses so not maximum uva protection but decent it’s a good chemical sunscreen it’s got no fragrance in it no essential oils no denatured alcohol um so it is so is nafe safe um but it is a chemical sunscreen it will enter the bloodstream um and the pa is has a rating of three not four so it’s a decent sunscreen and actually if you want if

You’re looking for a chemical sunscreen and you prefer chemical sunscreen i would recommend this one the next one is neutrogena sheer zinc so my favorite one so far is this one because it is knave safe it’s got no denia charcoal no fragrance no essential oils in it um and it has no chemical thought is in it it is a mineral sunscreen the problem is it is super

White let me see if i’ve got one for you so i can show you my hand yeah so i’ve got this sheer zenk okay so i’m just going to show you what it looks like so i’ve put like a very small amount on my hand usually you are looking to put on about a quarter of a teaspoon so you know i just went to get this my daughter’s bedroom and uh she said to me mommy dr dre says

You should wear mineral sunscreen and she really likes sheer zing so she puts it next to her bed like ready to wear every morning so dr dre is another excellent youtuber 100 recommend you follow her too but i was like what do you mean like dr dre said it what about dr v you know like mummy what about me it’s so funny how your children don’t listen to you but other

People’s children listen to you so yeah so you can see it’s decent but there is some flashback and it is quite white uh but it is honestly my favorite one um right now on nike so this is a reason why i created insinkable so i want to create the world’s first mineral sunscreen spf 50 that was invisible on skin of color so this is what it looks like on and i basically

Wanted it to not only be invisible on skin of color but also i create i put in mellow shield so mellow shield is a stem cell technology um which is a uv stable tyrosinase inhibitor so you can it actually reduces the amount of pigmentation on the skin throughout the day so we actually did a clinical study on 51 candidates of skin of color who wore their melis who

Wore in sinkable spf 50 uh pa with four pluses um and they wore it for a month and 73 saw a reduction in their pigmentation just from switching from whichever sunscreen they were on too in sinkable so that really was my goal is to make sure that not only was it no flashback and invisible but also help with the pigmentation because for us our number one concern

Is pigmentation whether it’s after acne whether it’s often from melasma or whether it’s from ingrown hairs on men um pigmentation is our biggest concern and actually not wearing sunscreen makes your pigmentation worse so in zincable should also be out um also available globally from skincare by dr um i am thinking about also putting it on nike it’s just it

Does take there’s an onboarding process and i just need to follow through and get that done but um yes i would love to be able to serve my whole family in india because this is what i’m doing it for isn’t it so it just makes me happy to be able to help if you found today’s video helpful please can you write down the word yes below in the comment section i’m in

The comment section for one hour of the launch of every single video don’t forget to download your free guide for skincare for skin of color the link is down below and also i would i really enjoyed making this video and i would love to do more uh specifically for india so today for example i’m filming a chemist conscious chemist um i’m doing skin functional for

Africa i am doing uh you ask for earth rhythm so i’m doing earth rhythm today as well um i’m talking about glutathione today as well i’m doing a b minimalist update if you haven’t watched my b minimalist video i highly recommend you go and watch that but this is the updated version with they’ve got a lot of new products that have come out um and today i’ve done

Sunscreen as well so i think those are the main um brands you guys have asked me for in india but if there are other ones can you just write them down below and i’ll make sure i do it the most important thing is that they have a full inky list so you know that’s basically the ingredients at the back if they give me you know just their key ingredients and i don’t

Really know what’s in the product and i can’t make you a meaningful video because they haven’t disclosed the correct information so i do need um like the full ingredients list to make sure i’m doing a good job for you if you enjoyed today please give me a thumbs up i really enjoyed making this thank you so much for joining me and i will see you for the next video

Bye by the way don’t forget to follow me on instagram which is at the high pigmentation clinic and skincare my doctor me yeah thanks bye

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Doctor V – Best & Worst Sunscreens On NYKAA.COM | Skin Of Colour | Brown Or Black Skin By Dr. Vanita Rattan