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Dollar general haul!

iPhone rants and dirty words while I show you the money I saved at Dolla General!

Okay would you want ant here a little bit of a rant my iphone is a piece of i recorded a video of the initiation bath bomb this morning and i cannot upload it because my phone is so janky so we’re gonna upload this dollar general haul for you today and hope that we can upload this one because nothing is more frustrating than having the perfect video made when

Your best one you ever made and not being able to upload it so yeah i’m a little ticked right now but we’re gonna get in a better mood by showing you all the cool nifty that i got from dollar general first off we’ll start with some of the clearance items i got i got these air wick sprays hawaii and hawaii like it smells good smell alright i mean it’s not perfect

But it’ll work for my job i take these into work i work as a cna and i take you know smell goods and spray for whenever i have stinky smells so there’s number one on the list that we bought to this was not on sale but i had to have it because my kitchen and dining room is done in apples and i thought this would look really cute on my um buffet this has got a nice

Little distressed look to it they’re green apples which i’m like it’s okay but i mean for three bucks you really can’t beat it so i got that going we bought some nails some french tip nails and a wedding coming up and i don’t want to spend the money on buying the nails themselves so i’ve got this set here i’m going to use nice classic look they’re nice we got

Pretty cat chefs nixie some treats some tempting tuna flavor treats for a dollar these were a dollar seventy-five they were on sale so pretty excited about that little boy i got these for a dollar how these are really cute they’re little eight piece wedges be perfect for like blending in your contour or using them for like the little corners or your eyes when

You’re putting on your concealer and stuff like that so and it looks like a little flower i got these for a dollar a dollar but this is just you know something i thought i could use i got the cutest box of kleenex star wars box of kleenex these were on sale for 75 cents anytime we can find a sale on anything that like we nab it up so if you’re next there i got

This from the dollar i’ll actually maybe magic baby lights i take these to work with me as well because they don’t provide lights for us to clean people of list so i take white in that way i don’t have to rinse out dirties because it’s disgusting i don’t much like dirties this was in the dollar aisle as well long lasting an odor absorbing gel i’m gonna use this

In my bathroom behind on my behind the toilet oh yeah that’s a nice thick jelly-like consistency yeah it’s not so yeah it’s been strong that’ll cover up the poos now you know what i really want to try got i’ve seen a lot of i want to try poo pourri it’s called poo pourri to spray you know i’m sure you’ve heard of it but there’s the odor she’s going she does a lot

Of slime videos and stuff so i miss glitter and stuff yeah you can see it quitter and cool sounds are nice all of the 7 toothpaste which is always a must the dollar i’ll i also bought this um virgin mary handle and this satan judah scandal that so all together i think i spent on this stuff here i think it was like i don’t 15 20 bucks something like that not to

Mention i bought matthew some containers for his which i was trying to find then one of the drawers that you can find at the dollar tree but i really just couldn’t find the ones that i wanted so i ended up picking up a few i’m not sure what i’ll use this for this would be great for like oils and things like that to store your oils in and kind of organize those i

Think that’s probably what i’m i end up using it for it’s for oil there’s something like that but that is our dollar general haul and still super salty about the stupid freaking thing not working to upload my initiation bath bomb video it’s still on my phone i’m gonna see if it’s something to do with my icloud it might be because earlier before i left to go to

The dollar general to get matthew a few things and to pick up a few odds and ends for the house it was uploading just fine and now it’s just being super freakin janky and it’s really ticking me off and yeah so there’s just nothing like working your butt off on a really good video and then bam you can’t upload it nobody else it’s i mean i literally will push the

Button and i’ll say nobody has to upload bowl mother truck and crap because i know i have a video in there to upload so as soon as i can get that uploaded i will definitely do that if you guys like these files like this just like down like the video comment and let me know if you would like to see like dollar tree hauls when i go to walmart and pick up stuff for

The house or just like little odds and ends stuff i go to the dollar tree quite often and brought my craft stuff cuz i have it feel like a dollar or two for a doll or something like that so it just depends on like what kind of ribbons i have and things like that i like to save money that way and it’s as long as it’s good quality so just like subscribe and i’ll see

Y’all later

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Dollar general haul! By Witchy Wine Aunt