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Does It Work ? – Shopkins Waffle Sue Maker Iron Making Breakfast For American Girl Doll

Good morning! Enjoy as I make my American Girl Truly Me doll some breakfast with the Shopkins waffle maker. The iron makes mini Season 2 Waffle Sue shaped waffles!! Does it really work?

Cookies world well good morning american girl cookie doll good morning huh i sure am hungry well well how about some breakfast well we can cook close so close for breakfast oh yeah i’m sound good okay we can truly make shopkins waffles just like waffles ooh yes where’s our shopkins waffle maker mini waffle maker kooky cookie guess you can make a real real waffle

That are shaped just like waffle sue dreams really do come true i love this idea so we’re going to be making some waffles today and i want to see does this really work can we really make waffles that look just like a shopkin doesn’t what you could do to do so let’s check it out so here we have a waffle iron we’ve got waffle sue printed right on the front and it

Says spk now this is a real waffle iron that makes real waffles that you can really eat so of course for younger cookie fans with any cooking always have an adult help you look at how to you you can make student waffles in the whole world waffle sue so right on the iron plates we have waffle sue right there and on the other side so when you sandwich them together

She should be a double sided waffle sue shopkins waffle yummy let’s stop making some yummy waffles so we’re gonna mix all of our ingredients together so let’s get out of bowl let’s see here i got my waffle mix and it says to make waffles we’re gonna need two cups as our waffle mix doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo whoa whoa there was almost too much perfect what whoops

Oh a little bit too much there huh and two now one in 1/4 cup milk 1 and now we’ll add in one egg yes that’s right one egg one egg ii whoops and add 2 tablespoons oil 2 tablespoons oil what what now mix all of the ingredients all together to make our waffle mix okay now it’s time to see if we can really make waffles ooh waffles so let’s open it up you get a get

A get you won so excited roots feeling nice and warm i’m gonna scoop my batter in distance what okay looks like it’s pretty tall close it on down okay let’s go ahead and check on it let’s see if we made a waffle sue waffle okay looks like it needs just a little bit longer okay now let’s check on it that waffle looks ready to me so let’s get a plate go ahead

And take it on out oh there’s the waffle waffle waffle sue almost sounds really adorable it totally looks like waffle sue on both sides okay we have to make more did you did you do to the leave all my batter in here and do one more scoop right in the corner that looks good and close all right let’s check this one because it easy – oh it looks so good all right

Level 2 apple come on out come on out waffle see you there we go get out the waffle whoops move it right on over to the play they’re my two waffles and welcome aunt renee did you get it i’m so excited so let’s take some more batter and add it in here we go look what here we go looks like the right amount and close it on down all right let’s take out the next one

Mm-hmm yum yum yum come on out waffle sue come on out here we go riya does make more and more and more here we go and close look check it out mmm-hmm like they cut out perfect every single time yeah yeah yeah we can just keep making waffles ooh waffles until there’s no more batter left this one’s on the top okay don’t know how that happened waffle sue what are

You doing up there come on down oh i don’t know how that happened move it on over oh it looks like i put just a little bitty so much batter in there it’s kind of leaking out just a little bit there’s gonna be a big ol giant waffle in there your grandma’s get it out check on it whoop whoop there we go it’s ready piketty cutie and the last of my batter i don’t know

If we have enough to make a fall awful sale we’ll put it in anyways yeah it’s gonna be like a mini waffle sue pcpd cpus can be made only anywhere okay that’s all i had a better hold it down and because it’s a mini waffle it doesn’t need much time at all oh still cooking’s not quite ready yet it’s so puffy in there let’s see if it’s ready now b2 did 8200 it still

Looks a little puffy check it again and what i think that might be as good as it’s gonna get take it out get you baking you so there we go look at all these waffles no waffles at the waffle iron made they look so good i am so hungry for waffles i cannot wait to eat them okay so the waffle iron worked absolutely perfectly besides this one because i didn’t have

Enough batter for that one but look at these perfect waffles that it made so you look like waffles too not only on one side but both sides labsim it’s you you can even see her drippy syrup that she has in there butter right on top of her too so it totally looks just like her i am so happy with these and look at how crispy these are mmm that’s like crispy waffle

On the inside mmm yum-yum-yum-yum so looks like in total it made one two three four five and then six even though i took a bite out of this one six full-size waffles i’m hungry let’s eat all right could you dance so me and my american girl doll we are going to be eating some freshly made waffles go ahead and grab a plate and some syrup and enjoy and then i will

See you guys in my next video package japan hmm i am so full oh those levels are good hey hey cookie pants how well were you paying attention to the video he remembers how many full sized waffles did this waffle iron make i can’t quite remember i forget if it was four five six seven or eight oh geez

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Does It Work ? – Shopkins Waffle Sue Maker Iron Making Breakfast For American Girl Doll By CookieSwirlC