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Doctors Warning About Massage Guns, WATCH THIS Before You Buy One!

I wanted to tell you to warn you with regard to the use of the self-massagers, specifically the popular massage guns, and give you insight on what I am seeing in my clinic with patients who use them.

Hey dr. pound here with heal better fast today i want to talk about a worry that i’m seeing here in my clinic with the growing popularity with the use of these massage guns and give you an alternative of something that you can use that may still provide relief without the negative side effects of what i’m seeing here in the clinic for those of you that are new here

My name is dr. michael pound i’m a practicing chiropractic physician and here on this channel i review product that not only i have used but my patients have used as well and with over forty thousand patient encounters and over a decade of experience in pain management i can tell you i try to bring you the best information to help you heal better fast so let’s

Get into today’s topic all right so you’ve probably seen him online commercials maybe even flipping through facebook these images of people massaging themselves with these jigsaw looking like massage devices with a ball at the end which will supposedly help loosen up muscles and the idea of using this to loosen up muscles increased blood flow increased lymphatic

Drainage to these areas does actually make sense somewhat as long as you use them properly and that’s where my concern comes in so before we had gyms shutting down and athletes were at the gym a lot of people were seeing these portable guns at the gym and using them to loosen up muscles to speed try and speed up recovery and so there was a surge of this demand or

People buying these products and so you saw prices go up more and more of them at trade shows and now prices have come down quite a bit and many offer different type of edge’s techniques battery variations to try and get people to buy them now i will say just across the board i’m not 100% against them but it goes back to whether you’re using them correctly and

Whether you’re using them for the right problem so like i said earlier in the video i’m seeing a growing number of patients coming in new patients who are developing these issues where they’ll typically tell me that they had this tension in their neck or their upper back they they felt stiff so i got one of these therapeutic percussing devices and started using

Them themselves and usually they say it felt good for about 20 or 30 minutes but it just wasn’t going away and typically the problem will get worse and so that’s what brings them into my clinic well upon evaluation we find out that they’ve got significant muscle spasm a lot of times there’s inflammation and swelling and severely restricted range of motion in their

Spine yet they have no history or deny a history of any recent trauma but what many of these people are experiencing is some sort of spinal or nerve or joint problem and so the problem comes when you take this percussing device and point it at the area of pain which can be the swollen joint that’s jammed just like if you jammed your thumb or your stubbed your toe

And started jamming it even more with the percussing device and initially it may kind of numb out the sensation but really it just causes more inflammation and irritation to the area that’s already irritated and inflamed and this can lead to more muscle guarding or muscle spasm in the area now muscle spasms a little different than say strained muscle where you

Overuse it will work out and get some soreness muscle spasm is actually a guardium technique where the muscles tend to tighten up and resist movement and so if you stretch them if you try and stretch us muscle in spasm oftentimes it will fight back and spasm even more and clamp down to prevent the body from moving in a way that may irritate or cause more injury

To the problem so for post-workout recovery where you’re kind of ripping and tearing those muscles a massage device may feel really great because it actually increases blood flow and helps with lymphatic drainage to those areas of muscle repair but with regard to a problem or an injury especially related to a joint or spine or nerve or disc if you go in and jam

It over and over again with one of these percussion devices you can cause a lot of irritation and the body’s gonna try and protect by clamping down and causing muscle spasm and guarding around the area of irritation and although it may feel good for about 20 to 30 minutes after you’re done oftentimes the problem gets worse and can last longer in duration because

You’re offering the wrong solution to the problem so these devices when used properly for the right reasons can be beneficial however if you use them for the wrong problem which often people is like have this issue in the in the joints which were locked up it’s like that itch you can’t scratch and they try and percuss it they can actually lead to further problems

Down the road so what do you do instead is i always recommend consulting your healthcare practitioner in order to figure out what’s going on it’s so dangerous to try and diagnose yourself and figure out what’s going on especially if you don’t have training with regards to musculoskeletal problems so if you go see your doctor and figure out what’s wrong then they

Can help you decide ok this is how you manage the problem without making it worse now does that mean you should get rid of your therapy too gun not necessarily like i said for normal workouts and recovery go ahead if there’s no injury use that massager but in clinic and what a lot of my patients prefer over the percuss irgun is something like this device here it’s

Called the genie rub variable massager now i’ve used this for over 10 years and you can we find it on amazon i’ll include a link below and i’ve been using these on thousands of patients in my clinic for years and chiropractors who have been in practice for way longer than i have had also used these devices but the great thing about the genie rub is they’re made

Pretty durable and they’re gonna last a long time like i said i’ve had mine for almost ten years and it’s still going strong and i use it for patients throughout the day so what’s the difference between something like this and maybe one of the massaging guns well the difference it is actually how they work so a percussion massaging gun acts like a camera over and

Over again percussing a localized area and again if you have a joint that’s already irritated jamming that joint are percussing in it can actually cause further irritation and further problems now a device like this like the genie rub this is an orbital massager so this massager has has more of a broad contact it’s not very localized you can actually use this not

Only for muscle but you can also use it across the spine whereas if you take one of those percussion devices and jam it in the spine even if you don’t have a problem you can still end up irritated and inflamed and locked up whereas these orbital massages you can use them almost anywhere without any negative side effect now again if you have an issue you don’t want

To just be going and throwing on a massager to the area even if it is one of these junior ups so it’s very important to figure out when to use them and when not to use them with the help of your healthcare practitioner but i have used this genie rub massage on people who have had surgery who have had back surgery who have steel rods have sprains strains and overall

It’s pretty safe to use as a massage device and the nice thing is is you can vary the speed on it so you can make it more intense or less intense depending on people’s preferences the other nice thing is you can use this right over people’s clothes and it comes with different covers as well so you can make it even softer or just use the straight massager without a

Cover so at home this is what i prefer over the massage guns in practice this is what i use on patients over a massage gun and i’ve had a lot less negative side effects using this device then a localized massager which i have used those in the past and again the results were very mixed because if you even percuss around an area that’s jammed if the muscles can still

Spasm up and still cause problems now these givi rub devices are a little more expensive but like i said they’re pretty hardy and as you can see here they’re made in the usa so i’m willing to pay a few extra bucks for quality product that i’m gonna have around for many years it’s also pretty economically you can hold on to it with both hands rather than one hand

Over and over again percussing you can lean on it and it’s not gonna cause discomfort to the person who you’re massaging you can even i’ve had patients even set it on a chair with their back against it and turn it on and just sit there like a chair massager with this plugged in so if you’ve used one let me know what you think comment below maybe your chiropractor

Uses one as well go ahead and comment on your experience and what you think and if you’d like more reviews on products go ahead and comment down below and i’ll take a look at the products and if you like this video click the like button and don’t forget to subscribe so you can get the latest updates on products that i review that help people not only feel better

Fast but also heal better fast thanks for watching

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Doctors Warning About Massage Guns, WATCH THIS Before You Buy One! By Heal Better Fast